Ammar, Michael: Lecture Notes Tour 2000
©2000 Michael Ammar
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Tour 2000
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2 A Review of the Topit: modifications of Patrick Page's design
3 The Bottle Production: using the Topit
4 Coin in Bottle: with clever holder for the folder
5 JC's Super Closer: JC Wagner card routine (also found on Easy to Master Card Miracles Vol 4)
8 Incredible Business Machine I.B.M.: The Haunted Deck using business cards
9 Hard Cash: coin appears from between two business cards
10 The Floating Bill: with Michael's hookup
12 Coins Through the Table: can be done standing and surrounded, uses no extra coins
14 The Difference Between Gambling & Magic: Another approach to the One Cup and Ball routine
16 The Self-Printing Business Card
17 Silk to Egg: with the peeling off of the sticker on the egg