Anderson, George: The Magic Pendulum
©1980 George B. Anderson, Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 27 pages
The Magic Pendulum
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George Anderson: The Magic Pendulum

Comments: Available as an eBook from "Here is a complete routine of tricks with the sex detector, that can run a full 15 minutes"

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Magic Pendulum
2 Introduction And Routine
3 The Signature Effect
4 ESP Cards
5 One Of Five
6 The Pendulum Picks A Playing Card
7 The Pendulum And Random Numbers
8 The Pendulum And The Ouija Board
9 Untouched By Human Hands
10 The Pendulum Weight
11 A Bruce Bernstein Pendulum Routine
12 Variation On The Previous Routine
13 The Pendulum And A Deck
14 The Pendulum And A Magic Shop Deck
15 Pendulum ESP Test
16 Serial Number Divination