Amira, Pablo: Mysteries Anywhere
Compendium of Practical Mentalism Effects
2010 Pablo Amira
Softcover, saddle-stitched,
55 pages
              Mysteries Anywhere
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Comments: Mysteries Anywhere is a compendium of solid mental experiences that you can perform in any situation, without prior preparation.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Perfect Coin, Maybe: reveal the date of a borrowed coin in the spectator's fist
2 I.D.S. : Create an impromptu in your face dummy billet, a very easy billet switch and a bold full billet peek, all combined (this effect appears also in the "Mindreading Lesson 12" by Kenton Knepper)
3 Chronoincidence: A Watch Routine where two times match
4 OHP: One card is predicted verbally, another is turned over in the deck, and they match
5 The Frankenstein Experiment: Three participants think of different characteristics of a new creature, and magician reveals them.
6 Mysteries Anywhere New Ideas: New ideas for the effects in the book
7 The challenge of Zeus: challenge the Great Greek God
8 Essay 1: Mentalism
9 Essay 2: Performance