Ammar, Michael: Third National Tour Notes
©1990 (circa - no date listed) Michael Ammar
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 20 pages
3rd National Tour
Photo courtesy e-Bay seller goodandolde

Comments: Lecture Notes, illustrated with line drawings

Contents (numbers are not page numbers): Much of Michael's early material has been re-printed in the hardcover The Magic of Michael Ammar.

1 Ring on Rubberband: borrowed finger ring on and off of a rubberband
2 Broken and Restored Rubberband:
3 T.V. Thumbtip Finesse: For the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch (you should already be familiar with the basics of the switch)
4 Haley's Comet: fire turns into a ball
5 Coins Thru Silk:
6 Pencil Thru Quarter: using the standard gimmick and with an alternate ending