Ammar, Michael: Encore II, Command Performance Series #3
©1981 Secret Service
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 44 pages
Michael Ammar: Encore II
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Comments: Illustrated by Holly DeVito. All except for Coin in Bottle have been reprinted in the hardcover book The Magic of Michael Ammar (Not sure how Coin in Bottle differs from Michael's Let's Hit the Bottle from last issue)

Contents (Numbers are not page numbers):

1 Ovation Item #1 Card Matrix: cards assemble over a coin!
2 Rick Anderson's Amazing Coin Vanish: uses Downs' palm
3 Retention Vision Vanish: for coins
4 Wiped Clean #2: a coin utility move
5 Coin On Ceiling: flipped coin
6 Snort But Sweet (Bob Chesbro): with a cigarette
7 Reverse Matrix (David Williamson): a card & coin matrix variation
8 Silver Certificate (Lou Gallo): dollar to silver dollar
9 Ovation Item #2 The Striking Vanish (David Williamson): utility move
10 Bonus Effect Coin In Pen Cap (David Williamson): coin is trapped
11 Inversion (James Lewis): Deck turns upside down
12 The Vanishing Glass: Stemmed Wine Glass
13 Ovation Item #3 Coins Thru Table Kicker (Mike Gallo): 3 coins pass up
14 New Wave Coins Across (Mike Gallo): one at a time
15 Fingertip Coin Vanish (John Carney): coin utility move
16 Ovation Item #4 Coin In Bottle: Another coin in bottle