Anderson, A.: How to Do Tricks - Card Tricks and Magic
Anderson, A.: How to Do Tricks - Card Tricks and Magic
©1890 Frank Tousey
Softcover, stapled, 4.5x6.5", 60 pages plus ads
A. Anderson: How to Do Tricks
Image courtesy Villanova Digital Library

Comments: Part of the Frank Tousey Ten Cent Hand Books. Number 2. Note that I did not find an author listed for this book, but many of the effects are the same as in some of the later volumes that are attributed to A. Anderson.

Contents (from digital edition):

3 Card Tricks and Magic
3 Useful Rules to Follow: tips for presenting magic

4 Tricks With Cards
4 To Call for Any Card in the Pack
5 To Make Another Person Draw The Cards You Call For
6 To Name the Cards of a Pack Concealed Under a Handkerchief
>7 To Call The Cards Out of the Pack
8 A New Method To Name All the Cards in Succession Without Seeing Them
8 To Discern One or More Drawn Cards
9 The Knaves and the Constable
9 To Show a Card Now on the Top, and Now at the Bottom of the Pack
10 To Bring a Card Which Has Been Thrown Out of the Windows Into the Pack Again
10 The Same Trick in a Still More Surprising Manner
10 The Double Confederates: card revealed and found in unusual place
11 The Card in the Pocketbook
11 Of Twenty-Five Cards Laid in Five Rows Upon a Table, to Name the One Touched
13 To Produce a Required Card From Your Pocket
13 A New Method to Tell a Card by Its Weight
13 To Tell Through a Wine-Glass What Cards Have Been Turned
14 The Window Trick: using reflection of window
14 The Card of One Color Found in a Pack of the Other
14 To Name Several Cards Which Have Been Drawn Out of a Pack Which Has Been Divided Into Two Heaps
15 To Find a Certain Cad After It Has Been Shuffled In the Pack
15 On Entering a Room, to Know of Three Cards, Placed Side by Side, Which Have Been Reversed, That Is to Say, Turned Upside Down
15 The Four Kings
16 The Four Confederate Cards
16 To Transform a Card Which Has Been Seen Into a Different One
17 The Magical Trio: three cards seem not to be selection, but then one is
18 To Make a Mouse or Any Similar Thing Come Out of a Pack of Cards
18 To Make a Person Believe You Can Distinguish the Cards By Their Smell
19 To Guess a Card Thought by Anyone And To Name Its Position in the Pack in Advance
20 Another Method to Name What Card a Person Has Drawn From a Pack
21 To Find In the Pack And Through a Handkerchief, Whatever Card a Person Has Drawn
21 The Nailed Card: bottom card becomes nailed to a door
21 The Amazement: spectator strikes the deck and only the selection remains in magician's hand
22 The Card Under a Handkerchief Discovered by Sense of Touch
23 To Tell the Amount of the Numbers of Any Three Cards That a Person Shall Draw From the Pack
24 The Charmed Twelve: magician determines number of spots on bottom cards of heaps formed into 12's
25 How to Force a Card: the classic force; with an out
26 The Shifting Card: magician finds selection of five spectators, because it is the same card
27 The Shuffled Seven: magician determines how many cards down the selection is
27 Manner of Changing The Card in a Person's Hand, While Recommending Him to Cover it Closely
28 The Queens Digging for Diamonds: story trick with the Court Cards

29 Magical Delusions
29 The Wonderful Hat: a simple betcha
29 The Confederate Coin: one coin becomes two on a table
29 To Make Touch-Paper: chemical magic
30 A Slow Fire for Wheels: formula for fireworks
30 Magic Boxes: the coin in nested boxes routine
31 A Brilliant Fire: another formula
31 To Make Squibs and Serpents: more fireworks
31 To Make Crackers: fireworks
32 The Manner of Making a Ring Change Hands and Pass On To Any Finger You Please or the Opposite Hand
33 To Break a Stick Placed on Two Glasses Without Breaking the Glasses
33 Magical Transmutations: color changing liquids using chemicals
33 The Ring and the Handkerchief: a borrowed ring penetrates a handkerchief
34 The Magnifying Reflector: projecting an image using lenses and a mirror
35 Sympathetic Ink: invisible ink using Cobalt that reappears when heated
35 To Mix Wine and Water Together And Then Separate Them by Means of a Red and White Tape: using special apparatus
36 To Illuminate the Surface of the Water: using phosphorized ether
36 The Well of Fire: more chemical fires
37 To Split a Piece of Money Into Two Parts: in a flame of Sulphur
37 Artificial Thunder: chemical experiment
37 The Tumbling Egg: using mercury, not recommended
38 To Swallow a Barber's Pole: actually making a pole appear from your mouth
39 To Make the Appearance of a Flash of Lightning When Anyone Enters a Room With a Lighted Candle: using camphor in spirits of wine
39 Two Liquids When Mixed Form Almost a Solid Mass: chemical magic
39 To Melt Iron in a Moment and Make It Run Into Drops
39 To Make a Bird Seem as Dead: by waving a feather
40 To So Fill a Glass With Water That It Cannot Be Removed Without Spilling the Whole: gag
40 To Make an Object Which is Too Near the Eye to be Distinctly Perceived to Be Seen in a Distinct Manner Without the Interposition of Any Glass
40 New Camera Lucida: using a mirror to help replicate a drawing
40 Two Figures, One of Which Blows Out and the Other Re-Lights a Candle: with phosphorous
41 An Optical Game: pushing a stick through a ring with one eye closed
41 A Vessel That Will Let Water Out at the Bottom As Soon As the Mouth is Uncorked
41 To Produce Great Heat by Presenting Two Solids to Each Other
42 A Power Which Catches Fire When Exposed to the Air
42 To Construct and Inflate a Small Balloon: using gold-beater's skin
42 To Melt Lead in a Piece of Paper
43 Artificial Illuminations: making a small model village appear cleverly illuminated
43 To Set Fire to Spirits of Wine by the Rays of the Sun
44 To Produce Beautiful Fireworks in Miniature
44 To Eat a Peck of Paper Shavings, and Convert Them Into a Ribbon
45 The Bag of Eggs: multiple eggs produced from a bag
47 A Handkerchief Marked, Cut, Torn and Mended
48 A Watch Pounded in a Mortar: broken and restored
49 To Melt a Piece of Money in a Walnut Shell, Without Injuring the Shell: chemicals
49 The Hydraulic Dancer: making a cork dancing figure
49 The Fiery Fountain: chemical fire
50 A Person Having Put a Ring On One of His Fingers, to Name the Person, The Hand, the Finger and the Joint on Which it is Placed
51 To Construct Paper Balloons
51 The Magic Bottle: wine and water exchange
52 The Wine Trick: a puzzle
52 To Discover Which Numbers Have Been Chosen: lesson in odd and even number math principle
53 The Globular Fountain: making a water fountain
53 The Water Sun: another fountain
53 To Cause a Brilliant Explosion Under Water: with phosphorus
54 The Magical Mirrors: a mirror illusion you can build
54 To Make Liquid Steel: applying sulphur to red hot steel
54 To Change the Color of a Bird or Flower: using chemicals
55 Magic Pictures Alternately Representing Summer and Winter: using heat changing ink
56 The Magic Flask: blue color liquid changes to clear and back
56 Scrap or Blowing Book: an unclear explanation of some type of book
56 To Keep a Stone in Perpetual Motion: chemical experiment
57 How To Cut a Man's Head Off and Put It In a Platter A Yard From His Body: illusion
58 Ice Made in a Red Hot Vessel: chemical
58 Magical Colors: chemicals change liquid colors
59 Freezing With Liquid: with ether
59 Invisible Ink: formula
59 The Magical Teaspoon: a teaspoon that melts in the cup
59 Invisible Correspondence: more invisible ink
60 Beautiful Ornament For a Room: making crystals that grow
60 To Make Fire Bottles: more fireworks
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62 Ad: Wild West Weekly