Allen, Ken: Ken Allen's Do-It-Yourself Lecture No. 1
1957 Ken Allen Products
Softcover, comb-bound, 30 pages, 8.5x5.5"
Do It Yourself
              Lecture Number 1
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Comments (Stephen A. Sparks):

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 A Snap
2 How To Tie A Bouquet Of Spring Flowers
3 Bloomin' Silks and Flowers
4 Automatic Flower Basket Production
5 Silk Maze
6 Colored Rods
7 Ken's Sneaky Silk Winder
8 Sneaky Silk Production
9 A Stunning Transposition
10 A Simple Card Force
11 The Spooky Pocket
12 Pulling The Wool
13 How To Make and Some Uses For A Pull
14 The Loop Pencil
15 Prize Winning Monkey In The Basket Routine
16 Ideas and Suggestions