Harry Allen: Sleight of One Liners
Allen, Harry: Sleight of One Liners
©1992 Harry Allen, FL
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5:, 49 pages
Harry Allen: Sleight of One Liners
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Comments: The fifth (and final, I think) in a series of books providing one-liners, heckler stoppers, M.C. lines for magicians. Contains around 375 one-liners for your consideration.

Contents (from book):

I Dedication
ii Introduction (John McCollister)

1 Openings
3 Situational: When you're late, for my next trick, money tricks, card tricks, etc.
17 Assistants
24 More Situational: Marriage, senior citizens, mess ups, etc.
32 Insults: and hecklers
37 General
41 M.C. Lines
45 Closings
46 Photos: three pages of B&W photos
49 Contributors: Gary Darwin, Alain Choquette, Irv Cook, Jimbo Elbers, Mark Fine, Dr. John McCollister, Seth Ossinskly, Seth Ossinsk, Terry Seabrooke, Joe Willingham, Henny Youngman
49 Advertisement: Harry's other comedy books