Ammar, Michael: 3D Rabbits by Magic by Gosh
2000 Magic by Gosh
Softcover, 4 "pages" on one 8.5" sheet, with props


Comments (magicref): 3D rabbits is a sponge routine that includes 3 adults and 5 baby rabbits. The sponge is soft and the rabbits are sculpted in three dimensions. The photo on the box shows the rabbits in white and red; the product I purchased were white and brown. My sons (ages 7 and 5) looked at the box and asked if the rabbits magically changed color! Note: A large "surprise" rabbit is also available seperately. The rabbits are not as detailed as the George Murray 3D rabbits, but the sponge used is much softer, more like standard Goshman sponges. Also on the market are the Mike Rogers bunnies, which are also well made and with a more traditional 2 dimensional look. The instructions are by Michael Ammar of Ammarmagic, and follow the pattern of his excellent "Complete Cups and Balls" book in using clear black and white photos to display all the actions. There are 4 'pages' on one 8.5x11" sheet. Although a couple of small details are left out, most readers (including beginners) should be able to understand the routines.


1 If You are Left Handed: states to reverse the right/left instructions
1 The Basic No-Moves routine: Good, simple routine needing basic skills. Two adult rabbits are displayed, and spectator is asked to select one. This rabbit is placed into the spectator's hand and is called the "mama" rabbit. The "papa" rabbit is placed into your pocket. When the spectator's hand is opened, the papa has joined the mama! Both rabbits are now placed into the spectator's hand, and papa rabbit is told to "go to town". When the hand is opened, 5 baby bunnies have joined the crowd.
1 The Move: A false transfer move is detailed.
1 An Easy Extra Phase: A variation on the basic routine using THE MOVE. Papa vanishes from your hand to appear in the spectator's hand.
1 Another Easy, Extra Phase using the MOVE: A good idea using the arms and good misdirection.
1 Magically Producing 1 or 2 Rabbits to Begin: using your sleeves.

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