Anderson, A.: How to Make Magic Toys
©1902 Frank Tousey, NY
Softcover, stapled, 4.5x6.5", 62 pages
How to Make Magic
Image from scan at Villanova Digital Library
A. Anderson: How to Make Magic Toys

Comments: Part of Frank Tousey publisher's Ten Cent Handbooks series of the early 1900's, number 70. From the front inside cover: "Containing Full Directions for Making Magic Toys and Devices of Many Kinds". Some descriptions are a bit vague, and some contraptions look very difficult to build, but there are some interesting gadgets described. Only a couple are really related to magic tricks of any kind.


3 Jumping Jack: a figure in a glass box performs summersaults
6 The Magic Mouse: a mouse on a platform moves when a drawer is opened or closed
9 The Indian Tumbler: a small figure tumbles down stairs
11 The Dancing Dolls: dance on a wire between candlesticks
12 The Skip-Jack: a foul wishbone made into a noisemaker
13 The Magic Cube Box: optical illusion mirror
14 The Weather Prophets: two dolls move on a platform depending on the weather
15 The Rocking Ship: a toy ship pitches and rolls as if on water
16 The Prancing Horse: a gravity toy
17 The Automatic Tumblers: another step toy
19 The Spring-Board Dancing Sailor: ideas for improvement
19 The Automation Smoker: a figure smokes or not on command
20 The Bottle Imp: a doll dances in a bottle
21 The Magic Candle: relights after being blown out
21 Dancing Marionettes: made with pieces of wood and dance in water
24 The Camera Obscure: making a image tracing device
24 The Magic Lantern: making a projector
25 The Ludion: another dancing doll in bottle
26 The Salamander, or the Dancing Ring: a ring dances by a fire - uses mercury so is not recommended!
27 The Fountain Top: a spinning top in water
27 The Zoetrope: make a moving comic strip on a cylinder
28 The Praxinoscope: a more intricate optical illusion box
30 A Magic Microscope: with a drop of water
30 How to See Through a Brick Wall: a periscope device
32 To Show that Rays of Light do Not Obstruct Each Other: experiment
32 The Thaumatrope: a spinning disc optical illusion
33 The Four Sided Thaumatrope: a more complex version
34 The Phantasmascope or Magic Wheel: a spinning wheel optical illusion
34 The String and Button Trick: removing a buttom from a string puzzle
34 The Magic Ring: a metal ring puzzle
41 The Automatic Walker: a wooden doll walks down a plank
42 The Equestrian: a more intricate mechanical horse described
43 The Mechanical Elephant: a similar mechanical elephant described
46 Leapfrog: two figures leapfrog each other as a handle is turned
47 How to Make a Useful Miniature Windmill: details of your own mill
51 How to Make a Miniature Geyser: with a boiler
52 The Magic Ring and Loop: a metal puzzle
52 Shadowmania: making wall shadows
53 The Japanese Ball Trick: the obedient ball falls in controlled manner on a string
54 The Cosmorama: a simple projector
55 The Double Headed Puzzle: a wooden key puzzle
56 Hot Air Whirligig: a paper spiral spins from heat
57 A Water Whirligig: a clay pipe spins on a string when water poured in
57 The Boxers: boxing toy described
58 The Magic Mirror: an image viewed through this device appears to be something else
59 Problem of Draughts: a checkers puzzle
60 A Trick, a la Maskelyne & Cook: a simple rope escape
61 Theater Magic: a mini stage
62 The Magic Wheel: a wheel turns when magic gas poured on