Ammar, Michael & Adam J. Fleischer: The Magical Arts Journal
©2010 Michael Ammar
Hardcover, no dj, 554 pages
Ammar &
              Fleischer: The Magical Arts Journal
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Comments: A Complete Resource for Those Looking for the Work and Money in Magic. This book is a compilation of all the original issues of The Magical Arts Journal magazine, put out in the mid-1980's. While the single issues are available as individual downloads, the scans of the downloads are often a bit blurry (though all readable). In the book, the text is clear throughout and much more readable. I should point out, however, that a few of the scans of the original dark advertisements came out with some "banding' in the background. The book is cheaper than buying all the downloads and also provides some bonus material: How To Negotiate Higher Performance Fees, and index listings for the Journal, the Effects, and the Advertisers.


v Introduction to the Journal (Michael Ammar): about the book
vii Raising the Bar on Quality (Adam J. Fleischer): some more history of MAJ
ix Contents

1 MAJ Volume One No. 1 Aug 1986
1 Contents
1 Who is MAJ for? (Adam J. Fleischer): editorial
1 Ring Band-It (Michael Ammar): finger ring is linked and unlinked on a rubber band, all can be examined
6 Compressed Pen (Jay Sankey): a pen is compressed into its cap
7 O-C-I (John Samapaga): floating card with no threads
8 The Dissolving Knot (Tommy Wonder): knot vanishes from rope
9 Ad: Morrissey Magic Flaming Dove Pan
10 Booking Yourself (Samuel P. Smith): #1 Why people will book you
10 Restaurant Magic (Charles Greene): #1 What is a House Magician
11 Cruise Ship Magic (Doug Anderson): #1 What it's like to cruise
14 Interview with Lance Burton (Fleischer)
15 Ad: Louis Tannen Inc. Catalog of Magic #15
16 Ad: James Lewis Thinking About Magic, and MisMade Dollar Bill; Al Cohen's Quarter Sorter; Harold's Magic of Bavaria; Magical Arts Journal
17 Ads: Theatre Effects Inc. Flash Cane Vanisher; Hank Lee's Magic Factory Dancing Hank, Ultimate Coke Bottle Vanish, Palming Coins
18 Coin Finesse (David Roth): essay
18 Ideas (John Cornelius): ideas with doodles (drawings), cigarette butts, and being prepared for a card blockbuster
19 Ad: Stan Allen's Inside Magic
19 I Love Big Commitments! (Michael Ammar): essay
20 Ad: Sterling Magic - Robert Jackson's Zig Zag Bill, Calculated Decision, Ice Cube, and Steve Dusheck's Dielemma

21 MAJ Volume One No. 2 Sep 1986
21 Contents
21 Wallet Deck Switch (Larry Jennings): selection is lost in middle of deck, which is cased. An envelope is taken from a wallet and is found to contain a deck with one missing card. The case is opened and contains only the selection!
21 Incredible Coins Across (Michael Ammar): From magician's hands to the spectators
26 Card Roll Down (Marca Tendo): Flourish card production
27 Impromptu Holey Terror (Johnny Lindholm): hole punched at one end of a card visibly moves to join a hole at the other end
29 Ad: Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger
30 Booking Yourself (Samuel Patrick Smith): #2 Booking yourself by phone
30 Restaurant Magic (Charles Greene): #2 How to get booked
31 Cruise Ship Magic (Doug Anderson): #2 What You Need to Perform
33 Ad: Hank Lee's Magic Factory - Name That Baby, Hot Wallet, Ghost Hunt
34 Twelve Have Died (Ben Robinson): essay on the Bullet Catch
35 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card In Wallet
36 Ad: L&L Publishing The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
37 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd. Flaming Dove Pan
38 Coin Finesse (David Roth): classic palm finesse
38 Ideas (John Cornelius): enlarging a TT, observing the spectator's eyes
38 Ad: Mecca Magic Inc, NJ
39 The Secret Service Reports (Michael Ammar): new faces in magic
40 Ad: Sterling Magic Creations, Inc. - Robert Jackson's Wish Box, Scotch and Soda Part 2, Lubol Fiedler's Naughty Schoolbook, 1986 NY Symposium video and book 5, Howard Schwarzman's Wishy Washer & Mephisto Matches

41 MAJ Volume One No. 3 October 1986
41 Contents
41 Black Holes Thru & Thru (Joe Givan): three coins are tossed at a stack of cups separated by playing cards, and one coin lands in each cup
41 The Logo Changes (Adam J. Fleischer): Editorial
43 Ad: Magical Arts Journal
44 The Magic Napkin (Johnny Lindholm): portions of a ripped napkin change into coins
46 Slicker Coins Thru Silk (Dave Berry): coins penetrate a sheer scarf
47 Ad: Twelve Have Died by Ben Robinson
48 Original Card Rolling Production (Marca Tendo): flourish card production as follow up to the Card Roll Down
49 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card in Wallet
50 Booking Yourself (Samuel Patrick Smith): #3 Booking yourself by mail
50 Restaurant Magic (Charles Greene): #3 The First Night
51 Cruise Ship Magic (Doug Anderson): #3 How to get booked
53 Ad: Mecca Magic, Inc., NJ
54 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd Flaming Dove Pan
55 Ad: Louis Tannen Inc. Catalog of Magic #15
57 Ideas (John Cornelius): The better pocket for card to wallet; C/S effects using quarter sized coins instead
57 Hat Juggling (Charlie Frye): #1 The High Hat Twirl for hats with brims
58 Coin Finesse (David Roth): palming
58 Ad: Videonics Master Card Technique videos
59 Secret Service Report (Michael Ammar): Joe Givan
60 Ad: Sterling Magic Creations, Inc. - Robert Jackson's Wish Box, Scotch and Soda Part 2, Lubol Fiedler's Naughty Schoolbook, 1986 NY Symposium video and book 5, Howard Schwarzman's Wishy Washer & Mephisto Matches

61 MAJ Volume One, No. 4 November 1986
61 Contents
61 Knock, Knock? (Adam J. Fleischer): Editorial and news
61 Ring in Saltshaker (Thomas Hierling): borrowed ring to saltshaker
63 Ad: Magical Arts Journal
65 This Is Only a Test (T.C. Tahoe): Color Changing Knife Routine
67 Harry Lorayne's Snapped (Michael Ammar): broken and restored rubber band
68 Band Display (A. Berkely Davis): additional display for Ring Band-It from issue one
69 Signed Stunner (Eric Mead): signed card transposition in the spectator's hand
70 Booking Yourself (Samuel Patrick Smith): #4 Making It Pay and when to use a contract
70 Restaurant Magic (Charles Greene): #4 Fees and Tips
71 Cruise Ship Magic (Doug Anderson): #4 Staying Booked
73 Ad: Mecca Magic Inc., NJ
74 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd. Flaming Dove Pan
75 Ad: Louis Tannen Inc. Catalog of Magic #15
76 The First Thirty Seconds (Jay Sankey): essay
77 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card in Wallet
78 Coin Finesse (David Roth): actual vs. apparent vanish
79 Hat Juggling (Charlie Frye): #2 The Hand Flip
79 Ad: Hank Lee's Magic Factor - Mixed Up Santa
80 Ad: Sterling Magic Creations, Inc. - Robert Jackson's Zig Zag Bill, Calculated Decision, Ice Cube, and Steve Dusheck's Dielemma

81 MAJ Volume One, No. 5 & 6, Dec 1986/Jan 1987 Double Issue
81 Contents
81 Double Surprise! (Adam J. Fleischer): editorial
81 Business Cardfusion (Greg Eanes): torn and restored, with the restored card having two signatures
82 Ad: Kaufman and Greenberg The Compleat Invocation
83 The MAJ Mail Box: letters
84 Inside the Year in Magic (Stan Allen): year review
88 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd - Morrissey Cups
89 Mind Over Matter (Bob Nixon): a borrowed key bends in the spectator's hands
90 The Almost Human Cannon Ball (Jay Sankey): a cannon is made out of paper and straw, and the magician 'catches' the human cannon ball
91 Hat Juggling (Charlie Frye): #3 The Fake Roll
91 Ad: Barrys Magic Shop Blend Ol'Glory, Star Trick
92 Alchemy (Alphonso): Coin changes from copper to silver to a lump of gold, then to a ring
93 Alphonso's Alchemy Variation (Ammar): another handling
93 Ad: Magical Arts Journal
94 Ad: Tannen's Stars of Magic 9th Video Tape Series starring Harry Lorayne
95 Ad: Jeff Busby Magic Inc. - Richard Osterlind Three Miracle Routines, Challenge Glass of Water Production, Miracle Flying Signed Cards, and Borrowed Ring in Balloon Dog
96 Restaurant Magic (Charles Greene): #5 Performance
97 The Comedy Circuit (John Ferrentino): #1 Why & How Comedy Clubs?
98 Booking Yourself (Samuel Patrick Smith): A different way to sell yourself - with posters
98 Ad: Sammy Smith's Jingle Bell Magic
100 Choosing Your Spectator-Assistant (Jay Sankey): essay
101 Ad: Videonics Master Coin Technique with Michael Rubinstein
101 Ad: Hank Lee's Magic Factory - Clarence Miller's Impossible Penetration, Bob Solari's Incredible
102 Lottery Fever (Jim Lewis): $100 Bill switch with a lottery theme
104 Chip Off the Old Block (Mitch Williams): silk produced, then a few poker chips from the silk, then a can of potato chips, and finally a brick
106 Ad: New York Magic Symposium SYMP Video 1986
107 Ad: New York Magic Symposium Collection Five by Stephen Minch
108 Coin Finesse (David Roth): the finesse of effects, and state of the art coins across (advice)
108 Ad: Mecca Magic, Inc. - NJ
109 Ideas (John Kennedy): #1 Watch Transposition expansion on the watch steal
110 Secret Service Report (Michael Ammar): James Lewis profile
111 New Waves (Michael Ammar): editorial
111 Ad: Stan Allen's Inside Magic
112 Ad: Sterling Magic Creations, Inc. - Robert Jackson's Zig Zag Bill, Calculated Decision, Ice Cube, and Steve Dusheck's Dielemma

113 MAJ Volume One, No. 7 Feb 1987
113 Contents
113 Elephant Rubber (Ray Kosby): rubber band expands and stays that way!
113 The Nature of Your Audience (David Regal): essay on audiences
114 Editor's Notes (Adam J. Fleischer): publicity and more
117 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd Morrissey Cups
118 Day of the Jack-Less (Joe Givan): a clever card trick turns into the game of Jacks
119 Ad: Barry's Magic Shop - Blend Ol'Glory, Star Trick
120 Clean Cut Rope Trick (Mitch Williams): instant cut and restored rope
121 Ad: James Lewis - Thinking About Magic book, Ultimate Expanded Half Dollar Shell, E-Z Out Okito Coin Box
122 Booking Yourself (Samuel Patrick Smith): #5 Inspiring Yourself to Succeed
123 The Comedy Circuit (John Ferrentino): #2 How to Get Started
124 Restaurant Magic (Charles Greene): Conclusion - Audience Participation & Looking for a Nice Place to Work
125 Hat Juggling (Charlie Frye): $4 The Free Flip to the Head
125 Ad: Videonics Paul Diamond No. 1 video
126 Coin to Bill (Alphonso): visible change
127 Ad: Jeff Busby Magic Inc. - Paul Fox Line of Super Magical Effects, Epoptica Magazine, Our Book Line, Our Prop Line, The Fred Braue Notebooks, Arcane Magazine
128 Thoughts About Books (T.A. Waters): essay about reviewing books
129 Ad: Hank Lee's Magic Factory: Ring & Spoon by El Duco, Bob McAllister's Standing On Edge
130 Ideas (John Kennedy): #2 Coin Bubble. A coin appears inside a blown bubble
131 Where Do You Stand (Michael Ammar): stand-up magic
132 Ad: The New York Magic Symposium 1987 announcement

133 MAJ Volume One, No. 8 Mar 1987 Special Dai Vernon Issue
133 Contents
133 The Vernon Chronicles (Stephen Minch): article
134 Editor's Notes (Adam J. Fleischer): About this special Dai Vernon issue
137 He Fooled Houdini: Vernon's close up magic
138 Ad: L&L Publishing The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner
139 Ad: Magical Arts Journal
139 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card In Wallet
140 Look Homeward, Angel (Dai Vernon): selected card is revealed during a deal
141 Crossed Destinies (Dai Vernon): coins across with no extra coins
143 Ad: L&L Publishing Dai Vernon The Lost Inner Secrets Vol 1
144 The Tale of the Treasury-Worm (Dai Vernon): silk produced from a rolled dollar bill
146 The Twirl Link (Dai Vernon): Linking Rings move
147 The Rendezvous Force (Dai Vernon): selection matches prediction after a very fair deal
148 Hat Juggling (Charlie Frye): #5 Double Hand Head Twirl
148 Ad: US Toy Co Inc. - Master of Excellence Series video Starring Jay Sankey
149 Ad: Morrissey magic Lt. - Morrissey Cups
150 Ideas (John Kennedy): #5 Haunted Candle Flame
151 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): #3 Selling Yourself
152 Ad: L&L Publishing Vintage Vernon videos

153 MAJ Volume One, No. 9 April 1987 NY Symposium '87 Issue
153 Contents
153 The NY Magic Symposium '87 (Adam J. Fleischer): editorial and preview
155 Ad: Magical Arts Journal
155 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card In Wallet
156 Ad: L&L Publishing Larry Jennings Neoclassics
157 Ad: When Creators Collide by Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders
158 Elbow Knee and Neck (Daryl): Three coins vanish one at a time from the fist and appear at the elbow, knee, and neck. Only three coins used.
160 Limbo In China (David Roth): clever Chinese coin effect with chopsticks
162 Booking Yourself (Samuel Patrick Smith): Conclusion - The Full Time Freelancer
163 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): #4 Comedy Club Ethics & Appearance
164 Lingering Illusion (Jay Sankey): holes clearly punched in a postcard in an envelope are vanished
166 Ad: John Cornelius Productions FISM Flash, Fickle Nickel
167 The Double-Lift Pass (Richard Kaufman): card sleight
168 Ad: John Kennedy's Coffee Time
169 Spinning Silver (Peter Samelson): Invisible Silver thread forms into a coin (effect to utilize the back palm)
170 Ideas (John Kennedy): #4 Coin Rattle Device
171 Ad: Louis Tannen Catalog of Magic #15
172 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd. Morrissey Cups

173 MAJ Volume One No. 10 May 1987 Canadian Close Up Issue
173 Contents
173 Monty Hall Goes Close Up (Jay Sankey): Boston Box and spectator's finger ring mystery
174 Editor's Notes (Ammar): Challenging Your Experiences
175 Ad: John Cornelius Dream Deck
177 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card In Wallet
178 Trick Photography (Richard Sanders): Magician's photo reveals the selection
180 One Every Minute (Rudy T. Hunter): two in the hand one in the pocket adapted to a gambling routine with dice and a cup
182 Corporate Magic (Mark O'Brien): #1 An Exciting Growing Field
183 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): #5 Stage Time & The M.C.
184 Five Hundred Percent (Gary Kurtz): half dollar is stretched to 5 times its size
185 Ad: L&L Publishing Dai Vernon The Lost Inner Secrets Volume 1
186 The Use of Surveys By the Performer (Ted Karbowski): Part I Why Surveys?
187 Thoughts About Words (T.A. Waters): review of Twelve Have Died by Ben Robinson with Larry White
188 Ad: Ben Harris Magic World Tour Video
189 Ad: Samuel Patrick Smith Sell Your Act With Posters
190 Ideas (John Kennedy): #5 Behind Glass. Approach for card on window
191 Ad: Morrissey Magic Ltd Morrissey Cups
192 Ad: Eugene Burger The Performance of Close Up Magic book

193 MAJ Volume One No. 11 & 12, June/July 1987 Double Issue
193 Contents
193 Raise Rise (Ray Kosby): card visibly jumps from bottom to middle to top of deck
194 Editor's Notes (Michael Ammar): The Vernon Theory of Artistic Advancement
195 Dear Journal Reader: a thank you from MAJ
198 Recurring Nightmare (Ray Kosby): Professors Nightmare with rubber bands!
200 Ad: John Kennedy's Coffee Time
201 Tiecoon (Alfonso): coins produced from a "borrowed" tie
202 Ad: Mecca Magic, NJ
203 An In Depth Study on the Bluff Pass (Roberto Giobbi): cards
206 The Use of Surveys By the Performer (Ted Karbowski): Part II - How to Use Your Survey Results
207 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card In Wallet
208 Corporate Magic (Mark O'Brien): #2 Industrial And Trade Shows
209 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): #6 The Physical Aspects of Comedy Clubs
211 Ad: Louis Tannen Catalog of Magic #15
212 Peaks & Valleys (David Regal): A complete routine for the McCombical Prediction Deck
216 Ad: John Cornelius Dream Deck
217 Ad: Samuel Patrick Smith Learn to Market Your Talent and Make It Happen sets
218 Ideas (Jamy Ian Swiss): Patter for $100 Bill Switch; Shot Glass Strategy - as an extra performance platform
219 The Vanishing Traveller (Alfonso): Four Aces travel to pockets with a twist
221 Ideas (John Kennedy): Gone! The $100 Challenge. Urges the readers to submit ideas for a vanish
222 Ad: Eugene Burger The Performance of Close Up Magic book
223 Ad: BHM Industries New Directions Five (magazine)
224 Ad: Jeff Busby S.H. Sharpe's Ponsin on Conjuring

225 MAJ Volume Two No. 1 Feb 1988
225 Contents
225 The Trilogy Coin Act (David Neighbors): three effect sequence using three copper and three silver coins
226 Ad: Collector's Workshop Midas Cups in Walnut
227 What's Hot And What's Not (Jeff Busby): Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus book (positive); Simply Amazing book by Ronald Dayton (negative due to lack of crediting); John Kennedy's Animated Matchbox (positive); Pizza to Go (negative)
228 Vital Signs: Mal Cross, David Harkey, New Marlo Book, Ross Skiffington, Best Selling Books/Video
229 Editor's Notes (Adam J. Fleischer): welcome to volume two
229 In Brief: Magicians in the news
232 Ring In Tea Bag (Lamont Ream): borrowed ring vanishes and is found in tea bag
232 From Australia (Ben Harris): news bits from down under
233 Ad: Jeff Busby Magic Inc. Stainless Steel Apex Blindfold
234 Corporate Magic (Mark O'Brien): #3 Meetings & Special Events
235 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): #7 The Audience & Hecklers
236 A Stand Up Deck Switch (Roberto Giobbi): during The Card Through Handkerchief
239 Ad: John Kennedy's Coffee Time
239 Ad: The Barry Taylor Super Ordinary Card In Wallet
240 Thoughts About Style (Bill Wisch): From Rocco Silano, the Complete Conjuror Champion
241 The Card Trick That Fooled Vernon (Rocco Silano): Stand Up card routine with sleeving
242 Ideas (Jamy Ian Swiss): Using the Shot Glass Strategy (from last issue) with a Coins Across Routine
242 Ammar Asks The Experts: What are your career plans and goals?
243 On Publishing In Magic (Michael Ammar): essay
243 Ad: Mecca Magic, NJ
244 Ad: Cannibal Rap by Chris Cox

245 MAJ Volume Two No. 2 March 1988
245 Contents
245 Coins In the Fountain Pen (James Lewis): three coins appear from a fountain pen and vanish into the same
246 Ad: Collector's Workshop Gift of Time
247 What's Hot & What's Not (Jeff Busby): Reviews Bill Okal's A New Look at Some Classical Close-Up book (positive); Mel Stover's Illusory Reflex (positive); Bob Farmer's Tsunami book (positive); Daniel Cros' Enchanted Stradivarius (negative)
248 Vital Signs: Denny & Lee, David Copperfield, Frances Socrate, Best Selling Books/Video
249 Editor's Notes (Adam J. Fleischer): about this issue
249 Briefs: Upcoming Lectures, shows
254 Corporate Magic (Mark O'Brien): #4 Videos & TV Commercials
255 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): #8 An Act to Swear By (profanity) and Tips for Auditions
257 Fingers Nose Do As I Do (Martin Gardner): physical stunt
258 The Double Card Stab (Lamont Ream): a knife inserted in a deck wrapped in newspaper finds the two selections
260 Four In Hand Surprise (Chris Kenner): a matrix style effect with cards and coins
262 Ideas (Jamy Ian Swiss): simple use for price tags
262 Ammar Asks the Experts: How Do You Prepare for a Performance?
263 On Magic Competition (Michael Ammar): Part One Here Comes FISM Again
263 Ad: Mecca Magic, NJ
264 Ad: Magical Arts Journal

265 MAJ Volume Two No. 3, April 1988
265 Pierced (David Harkey): borrowed pierced earring appears back on her ear!
265 Professional Close Up (David Harkey): On Close up
265 Mullica Preps for FISM: article
266 In This Issue: contents
266 Editor's Notes (Adam J. Fleischer): Copperfield, Academy Awards, Will Shriner, and more.
267 What's Hot and What's Not (Jeff Busby): Reviews Patrick Page The Pull Book (positive), Osterlind's Journey Into Hypnotism (positive), TA Waters Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians (negative), The Card Match Levitation (negative)
268 Ad: Collector's Workshop Khyber Cobra, Magick, Card Duckling
269 Vital Signs: Michael Finney, Finn John, other news
270 Ad: PCAM Convention 1988
272 In a Jam (David R. Harkey): Key vanishes and is found on top of the door jam
273 Ammar Asks the Experts: What are your rehearsals focused on now?
274 Corporate Magic (Mark O'Brien): #5 Conclusion, How to Get the Work
275 Comedy Clubs (John Ferrentino): Conclusion, Don't give Up
275 Magic Cartoon by Don Albrecht
276 Ringworm (David Harkey): borrowed finger ring penetrates a balloon
279 Pop Art (David Harkey): using a party popper and cannon drawn on an index card
280 Magic Cartoon by Don Albrecht
282 A Letter From Daniel Cros: on review of The Enchanted Stradivarius
283 Jeff Busby Responds: to Daniel Cros letter
283 Magic Cartoon by Don Albrecht
284 Ad: Daniel Cros 25th Anniversary Celebration

285 MAJ Volume Two, No. 4, 5, 6 Michael Ammar Triple Issue
285 Stand-Up Cups & Balls (Michael Ammar): full routine with Dai Vernon's Wand Spin and fruit loads
285 Thumb Tip Finesse (Ammar): three handlings
286 Contents
286 Editor's Notes: about this issue
288 Ad: Collector's Workshop Khyber Cobra and Magick magazine compilation
290 The Linking Bands Pinch (Ammar): a move for the linking rubber bands, mentions Harlan/Williams effect which follows
292 Ad: Collector's Workshop: Khyber Cobra (a different ad)
302 Ad: Jeff Busby Paul Fox Cups and Balls
304 Ad: Collector's Workshop The T'ang Dynasty Chest
306 The Dai Vernon Wand Spin (Ammar): illustrated directions
308 Burned, Restored, Unrestored Match (Martin Gardner): impromptu
310 The Two Card Trick (Ammar): a two card quickie
312 Linking Rubber Bands (Dan Harlen, Mitch Williams): impromptu linking and unlinking
317 Ammar Asks the Experts: How often to you change your regularly performed material?
318 Uri Geller is Alive and Well (Jerry Greenfield): Restaurant Routines - Bending spoon illusion
325 Ad: John Ferrentino's Comedy Club for Magicians book
326 Professional Close Up (David Harkey): Street Magic tips
327 Ad: Ben Harris' Off the Wall book
329 Ad: David Harkey's Simplicities book
330 Ideas (Jamy Ian Swiss): Essay on Presentation Opportunities
331 On Magic Competition (Michael Ammar): Part Two - Preparation
332 Ad: How to Negotiate Higher Performance Fees Audio, and Success and Magic forms

333 MAJ Volume Two No. 7, 8 Arcane Double Issue
333 The Man Behind Arcane: Jean Yves Prost
333 Flip-Pen-Cy (Flip): a series of vanishes, reappearances and transformation with the magician's and a borrowed pen
334 In This Issue: Contents
338 Considerations on the Management and Handling of the Key Card (Robert Giobbi): Types of Key Cards, Hindu Shuffle Placement, Dribble Key Card Replacement, and more
344 A Word About Our Illustrator: Hannah Tucker
345 The Monster's Tongue (James Hodges): Number revelation with a "doll" made from a handkerchief (Illustrated like a comic strip)
346 Me, Knot You! (James Hodges): a knot appears in magicians's silk but not spectator's (uses TT, also comic illustrated)
347 Ten Tips on Telling Jokes (Bruce Gold): timing, eye contact, and more
348 The Natural Lay of the Hand (Michael Ammar): Essay on acting natural
353 Make It Happen (Sammy Patrick Smith): negotiating with a client, setting goals
354 The Little Cracker (Duraty): broken and restored dinner cracker
357 The False Turn Over of a Coin (Joaquin Navasas, Jean-Phillippe Pradel): Useful for C/S or shell coins
359 The Ghost Glass (Duraty): Full glass vanished under a napkin (must be seated) and is restored
362 The Hofzinser Spread Control (J.N. Hofzinser): has a wide range of uses

365 MAJ Volume Two No. 9, 10, 11, 12 Presents Paul Harris The Act
365 Paul Harris A Retrospective (David Harkey): article
366 Table of Contents
368 The Paul Harris Close Up Act (Michael Ammar): introduction
369 Free Flight: Opener with four coins and a card in the spectator's hand
375 Biological Shuffle: Four Ace revelation during a shuffle demonstration
379 Tap Dancing Aces: Four Aces vanish from the hands one at a time and reappear back in the deck
384 An Instant Replay: a card pops of the deck, twice
385 Ad: Making Magic Memorable Audio Tape (Michael Ammar)
385 Real World Invisible Palm: Paul's approach to Larry Jennings' effect around a gambling theme
392 Venezuela Vanish: Paul's version of the Tent Vanish
395 Wack Your Pack: a game of chance with several spectators in a theatrical presentation
396 Making Magic Memorable (Michael Ammar): excerpt from audio series
401 Performance Contracts (Jim Kleefeld): article on magicians contracts
408 Ad: No More Subscriptions
409 Las Vegas Leaper: alternate closer. Cards vanish and reappear at will
414 The False Count: Carlyl Count as taught to Paul by Michael Skinner
416 Galaxy (Wymanm Jones and Paul Harris): Variation on Curry's Out of This World, with three alternate methods
422 A Night At the Improv (Eric Meade): a story card trick
425 The Self Folding Bill (Stefan Schutzer): Dollar bill folds itself on your hand and can be handed out for inspection

429 MAJ Volume Three, Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Aspen Bar Magic
429 Anatomy of a Magic Bar (Doc Eason): Essay on the Tower Restaurant and magic bartending
430 Table of Contents
433 Editor's Notes (Michael Ammar): Essay on this issue
434 Elements of Bar Magic (Doc Eason): the four basic elements
436 Relationship Strategies (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): With Other bartenders, cocktail waitresses, waiters, etc.
439 Bar Diplomacy (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): Splitting tips, pouring drinks, and more
441 Crystal Ball (Doc Eason): ESP effect with cards and a 1 inch crystal ball using two spectators at opposite ends of the bar and everyone in between
443 The $100 Card on the Ceiling thru Ceiling Fan (Doc Eason): the complete work
446 Notes on Multiple Selection of Cards (Doc Eason): for complete audience participation
449 Bogus Control (Steve Spill): More on multiple selections
453 The Magic Bartenders Blues (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): a song
454 Bar Bits (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): some comedy bits and tips and making the bill disappear
457 Coin on Forehead (Steve Spill): letting the audience in on the effect
458 This Tips for You (Bob Sheets): Hydrostatic Glass
459 The Pocket 'O Mystery (Michael Ammar): Cards to Pocket (suggestive language)
463 Michael Ammar's Bottle Production: Uses the Topit
470 The Bottle Vanish (Ammar): Looks like trick photography (also uses Topit)
474 The Floating Bill (Ammar): Uses elastic IT, highly detailed
482 Ad: Michael Ammar's Invisible Elastic
483 The Inverted Bell Curve (Ammar): an essay on how an inverted Bell Curve may apply to magicians
486 The Process to Effect Ratio (Ammar): Small impact, short presentation, Strong impact, longer presentation
488 Mullica On Mullica (Tom Mullica): Tom's bar magic history with tips
490 The Card Through Bar: application of Tom's Card Index
492 The Animation of Silver (Roland Gugganig): fork comes alive in a glass and can be examined
494 Breaded Fish (Jessie DiCamillo): Live Gold fish from a selected dinner roll
497 The Glass Through Bar or Table (J.C. Wagner): mastering the napkin fold
499 The Legend of Alesha (Eric Mead): Spirit fails to bend a spoon but unzips zipper instead (suggestive)
501 Boy Meets Girl (Eric Mead): Spectator stops deal at the Queen to match the King placed on the table
503 Stuck On U (Lou Wymisner, Eric Mead): running gag with chewing gum
504 What I Needed to Know (Eric Mead): more tips on performing in a bar
505 The Sugar Trick (Bob Sheets): Initials on Sugar cube - expanded!
507 Ad: Making Magic Memorable Audio Tape
508 Ad: Negotiating Higher Performance Fees Audio Tape

509 Special Report #1: How To Negotiate Higher Performance Fees
511 Introduction
513 The Stages of Negotiating
516 Gambits
521 Conclusion

523 General Index to the Journal (William Goodwin)
543 Index of Effects (William Goodwin)
545 Index of Advertisers
547 Errata