Andrews, Carl: Magic From Maui
2003 Carl Andrews. The Cairn Press, Norwich, U.K.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 96 pages
Carl Andrews:
              Magic From Maui
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Comment: Illustrated by Tony Dunn. Design, Layout, and Editing by Anthony Brahams. Carl Andrews presents some well done strolling, walk-around, or restaurant magic. The effects are quick and have good impact, and most don't require any knuckle-busting skill. The routines are not highly detailed, so some knowledge of basic sleights is expected. In most cases, Carl provides references on where to find more detailed descriptions of the sleights. The first third of the book provides some general discussion of getting restaurant work and how to promote yourself. The latter two thirds of the book includes some excellent, practical routines. Recommended.


3 Dedication
4 Acknowledgments
7 Foreword by Dan Garrett
8 Further Foreword by Greg Wilson
10 Carl's Comments
11 Introduction by Tim Trono
13 Magical Beginnings: a brief history
14 Work: Why work restaurants, pay, and not soliciting tips
18 More Opportunities: Magic Bars, restaurants, theaters
21 Booking Agents: tips
23 Promotion: get a good video!
24 Advice on Strolling: 16 tips such as keeping it short, arriving early, and how to break the ice
27 Material: originality is key
28 Approaching a Table: tips on not being rude
29 The Two Coin Trick: Non-gimmicked hopping half. Uses 2 half dollars & 1 English penny & a coin purse. Uses the shuttle pass and Benzais Friction Palm.
31 The Jumbo Penny: Carl's presentation of Greg Wilson's commercial effect Dishonest Abe. Uses the Bobo Switch (explained in next trick)
33 Double Scotch and Soda - With a Twist: Half dollar changes to English Penny and back. In the spectator's hands, they turn into 2 Chinese coins. Uses C/S and 2 Chinese coins. Bobo Switch.
35 Three Coins Across: Hand 2 hand, last 2 to spectator's hand. Uses 3 half dollars and expanded shell and "your favorite vanish".
37 Blackjack: Blackjack hand finds the selected card, and the hand turns into a "21". (Tilt and Double Lift)
39 Amazing: Two cards peeked by spectators. The first is named, but revealing the second card fails until the failed card turns into the 2nd selection. (peek, double lift)
42 B.S. 101: Spectator names a number and performer cuts out that number of cards. Spectator's selection is found at that number. This is repeated to supposedly show how it was done, but the audience is surprised again. (Hot Shot Cut by Daryl, not explained)
45 Easy All Backs: Card is selected and deck is shown to be all backs, and then gains faces with one card reversed, the selection (tilt, quadruple lift, turnover pass (though with an alternate ending to avoid the pass)).
47 Flash: Flash paper turns into card selection
49 Hula-Fusion: Carl's version of Doc Eason's Anniversary Waltz. Uses borrowed deck and leaves the couple with a "fused" signed card.
52 Card to Ceiling Handling: Carl's version
55 Deja Vu: Carl's favorite opening card trick. A Red backed folded card is shown in a paper clip. A Blue deck is mixed face up and face down, then is corrected with only the selection showing face up. The clipped red back card then becomes the signed selection. (Mercury card fold)
58 Note on the Slop Shuffle
59 Picture Perfect: Image of a selected card appears between two bland cards. Uses a blank deck and the FISM Flash by John Cornelius
61 Impossible: A card stab routine. Stabbed card matches a randomly selected card. Teaches the Si Stebbins stack.
64 Shrinking Deck: Uses the John Cornelius Shrinking Card Case and provides a new ending.
66 You Don't Know Jack: Resettable fast version of Michael Close's The Frog Prince. How to fold the card into a frog is not described. Uses Tamariz' Crossing the Gaze technique which is briefly described.
69 Card Stab: Selected card is stabbed through a paper bag
71 Triumph In the Hands: In the hands, no table needed. Requires 2 passes and a non-perfect Faro shuffle.
72 Pair O' Dice: Carl's version of Dr. Sach's dice routine
76 Lei'd Back: A clever use for a mouth coil
78 Sweet and Low: A packet of sweetener is opened and poured into the fist, followed by the package. When placed into the spectator's hand, the packet is restored. The introduction mentions patter using the word "Equal", but no patter is actually provided in the description.
81 Carl's One Cup and Ball Routine: Based on Scotty York's routine; can be performed standing. Uses paper cups and 2 golf ball final loads. Moves are described only briefly, such as the Charlie Miller Push Through.
83 Beanie Weanies: An alternate ending to the above routine to be performed seated; the cup turns into a solid can of Beanie Weanies.
85 Two Cups and Balls Table-Hopping Routine: A standing routine, no jacket required. Used as a lead-in to a sponge ball routine. Williamson's striking vanish is briefly described.
89 Ain't No Mo': Carl's sponge ball routine using 2 one inch balls and 1 two inch sponge ball. Teaches the "pit stop" ball load technique.
92 About Sponge Ball Magic: the importance of an in-the-hands effect
93 Ring Flight Presentation: Carl's approach using a selection of rubber band tricks to introduce the effect. Carl uses Sterling Magic's Power Flite hardware. The full effect is not explained, just the effects Carl uses to lead up to the trick.
95 Card in Wallet Presentation: Carl prefers the BKM wallet, though others will work. This presents the basic flow of the routine. Requires a 2 card palm.