Andrews, Max: Sixteen Thumbtie Gems
1934 Max Andrews, published by Max Holden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 50 pages
Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems
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16 Thumbtie
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Comments: Illustrated by Max Andrews


7 Foreword
9 History of the Thumb Tie
11 Presentation
12 Comedy Stunts
16 The Scissors Tie
18 The "Steal" Method I
20 The "Steal" Method II
21 The "Steal" Method III
23 "EM-AY" Electric Flex Tie
26 "EM-AY" Pipe Cleaner Variation
27 The Tape Tie
29 The "La France" Tie
31 The "La France" Tie (Victor Farelli Variation)
33 The "La France" Tie (Max Andrews Variation)
34 The Gimmick Method
37 The "Osman" Thumb Tie
39 The "Ten Ichi" Thumb Tie
42 The "M.A." Bluff Tie
44 The Dunninger Tie
45 The Thumb Stocks
49 The Thumb Screws