Andrade, Will (Charles A. Prince): 50 Simple Card Tricks
©193x (circa) Andrade's Magic Parlors, Melbourne, AU
Softcover, 56 pages
50 Simple Card
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Contents: Apparently Charles A. Prince was a pen-name for William Andrade


7 Finding the Chosen Card
8 Telling a Card by its Weight
8 The Ace of Diamonds Vanish
9 Four and Sevens, or Divining the Chosen Pack
9 A Variation of Divining the Chosen Pack
10 Identifying a Card
10 The "Alternate Card" Trick
11 To Tell Through a Wine Glass What Cards Have Been Turned
11 The Numerical Trick of Cards
12 The Magic Twelve
13 To Guess the Cards Which Four Persons Have Fixed Their Thoughts Upon
14 Removing the Middle Card of a Row of Three Without Touching It
14 The Four Transformed Kings
15 The Magic Slide, or to Make a Card Disappear in an Instant
17 To Find a Certain Card After it Has Been Shuffled in the Pack
19 The Diamond Jubilee Trick
20 To Name Cards Without Seeing Them
21 A New Method to Tell a Card by its Weight
21 To Call for Any Card in the Pack
22 The Magnetized Cards
23 The 21 Card Trick
23 A Variation of the 21 Card Trick
24 Another Variation of the 21 Card Trick
25 Naming a Cosen Card
25 Odds and Evens
26 The Four Kings Brought Together
27 An Artistic Card Effect
27 The "Spellilng Bee" Trick
28 A Wonderful Divination
29 A Variation of the Wonderful Divination
30 To Tell the Amount of the Numbers of Any Two Cards Drawn From a Common Pack
31 To Tell the Cards That May be Noted
31 The Queens Dig for Diamonds
33 To Pick Out a Card Thought of, Blind-folded
34 Ten Cards Being Arranged in a Circle, to Tell That Which Anyone Thought Of
35 "Twin Card" Trick
35 To Change the Card by Word of Command
36 To Tell the Cards Without Seeing Them
38 The Royal Emigrants
39 The Knave and the Constable
40 Ups and Downs
40 The Gathering of the Clans
41 The Magic Table of Figures
42 To Name the Position of a Card Thought Of
43 To Guess in Which Hand, holding Cards, Can be Found the Odd or Even Number
44 The Vanished Card
45 A Difficult Arrangement of Cards
46 Bringing the Two Aces Together from Different Parts of the Pack
47 Extraordinary Mind Reading
48 The Magical Kings
48 Card in Pocket Named by Thought Reading
49 The Ten Duplicated Cards - To Reveal a Person's Thoughts
51 Telling a Story With Your Tricks
55 Final Words
56 Special Notice