Ammar, Michael: Spanish Lecture 2007
©2007 Michael Ammar Magic
Softcover, 21 Pages

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Michael Ammar:
              Spanish Lecture 2007

Comments: In Spanish, of course. B&W Photo Illustrated


1 Los Famosos Ases (John Guastaferro): The Famous Aces
3 Carta en el Globo (Michael Ammar): Card In the Balloon
6 Roll Over Aces (Derek Dingle / Ron Ferris): cards
9 Revision del Topit (Ammar): Evolution of the Topit
10 Cometa Haley (Ammar): a flashy opener
11 Pies Mágicos (Ammar): Magical Feet, a magic effect with cards
16 Shadow Coins (Ammar and David Roth): coins
20 Paper Magic (Ammar): money from powedered milk packet and a flame