Stan Allen: Magic Live! 2019 Las Vegas, NV
Allen, Stan (editor): Magic Live! 2019 Las Vegas, NV
©2019 Magic Live!
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 90 pages
Magic Live! 2019
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Comments: Program from Magic Live 2019 with many articles


4 Credits
5 And On That Note...(Stan Allen)

6 Sessions
7 The Very Strange Monday Night Show
8 The Close-Up Experience
9 The Little Big Show
10 Guess That Gimmick!
11 Live Onstage!

12 Through the Trapdoor (Steve Beam)
14 Servais Le Roy and Talma - Two Sides of a Story (Paul Kieve and Laura London)
18 The Concept of Working at Home (Dani DaOrtiz)
20 Storytime (Max Maven)
22 Eugene Burger's The Spot Card (Larry Hass)
25 Ambiguous Objects as a Potential Source of Magic (Kakichi Sugihara)
28 Fool Them! (Jan Forster)
34 M for Magic (Rory Johnston)
38 In a Flap (Guy Hollingworth)
43 The Magic of Making (Mario 'The Maker Magician' Marchese)
46 Making the Magic More You (Jay Sankey)
48 You Are All Terrible! (Harrison Breenbaum)
52 Liberty Magic (Scott Shiller)
54 The Story of Magic (Harris III)
58 Abraham Pieter Adrianus Bongers a.k.a. Fred Kaps (Dick Koornwinder)
63 Rounders (Mahdi Gilbert)
64 Combining Self-Working Magic with Technology (Mark Setteducati)
66 The Magic of Meaning (Pipo Villanueva)
68 Inventing the Impossible (Marco Tempest)
70 This Is Magic (Issy Simpson)
71 The Hawaiian Wonder (Tapas)
74 The Benefits of Outrageous Goals - Conquering Tarbell (Dan Harlan)
78 Creativity is Hard But Not Mysterious (Mark Randall)
80 Cast
89 Special Thanks
90 Save the Dates