Anderson, HarryThe Last Monte
©1994 Meir Yedid
Softcover, 8.5x11" manuscript, 4 pages
The Last Monte
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Comments (magicref): Effect comes with special cards. First published in 1982 in "The Shadow and Other Card Mysteries" and in 1993 Mike Caveney wrote Harry's "Wise Guy", which includes this effect. This is a write up of the stand-alone effect that comes with the necessary cards. Although this is a gaffed version, it looks and feels like the real game, with the Hipe throw, etc. The gaff is (mostly) hidden until the very end, and after use all can be examined. You do destroy a card with every performance. The kit comes with 14 Cards (12 gaffed cards for 12 performances). Cards are Casino-Pro Gemback back designs. The instruction sheet features 8 B&W drawings by Devlin, which are adequate, though not super clear. This is a very strong approach to the Three Card Monte with an excellent kicker ending; recommended.


1 The Monte Toss: intro
1 The Under-throw: the normal throw explained
1 The Hipe: the Over-throw (key) move
2 Patter & Presentation
2 Phase I - The Introduction
2 Phase II - The Conditioning: getting the audience off guard
2 Phase III - The Tosses: combining the Over and Under throws
2 Phase IV - The Crossover: clever use of the gaff
3 Phase V - (Optional) The Bent Corner
3 Phase VI - The Mutilation: a corner is torn off the Monte card
4 Extra for Experts: hints and tips
4 History & Inspiration: a brief history of this routine