Ammar, Michael: Paul Harris the Act
1990 (circa) Michael Ammar
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 62 pages
              Magic & Paul Harris The Act
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Comments (ryanmagic): Part of Michael's Magical Arts Journal magazine, released as issues 9, 10, 11, and 12 in one volume.
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1 Paul Harris A Retrospective (David Harkey)
2 Table of Contents
4 The Paul Harris Close Up Act (Michael Ammar): introduction
5 The Act
5 Free Flight: Opener with four coins and a card in the spectator's hand
11 Biological Shuffle: Four Ace revelation during a shuffle demonstration
15 Tap Dancing Aces: Four Aces vanish from the hands one at a time and reappear back in the deck
20 An Instant Replay: a card pops of the deck, twice
21 Ad: Making Magic Memorable Audio Tape (Michael Ammar)
21 Real World Invisible Palm: Paul's approach to Larry Jennings' effect around a gambling theme
28 Venezuela Vanish: Paul's version of the Tent Vanish
31 Wack Your Pack: a game of chance with several spectators in a theatrical presentation
32 Making Magic Memorable (Michael Ammar): excerpt from audio series
37 Performance Contracts (Jim Kleefeld): Essay
44 Ad: No More Subscriptions
45 The Encore
45 Las Vegas Leaper: alternate closer. Cards vanish and reappear at will
50 The False Count: Carlyl Count as taught to Paul by Michael Skinner
52 Galaxy (Wymanm Jones and Paul Harris): Variation on Curry's Out of This World, with three alternate methods
58 A Night At the Improv (Eric Meade): a story card trick
61 The Self Folding Bill (Stefan Schutzer): Dollar bill folds itself on your hand and can be handed out for inspection