Anderson, A.: How to Do 60 Tricks With Cards
©1902 Frank Tousey, NY
Softcover, stapled, 4.5x6.5", 59 pages plus ads
How to Do 60 Tricks
              With Cards
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A. Anderson: How to Do Sixty Tricks With Cards

Comments: Part of the Frank Tousey Ten Cent Hand Books. Number 62. "Embracing all of the latest and most deceptive Card Tricks now in use". Most of the tricks here seem to differ from the later "40 Tricks With Cards", though there are some duplicates.


3 Introduction
4 Sleight of Hand
4 To Make the Pass
8 To Turn the Pack
9 To Slip a Card
9 Forcing a Card
10 To Get a Sight of a Card
11 Another Way
11 To Palm a Card
12 To Change a Card
13 The False Shuffle
14 To Spring a Card From Hand to Hand
15 The Long Card
15 To Make a Bisaute Pack
16 The Triple Deal
17 The Quadruple Deal
17 An Aristocratic Assemblage
18 A Simple Delusion
18 To Name the Rank of a Card Drawn From a Piquet Pack
18 To Guess the Spots on Cards at the Bottom of Three Heaps Which Have Been Made by One of the Audience
19 Cards in Triplets
20 Cards in Couples
21 An Excellent Trick with Bisaute Cards
22 Everybody's Card
24 A Strange Contradiction
26 To Change the Card by Word or Command
27 To Tell the Amount of Numbers of any Two Cards Drawn from a Common Pack
28 Another Way
29 To Call for Any Card in the Pack
30 Another Way
30 To Make Another Person Draw the Cards You Call For
31 To Change the Three of Spades to the Ace of Diamonds
31 The Four Conspirators
32 To Find a Card Thought Of
32 Another Way
33 The Alternate Card Trick
33 The Spelling Bee
34 A Variation in the Spelling Bee
35 The Complicated Spelling Bee
36 To Tell the Name of any Court Card Which Has Been Reversed
36 The Convertible Aces
37 To Tell How Many of a Row of Cards Placed Face Downward on the Table Have Been Transferred in Your Absence From One End of the Row to the Other by Turning Up a Card
38 To Change Four Cards from Twos to Eights and From Reds to Blacks, etc.
40 The Inseparable Knaves
41 The Torn Card
44 The Rising Cards
49 The Electrified Cards
52 The Wonderful Shot
56 The Card of One Color Found in a Pack of the Other
57 The Royal Emigrants
57 That's How It's Done
59 The Trick of Thirty-One