Anderson, Doug: Straight Talk about Theme Park Magic
©1984 Doug Andernson, CA
Hardcover, 151 pages
Theme Park Magic
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7 Foreword (Adam Fleischer)
9 Why Theme Parks?
11 Which Park?
15 Sample Script
23 The "Dirty Truth About Theme Parks" (Chris Carey)
31 Music
35 Sending Them Home Humming (Hardy Haberman)
39 Costumes
43 Storyboards and Video Tapes
47 Mark Kalin Interview
51 Lance Burton Interview
55 Sell The Show
59 The Meeting
63 Auditions
71 Auditions From a Dancer's Point of View (Sloan Seier)
77 Rehearsals
81 Assistants (Carol Wilshire)
83 A Glimpse of Stage Lighting (T. Edward Cluff)
91 Theme Park Audiences
95 Monetary Compensation
99 Tombstone Junction (Whit Haydn)
103 Disney World (Bev Bergeron)
107 Circus World (Mark Young)
111 Cypress Gardens (Chris Harris)
115 Silver Dollar City (Brian Gillis)
119 Four Different Parks (Jerry Guyer)
127 "Gee What An Interesting Tan Line You Have" (Tom Ogden)
133 Coming Soon to a Mall Near You (Paul Driscoll)
139 Hershey Park (Keith Allen)
143 Audiences and Hecklers (Tom Mullica)
147 A Park's Point of View (Jo Michaels)
151 In Closing