Anderson, A.: How to Do Chemical Tricks
©1898 Frank Tousey, Publisher, NY
Softcover, stapled, 4.5x6.5", 64 pages
How to Do Chemical
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A. Anderson: How to Do Chemical Tricks

Comments: Part of the Frank Tousey Ten Cent Hand Books. Number 68. "Containing Over One Hundred Highly Amusing and Instructive Tricks With Chemicals"
Caution: as with all older books dealing with chemicals, be cautious. Many chemicals thought to be safe have been found to be very harmful.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 How to Do Chemical Tricks
5 Chemical Affinity
5 Sympathetic Inks
7 Alum Baskets
8 Easy Crystallizations
8 To Make a piece of Charcoal appear as though it were Coated with Gold
8 To Give a Piece of Charcoal a Rich Coat of Silver
9 Combustion
10 Chemistry of the Air
14 Amateur Air Pump
19 Asphyxia
19 Balloon in Vacuum
20 Boiling Cold Water
21 A Sucking Tube
22 Cupping
23 The Barometer
25 A Novel Barometer
26 Compressed Air
28 Noiseless Bell
29 Weight of the Air
30 Spoons Which Will Melt In Water
30 Effect of Compression
31 To Cover Iron With Copper
31 The Elements
32 Potassium
33 Metallic Colors
34 Crystallization of Metals
34 Crystallization
36 Beauties of Crystallization
37 To Crystallize Camphor
37 A Solid Changed to a Liquid
38 Magic of Heat
38 Sublimation by Heat
39 Heat Passing Through Glass
39 Metals Unequally Influenced by Heat
39 Spontaneous Combustion
39 Inequality of Heat in Fire-Irons
40 Expansion of Metal by Heat
40 The Alchemist's Ink
40 Chameleon Liquids
41 Magic Dyes
41 Wine Changed to Water
41 The Chemistry of Water
42 Two Bitters Make a Sweet
43 Visible and Invisible
43 To Form a Liquid From Two Solids
43 Restoration of Color by Water
44 Two Liquids Make a Solid
44 Two Solids Make a Liquid
44 A Solid Opaque Mass Makes a Transparent Liquid
44 Two Cold Liquids Make a Hot One
44 To Make Ice
45 Curious Change of Colors
45 The Protean Light
46 To Change the Colors of Flowers
46 Changes of the Poppy
46 Changes of the Rose
46 Marking Indelibly
47 Visible Growth
47 Colored Flames
48 Water of Different Temperatures in the Same Vessel
48 Warmth of Different Colors
48 Laughing Gas
49 Magic Vapor
49 Gas From the Union of Metals
50 Green Fire
50 Combustion of Three Metals
50 To Make Paper Apparently Incombustible
50 Heat Not to be Estimated by Touch
51 Flame Upon Water
51 Rose-colored Flame Upon Water
51 Currents in Boiling Water
51 Hot Water Lighter Than Cold
51 Expansion of Water by Cold
52 The Cup of Tantalus
52 The Magic Whirlpool
54 Fire Under Water
54 To Light Steel
54 A Test of Love
55 AN Egg Pushed into a Wine Bottle
55 A Chemical Fountain
56 Weighing Gases
58 In Water But Not Wet
58 Image of a Volcano
59 Reciprocal Images
59 Imitation of Animal Tints
60 Melting a Coin
60 Explosive Gas
60 Cold From Evaporation
60 Self-Dancing Egg
61 Flash of Fire in a Room
61 Cast Iron Drops
61 Explosion Without Heat
61 Fiery Powder
62 Illumination
63 Stars In Water
63 Parlor Ballooning
64 Marvelous
64 Mutability