Ammar, Michael: Encore III
1983 Michael Ammar,  Pub. Secret Service.
Hardcover, w/dj, 8.5x11", 95 pages

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Ammar: Encore
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Comments (magicref): Illustrated by Richard Kaufman. Edited by Robert Miller. I love this kind of stuff! Good, solid close-up routines. Recommended.


9 Introduction: about the book
11 Flash Coins (Michael Ammar): 3 coins from lighter, then the lighter changes to a coin (uses the Topit)
14 The Name is the Same (Roger Klause): Transposition of 2 marked bills using cigarette pack and a TT
18 Klause's Bill Switch (Roger Klause, Ammar, Gaeton Bloom, Tony Miller): TT Bill Switch with 4 presentation ideas
24 Yeast Card (Michael Ammar): Signed card rises to top, ends up in book of matches
30 All American Reverse Matrix (Harry Levine): A reverse matrix using 4 different coins, playing cards, and no extras
34 Action Change (Yoshio Hirose): 4 jokers change to 4 jacks when thrown onto the table (Marlo's Triple Buckle)
36 Beenie Weenie (Michael Ammar): Chop Cup type effect using a solid can. Only one "cup" used for the routine (no switches)
41 Two Dollar Bill Tear (Michael Ammar): $2 bill torn into 2 ones, then restored. Good for walk around, instant reset. With additional presentation ideas.
46 Cards Into Case (Mark Lefler): Cards are fanned when the magician suddenly realizes he forgot to take them from the case. Also Paul Harris' presentation and handling.
49 Magical Change (Michael Gallo): Silver dollar to 2 halves, back again, then into quarters by the wave of the hand (challenging)
52 Two Dollars to Four Halves (Michael Gallo): Silver dollar in each hand change to 4 halves (simpler!)
54 The Gallo Pitch (Lou Gallo): versatile coin move thoroughly explained
59 Absent Minded Miracle (Doug Bennett): 4 Aces dealt, though the card case is sealed. (bottom deal)
61 Tie Tack (Tony Miller): Selected card appears on impromptu tie tack.
64 Silver Sponge (Doug Bennett): Sponge absorbs coins, which are then wrung out, and a spoon is logically produced.
69 Card on Ceiling (Michael Ammar): Michael's handling
73 Sponge Ball Up The Sleeve (Roger Klause): In the spectator's sleeve, that is. And repeated. (uses TT)
78 Coins Thru Silk (Michael Ammar): 3 silver dollars visibly penetrate a sheer scarf one by one, the last one in the spectator's hand.
89 Professional Applications of the Gallo Pitch: Michael Gallo's Coins thru table, Lou Gallo's Coins Across, and Michael Ammar's Coins thru table.
92 Bravo...: Dedications to Michael Skinner, Paul Gertner, Richard Kaufman and Daryl.
94 Ad for Encore II, and The Topit Book