Ammar, Michael: Fourth World Lecture Tour
©1995 Michael Ammar
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 19 pages
Fourth World
              Tour Lecture
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2 Magic Paper: napkin transforms into a bill in a flash
3 The 110 Pound, 6 Foot Card Trick: Deck of regular cards transform into a Crooked deck
7 The Self Printing Business Card: Blank cards print in your hands
9 Dining on Dollars (Rick Johnsson): the face of a bill is torn out, and the bill is restored
11 The Matched Cards: Three cards end up matching a selection, and then the selection ends up in a match book
13 Fast Fold: folding a card into sixths
15 Fist of Frost: Card to possible location (ice cube)
17 Shadow Coins: coins move together from their shadows