Amberg, Ted: Thinking Outside the Box
©2001 Ted Amberg
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 48 pages
Thinking Outside the
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Ted Amberg: Thinking Outside the Box

Comments: From the author: "Look at what your competition is doing and do the opposite. Think out side the box. Don't duplicate, innovate!"


3 Cashing Out
11 Ashes to Ashes
14 Psychic Vision
17 Quantum Leap
20 Vanishing Crayon
22 Cupids Arrow
27 Pez Fantasies
30 Flip & Snap
32 Folded Card to Box
34 Torn/Restorn Cigarette
36 Impromptu Cellophane Tear
39 Stop the Presses
41 Spin the Bottle
45 Tossed Point Blank