Allen, Ken: T.I.P.S.
©1959 1st Edition, Ken Allen Products, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 56 pages
Ken Allen:
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Contents (from book, updated Feb 2018):

3 Futuristic Hydrostatic: using aluminum foil with your hydrostatic glass
4 The Weeping Queen: comedy crying Queen card
5 Tip on a Cane Tip: idea for vanishing tape
5 Cork-Go: comedy filter tipped cigarette
6 Banana Split: comedy banana idea
7 Quik-Made Palming Coins: using English Pennies
7 Bargain Copper and Silver: with spray paint
8 Link-king Klips: Paper clips become linked in a Kirk's Kup
8 Have a Heart: a heart changes in an instant to a diamond
10 A Piece of Cardboard, a Pot of Glue and Thou: a series of constructions using Jumbo Cards
10 - Zippy Silk Vanish: make a silk-producing folder
12 - Star Trap Production: another silk producer
14 - Hold-It: making a versatile card stand
15 - Strip Card Holder: add-on piece to hold smaller cards in the stand
15 - ESPecially Yours: Jumbo Card reveals a letter or number
17 - Square It: another version
19 E-Z Made Trick Glasses: idea
20 No Gimmick Multim in Parvo: one glass of milk fills three others
21 Suspend-a Glass: updated version of lifting a cup full of rice with a knife
23 Covered: glasses remain suspended on a book as it is turned over
24 Tip: for paper Doilies
25 Silk Surprise: silks appear instantly in empty glasses, and transpose
26 - Variation
27 Hippity Hop Balloon: hopping balloon gag
28 Thru and Thru: 2 wands penetrate a balloon in a cylinder without damage
29 - Variation
30 Rocket Tie: for balloons
31 It's In the Bag: how to make a double bag
31 - Atomized Silk: bag is popped and rainbow silk changes to white with rainbow confetti
32 - The Missing Stars: red, white, blue silk changes to flag, but two stars are missing and found in the bag
32 - Bagged: for the 20th Century Silks
33 - Emulsified: striped silk changes to strips of silk
33 - The Jig is Up: Jigsaw puzzle is assembled instantly, and 2 missing pieces are in the bag
34 - Brainwashed: using the Instanto Rope to throw off suspicion of gimmicked bags
35 The Right Deck Switch: switching a trick deck for a regular
36 Minute-Made Wand: a quick wand to make
37 - Capricious Wand: ideas for vanishing or color changing the wand
37 Economy Banner: making an end-of-show banner with a newspaper
41 It's a Screwdriver (Bob Carver): vodka and orange juice to screwdriver
41 Tinkle, Tinkle Little Coins: silk and coins production
4 Tip: wet glasses
43 Paper Money: a coin and newspaper change into paper money
45 Unlucky Buck: a $2 stage bill is torn and turns into two $1 bills, with patter
46 Five to Five: another version, jumbo $5 bill to five $1 bills   
46 Top Secret: spectator sees his bill in the envelope window and then burns it; for any destroyed bill routine
48 Silks Jubilee: comedy routine with a roll of stage bills
49 Foiled!: lit cigarette deposited into bill turns into handkerchief
49 Bill in a Flash: paper to money and gone in a flash
50 Tip: idea for six bill repeat
51 Have a Ball: billiard ball to flowers
52 Robot Change: handkerchiefs or gloves thrown into air turn into flowers
53 Now is the Time...: producing spring flowers at any time
54 Locating the Items Mentioned in the Book
55 Application for Refund: gag