Anderson, Scott: 40 Tricks with a Hot Rod
And Other Color Change Rods
©1986 D. Robbins and Company, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x6", 32 pages

40 Tricks With a Hot
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Comments: Illustrated by Scott Anderson. From the Book, "The potential for a variety of effects with the hot rod is enormous, all it takes is for someone to sit down and create them. That's what this book is all about. Here you are given forty different tricks and routines to consider as you are mastering the hot rod of any of the other color changing devices."


4 Introduction
5 The Hot Rod

7 Various Moves
7 Mouth
7 Through Fist
8 Swing
9 D
9 Little D
10 Wheel
11 Throw In Air
11 Push Vanish
12 Thumb Palm
12 Finger Palm
12 Thumb Vanish
13 Another Vanish
13 One In Each Hand
14 Two In One Hand
14 Lock
16 Rubber
16 Half and Half

17 Tricks With Household Items
17 Pretzel
18 Rolled Bill
18 Paper
18 Cigarette
19 Silk
19 Through Silk

20 Tricks Made From Household Items
20 Switch to Extra Long One
20 Switch to 12 half-inch Ones
21 Switch to 12 Jewels
21 Switch to Shot Glass of Drink
22 Switch to Colored-Rope
22 Switch to Confetti Filled Cig
22 Hot Rod Pull
23 Break and Restored
23 Pencil to Red

25 More Tricks and Routines
25 Miser's Dream
25 Signed Card
26 Paperfold Vanish
26 In Ear Out Nose
27 Envelope Force
27 Six Colored Cards
27 Three of Hearts

29 Mini-Routine and Patter