Anderson, Doug: Drive 'Em Nuts
©1984 Doug Anderson
Softcover, stapled, 8.5x11", 21 pages
Drive 'Em Nuts
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Anderson: Drive Em Nuts
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Doug Anderson: Drive 'Em Nuts

Comments: Table-hopping routines. Later made into a CD-ROM edition, with videos. Not illustrated.

Contents (Updated Oct 2018 from book):

1 The Thimble: a quick one-thimble routine
3 Coins:  four coins transfer one at a time to spectator's hands, with jumbo coin climax. Recommends half dollars; no gimmicks other than a jumbo half.
5 That's Impossible: humorous revelation of a thought of card
7 4 Card Revelation: each of four cards selected by four spectators are revealed
9 Sponges in Bowl: Doug's version of the Benson Bowl routine for table-hopping.
12 Volunteers: on choosing a good volunteer
15 Costume Change: an almost instant change from street-clothes to tuxedo for a stage
17 Metamorphosis: stage illusion, provides information on getting a suitable trunk and other props needed, along with the routine