Bert Allerton: Disarming Card Deceptions
Allerton, Bert: Disarming Card Deceptions
eBook, PDF format, 46 pages
Bert Allerton: Disarming Card Deceptions
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Comments: Newly published compilation of information about Bert Allerton and some of his clever card tricks and bits of business.

Contents (from eBook):

3 Introduction
4 Bert Allerton Biography (Maurice Zolotow): from Conjurer's Magazine, 1945
9 Close-Up Magic: article from Lecture Notes 1947
12 Will You Put That In Writing?: notes of appreciation

13 Merry Mischief
14 On My Mind: card thought of found on magician's forehead
14 Directoscopic Mind Reading: audience sees how it's done, but not the spectator
16 Card Reading: comedy marked cards
16 The Esophagus Card: comedy card divination
17 Mindreading: spectator reveals the card
17 Three Allerton Gags: three comedy bits

18 Card Chicanery
19 Think-A-Card: one-way pack mindreading
19 Allerton’s Indicator: named card indicates how far down the selection is
20 You Remember This One: 21 card trick in a new dress
20 Allerton’s Amazing Aces: Ace effect
22 Name Your Number: selection is found at number indicated by a second selection
24 The Allerton Change: card change
24 Allerton’s Pass: simple pass
25 Double Speller: seemingly finds the wrong card
27 The Big-Little Trick: light comedy trick for performing a Deck Switch
27 The Crafty Joker: another Deck Switch
28 The Two-Card Trick: using a double-face card
30 Transcendent Trick: using an Elmer Biddle move
31 Memorizing The Deck: quick memory demo
31 The Magic Card Square (Robert Parrish): quick magic square with cards
33 On The Phone (with Chic Schoke): card trick over the phone
34 Community Do As I Do: for multiple spectators
35 Torn And Restored Card: card in cigarette case
36 The Missing Deuce: card trick with a twist
37 The Aspirin Box: spirit cartography
40 Allerton’s Deck Stab: an Overview

42 Champagne And Legerdemain (Little Johnny Jones): article on Bert from The Sphinx
45 Allerton Promotional Brochure/Table Card
46 Broken Wand