Harry Anderson: The Shadow and Other Card Mysteries
Anderson, Harry: The Shadow and Other Card Mysteries
©1982 The Left Handed League
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
Harry Anderson The Shadow and Other Card Mysteries
Image courtesy Don's Used Magic

Comments: Illustrated by Paul Butler. "Left handed cards and how to make them"; Came with sample cards and decals to create the needed gimmicked cards.

Contents (courtesy Dietrich Keller at MagicBooks.be):

2 Before I Forget (Harry Anderson)
3 Left Handed Cards and How to Make Them
4 Making Left Handed Cards
5 Lamont Cranston Card
6 Gang of Four
7 Shadow Card
8 Alter Ego
9 Last Monte Card
10 Card In the Act, Loose Notes on the Left-Handed Cards
11 The Shadow: four spectators each see a different top card in a banded deck, then a spectator's card vanishes and is held by another spectator
14 The Gang of Four
17 Bonus - Alter Egos
18 The Last Monte