Frederick Altgelt: Mind Magic
Altgelt, Frederick: Mind Magic
©1978 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
Frederick Altgelt: Mind Magic
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Contents (from book, updated July 2019):

3 Photo: B&W photo of Frederick Altgelt
4 Contents
5 Introduction
7 Forcing Questions: an approach using Nelson Ultra-perfect Clip Board or similar
10 Looking Into the Past: name of dead person written by spectator is written backwards by performer
12 Hollywood Mindreading: movie-star billet reading with external index
13 A New One-Ahead System: no need for prior knowledge
15 Another One-Ahead Trick: three predictions uisng a pencil, book and cards
16 A Billet Index Revisited: improvements and working for Index from Annemann or Corinda
17 Hot Tips on the Nail Writer: tips and tricks
18 - A Letter of the Alphabet
18 - Age Guessing
18 - Weight Guessing
18 - The Significant Year
18 - A Book Test
18 - Telepathy on the Cuff
18 - Stock Market Prediction
19 The Telephone Book Test: looks like the real thing
20 Powers of Darkness - A Book Test: Using book "The Franchise Affair" and word appears mysteriously
22 Take-a-Powder Book Test: using an idea from Al Baker, not foolproof
23 A Mental Coincidence: using same-both-sides deck, double backed card, and regular deck