Anderson, George: It Must Be Mindreading
1949 Ireland Magic Co, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 62 pages

1954 Second Printing, Ireland Magic Co.
1963 Third Printing
1974 Fourth Printing, Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
1977 Fifth Printing
1980 Sixth Printing
George Anderson It Must Be Mindreading
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Comments: Covers the "question and answer" format of mind reading with various approaches. In this form of mind reading, the performer provides general answers to questions posed by the spectators - with the questions usually just thought of or written on papers that are not read (directly) by the performer.

Contents: (From book, updated Jul 2018)

3 The First Prediction: A practical discussion of the question and answer act
5 No Questions Written: convincing your audience that the questions are not written down, with a couple of examples
9 Easy Money Mindreading: making an impression gimmick from a matchbook
10 Playing Card Mindreading: Using just a gimmicked deck, the magician can narrow down answers to a thought of question
11 Torn Center Deluxe: method to get the writing in the center, with a clever twist on misdirection
12 Palmistry Versus Mindreading: getting to the question through the ruse of palm-reading
14 My Best Billet Switch: using a packet of cigarettes
15 Getting the Impression: message reading using a sort-of window envelope and the one-ahead principle in a clever way
18 Another Sealed Envelope- The Bonded Fifth: a special glass used for message reading
21 One Man Clip-Board Reading: describes the "Caesar" clip board for getting impressions
22 Alibi Answers: some "outs" for trick questions from the audience
28 The Vital Spot in the Question Act: an idea for finishing any Question and Answer act
29 The "Truth or Consequences" Prediction: comedy prediction with two spectators for the stage
31 A Mental Illusion: a showy murder mystery for a large audience
34 The Mental Artist: performer duplicates five or six audience drawings using a clever slate
37 "Do As I Do" Book Test: performer and spectator choose the same word from two different magazines
38 The "No Hands" Book Test: spectator with dictionary picks same word as another spectator's selection in a book
39 The Human Equation: magician determines which envelope contains the signed card with the help of a 2nd spectator
41 Mental Card Magic: tips and thoughts on using cards in a mentalist show
42 Card Muscles: performer finds the spectator's card by muscle reading
44 The Ultimate Prediction - a no-smudge Swami: approach to this five prediction effect
46 The Pocket Mindreading - Solved, the Used Razor Blade Problem: performer duplicates a drawing on a business card
47 The Crystal of the Future - Neither Tried for Proven: idea for an apparatus that allows the spectator to see images in an un-gimmicked crystal ball
49 A Lesson in Living From Magic: article on building a business as a mentalist
54 A Haphazard Bibliography: recommendations and thoughts on other mentalism material - Annemann, Tarbell, Dr. Q., etc.

58 Index
59 About the Author
60 A Further Bibliography: some newer references
61 An Anderson Disciple: Dr. Faust