Pablo Amira: 5 Miracles With 5 ESP Cards
Amira, Pablo: 5 Miracles With 5 ESP Cards
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 37 pages
Amira: 5 Miracles With 5 ESP Cards
Image courtesy Murphy's Magic Supplies


Contents (from web description):

1. Classic Experiment in ESP: Your participant is the sender, you the receiver
2. ESP Dowsing: Your participant feels strange thing with a pendulum and 5 ESP Cards finding a specific one as if a dowser in the desert
3. Participant as Mindreader : the sender is the performer and the receiver is the participant
4. Participant as Mindreader Performer: What if the participant is the performer for a brief moment, and just for a strange feeling HE can read the thought of another person?
5. TOT: The Tip of the tongue phenomenon - your participant strangely enough forgot completely which symbol he look at.
6. OP 5 ESP Test : predict in an open way the decisions of the participant with the 5 ESP Cards - 2nd edition only