George B. Anderson: How to Be a Junior Magician
Anderson, George B.: How To Be A Junior Magician
©1959 Haywood Publishing Co., NV
Hardcover, w/dj, 65 pages
George Anderson: How to be a Junior magician
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Comments: Illustrated with line drawings. A beginner's book of magic.

Contents (from book ToC):

2 Introduction
4 Your First Magic Show
5 How to Talk Like a Magician
6 How to Look Like a Magician
7 Pin Money from Magic
8 Your “Props”

9 Tricks
9 The Rabbit that Grows: Cutout on page 59
10 The Magnetic String
12 The Shrinking Half-Dollar: Cutout on page 61
14 The Balancing Toothpick
16 The Iron Newspaper
18 Heads or Tails?
20 The Magic Match Box
22 The Mystic Knot
24 Solid Through Solid
26 The Mystic Clock
28 Mind-Reading with Pennies
30 The Wizard’s Pendulum
32 The Message from Mars
34 The Amazing Jelly Beans
36 Eyes in the Back of Your Head
38 The Spirit Writes
40 The Melting Ring
42 The Great Pepper Mystery
44 Atomic Popcorn
46 Ten Magicians and Nine Wands: Cutout on page 63
48 The Floating Jam Jar
50 The Great Rope Escape
52 The Hydrostatic Glass
54 Money Mind-Reading
55 The Jumping Dumb-Bells: cutout on page 57
65 Your Prop List