Max Andrews: Magic Magazine Volume 2 (Apr 1953 - Mar 1954)
Andrews, Max: Magic Magazine Volume 2
©1952-1953 Max Andrews, London (original)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", various pages

©2001 Martin Breese, London CD-ROM Version
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Max Andrews Magic Magazine Volume 2
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Comments (from publisher): The first issue appeared in April 1952 and the final issue on September 1956. This was one of Britain's leading magazines and, although it was a house magazine for Max Andrews' Vampire Magic business, it was packed with outstanding magical contributions from the leading magical creators of that exciting period.

Contents (Volume 2, from electronic edition):

Volume 2, Number 1, Apr 1953
3 Meet Jay Palmer: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
4 Editor’s Page: general news
5 The Magic Circle: Report on the Monthly Concert Held on Feb 11th at King George's Hall, London, W.1., including a performance by comedian magician Tommy Cooper
6 Stand it Up (Jack Nightingale): making a stage effect even better
7 Fishing a Ring (Jose Ablang): "fishing" a finger ring
8 Bamboo Sticks (George Blake): a lengthy routine with bamboo sticks, silks, and a couple of drinks!
2 IBM British Ring Annual Dinner Report: with B&W photos
2 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Spectacular Production of a Coil using a long stick
14 Eddie Joseph Joins the Staff: Report of Eddie Joseph joining Magic Magazine and some biographical information
16 My Rising Wand Routine (Eddie Joseph): rising wand
18 Vampire Club Pro Bono Magico: Report of Meeting held on Friday, Feb 27th. Roy Baker, Ken Brook, etc.
19 Comic: The 'Dizzy' Limit - drawing of woman with two children all with rabbit ears; caption states, "What makes you think my husband is a magician?"
20 Yet another Salesman Act (BillyMcComb): Outline of a suitcase show provided
21 The Only One Left (A.V. Way): a fan of cards is shown, the fan is closed, and only one card remains
22 Questions about Magicians (John Bourne): what magicians like and don't like, a plea for tolerance
23 Out of the Bag: letters from readers - praises for the magazine and Vampire brand effects
23 Announcement: formation of Magician's Fellowship of East Anglia
25 Ads: Catalogue, Genii magazine
27 Ads: Max Andrews' Vent Figures; Book "Playing with Magic" by Wilfrid Tyler, MIMC - a Guide to the Successful Entertainment of Children
28 Ads: Euclid's Rings
29 Ads: Coronation Items; Real Silk Flags
30 Ads: Windy Blow's Modelling Balloons; another ad for Tyler's Playing with Magic

Volume 2, Number 2, May 1953
31 Meet Fred Kaps: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
32 Editor's Page: Making up a Coronation Show; Dr. Tarbell from America attending the Goodliffe conference
33 The Last of the Ten Ichis (Max Andrews): An Interview in Breda, Holland on the origin of the Thumb Tie
35 Coronation Topicalities (Eric P. Wilson): a few ideas for a patriotic Coronation show (torn papers turn into Union Jack, etc.)
36 Think of a Hole (Edmund Rowland): a solid board is placed between two boards with 16 holes in them. Spectators shout out a few numbers from 1-16, and the Magician thrusts a rod through the boards, the middle board remainin unharmed. Clever though somewhat restricted method.
37 A Variation on the Penetrating Thimble (D. O. Walkinshaw): a thimble visibly penetrates a handkerchief placed over the finger
38 The Annual Banquest, Cabaret, and Dance of The Magic Circle: Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, London, March 27th show report with B&W photos
40 Yet Another Magic Salesman Act (Billy McComb): further explanations of the effects described in last month's issue.
41 The Vampire Club Pro Bono Magico: Report of meeting held Friday, March 27th
42 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): David Devant’s Rope Trick - First Explanation Ever Published. An improvement of the Tarbell Cut and Restored Rope, with no "snipping the ends" needed
44 Ads: Vampire Three Tier Flag Spray
45 Entertaining at the Card Table (Eddie Joseph): Two effects suitable for any conditions; mechanical yet not obviously so.
47 Out of the Bag: letters from readers. More on the Maskelyne Box Trick
48 Crowned (Len Belcher): Children's effect for the stage around the idea of a King's crown
50 Out of the Bag (W. C. Printy): Selected cards are dropped in a bag along with the remainder of the deck. The bag is tied shut, but the magician magically removes the cards with the bag still tied.
51 Humpty Dumpty Vent Dialogue (Clarence Thorne): suitable for 3-6 year olds
52 Book Reviews: Okito On Magic by Theo Bamburg
53 Ads Real Secret of Troublewit; How to do Card Fanning; Children's Picture Silks; Chapeaugraphy Felts; Handkerhchief Ball; Troublewits; Fanning Card - Double Sided
54 Ads: Grand Finale by Chanin; It's Easier Than You Think by Geoffrey Buckingham; Four Little Beans by John Ramsey; The Real Secret of Chapeaugraphy
55 Ads: Vampire Enchanted Piggies stage effect by Jimmy Flowers
56 Ads: Vampire Run Rabbit Run stage effect; Baffling Bunnies (Giant Card routine)
57 Ads: Vampire Talking Skull;
58 Ads: Vampire Cataloge, subscriptions, etc.

Volume 2, Number 3, June 1953
59 This Month's Cover Design is a Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: celebration of the Coronation
60 Editor’s Page: magazine news
61 A Dream come True (Eddie Joseph): Eddie's dreams and his career in Magic
63 The Silks Box and and Ropes Routine (W. G. Prunty): selected silk vanished from a paper cone and appears tied on a rope that runs through a box; uses the commercial "Silkon Rope"
63 Comic: A three panel cartoon. Wizze, the Dizzy Magician's says "Will a few gentlemen please assist in tying the ropes", with a scantily clad woman on stage; the stage is rushed with a multitude of volunteers
64 Sixes and Sevens (Mystico): a chosen card transposes from a 7 card pile to a 6 card pile
65 Matchbox Mystery (Ravini): A needle is threaded through a matchbox, but the drawer is still removed
66 The Indian Moon (Roy Darnley): A New Dressing a Presentation for this commercial floating ball effect. Uses the idea of British lawn Bowling.
67 Dr. Harlan Tarbell A Tribute by Max Andrews: About Dr. Tarbell and his magic
68 Abracadabra Coronation Jamboree: Held in Birmingham at the Imperial Hotel, April 23rd to 26th. Show Report with B&W photos; including report on Harlan Tarbell's presentation
70 My First Trick (Eddie Joseph): On beginning in magic, confidence, and a ring on rope routine
72 Yet Another Magic Salesman Act (Billy McComb): further details of the act described in the last two issues
73 Crazy Tray (Johnny Geddes): how to make a comedy tray that drops all its objects upon command
74 Vampire Club: Report of Meeting Held on April 24th
75 Tips for Magic (Len Belcher): apparatus magic vs. sleights; description of the "Omnistand" for switching a packet or deck of cards in (almost) plain sight
75 Ads: Plastic Billiard Balls
76 Ads: Vampire Production Garlands
77 Mysteries from East and West (Lenz): The Snake Charmer. An introduction to the ways of snakes.
78 Balloonology (Windy Blow, "The Balloonatic"): How to make a doll with three balloons
80 Boko The Magical Clown (Gerald Sykes): a child's stage act using a stringed puppet (kind of strange that Bobo both drinks and smokes!)
81 I'm an Ass: a clever play on words
81 Hire: a poem by Frank E. Cooze
82 Where Magicians are Hated (W. D. Arrowsmith): a short fictional story
83 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Per Jocum (All In Fun) - two cards transpose; teaches the double lift and the double turnover
85 Magicians In the News: news about Roy Baker, Jeff Atkins, Harlan Tarbell, and others
86 Book Reviews (EJ): Grand Finale by Jack Chanin. Silk At Your Fingertips.
87 The Smoker’s Dream (Victor Farelli): A suggested method of presentation for the commercial product "The Smoker's Dream"
88 Ads: Vampire Ghost Tube Botania; Vampire Cane to Table
89 Ads: The Real Secret of Troublewit; How to do Card Fanning; Chapeaugraphy Felts; Children's Picture Silks; Handkerchief Ball; Troublewits; Fanning Card - Double Sided
90 Ads: Vampire Jumbo Rising Cards (mechanical); Vampire Professional Fanning Packs; Playing with Magic by Wilfred Tyler, MIMC
91 Ads: The Flower Queen by Len Belcher
92 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Thought Reflection: a one man mental effect
93 Ads: Infracardo (cards); Vampire Talking Skull
94 Ads: Magnetic Harmony by Eddie Joseph mentalism effect

Volume 2, Number 4, July 1953
95 Meet George Blake: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
96 Editor’s Page: on Lenz children's performance, P.C. Socar, and Fred Kaps
97 How I Look at Magic (Powell Rogers): a report from New Zealand
98 Exchange is no Robbery (Raymond T. Ford): transposing card effect
98 Ads: The Real Secret of Chapeaugraphy; Grand Finale by Chanin
99 Impromptu Rope (Phao Yan Tiong): rope penetrates wrist
100 A-B-C: About Bideford Convention (George Blake): show report
101 Fourth Dimension Three (Mystico): Three named cards travel from one half of the deck to the other, while the other half is in a closed box! Clever.
102 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Leipzig's Cards Up the Sleeve, Now Published for the First Time.
104 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): ideas - card appearing on drumstick; comedy bit with fake weight; wand to fan; comedy ending for multiplying pocket watches
105 The Vampire Club Pro Bono Magico: Meeting report with B&W photos
106 At the Point of the Dagger (Eddie Joseph): knowing a secret vs. performing the effect; A Card Stab presentation
108 Ads: Real Secret of TroubleWit; Chepeaugraphy Felts
109 Perception Extraordinary (George Blake): an ESP card effect
110 Yet another Salesman Act (BillyMcComb): final installment of the series shows how to layout the effects in the suitcase
110 Ads: Children's Picture Silks; The Real Secret of Ventriloquism
114 A Dream come True (Eddie Joseph): continued from previous issue; about Eddie's travels in magic-land
117 Ads: Aqua-Static - paper cone filled with liquid makes it become solid, then vanishes
118 Very White Magic (J. MacGregor): Egg, handerchief, and a glass of milk change places (use the "Watch the Milk" feke)
118 Out of the Bag: two letters of praise
119 Ads: The Flower Queen stage effect;
120 Ads: Vampire Cane to Table
121 Ads: Bouncing Putty with routines by Eddie Joseph (sounds like "Silly Putty"); Nailo nail bending
122 Ads: Catalog text listing of many Vampire products

Volume 2, Number 5, August 1953
123 Meet P.C. Sorcar: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
124 Editor’s Page (George Blake): the future of magic; Is magic dead?
125 IBM Annual Convention Report: report
125 Kalanag in South Africa Report: announcement
126 A Dream come True (Eddie Joseph): Eddie's trip to America (Chicago)
128 Ravini’s Rope Mystery (Ravini): Cut and Restored Rope, the spectator cuts the rope
129 Mind Reading (Tan Hoch Chuan): Card Effect
129 Mainly Mental (Johnny Geddes): Mentalism with Cards
130 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Leipzig’s Cards Up The Sleeve (continued from July Issue)
132 Focus on Magic (George Blake): the Art of Practicing
134 The Devil’s Account Book (Lional H. Slipper): a roulette ball and die are placed in a glass and produce a stack of cards connected end to end
135 Celtic Magician’s Conclave: Report
136 The Two Colour Sucker Napkin Restoration (Eddie Joseph): torn and restored napkin with two different color paper napkins
138 Patriotic Finale (Len Harber): Confetti turns into a written message (uses a flap tray)
138 The Death of Servais Leroy (Victor Farelli): Obituary, 1865-1953
139 Coincidence or What? (W.G. Prunty): Spectator makes selection and inserts it reversed in one deck, magician reverses card in a second deck; the reversed cards match
139 Comic Strip: Whizzy The Dizzy Magician
140 Tips for a Wand (Len Belcher): Wand changes into a miniature wand
140 The Columbus Story (Roy Baker): A routine for the commercial "Crazy Compass"
143 Die and Tube Interlude (Frank Cooze): Routine for the Chimney and Die Shell that comes with the commercial Sliding Die Box effect
144 Ads: Max Andrews' Hat Levitation, Vampire Landershute Deck
145 Ads: Leslie Wilsons Strangulation Tie, George Blake's Tear-A-Bit
146 Ads: Playing With Magic (Wildred Tyler); It's Easier Than You Think (Geoffrey Buckingham)
147 Ads: Vampire Modern Rice Bowls; A Vampire Exclusive Dyeing the Silks
148 Ads: Max Andrews' Arabian Vase
149 Ads: The Educated Pencil; IBM Edinburgh Convention
150 Ads: Raymond Maynard's 4-C (Foresee); Melvano Shuffle Deck

Volume 2, Number 6, September 1953
151 Meet Johnny Platt: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
151 Contents
152 Editor’s Page (George Blake): IBM Convention,
153 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): organizing a press conference
154 Again-The Smoking Clay Pipes (Royu Baker): a routine based on the commercial Smoking Clay Pipes effect
155 Tearing-It-Up (Len Belcher): a torn and restored card with matching index corner
156 A Dream Come True (Eddie Joseph): Eddie's trip to the US continued from August Issue
158 Black & White Magic (George Blake): the "parts" of a wand are magically assembled into a wand
159 Kolour Changing Kar (Johnny Geddes): a wooden car changes color as it passes through a garage (children's effect)
160 Focus on Magic (George Blake): on keeping within your time slot on stage
162 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Manipulation of a Ball (as performed by Servais LeRoy). Includes The LeRoy Vanish and a Routine
163 Comic: Whizzy The Dizzy Magician
164 A Lady Lends Her Ring (Eddie Joseph): a finger ring is borrowed and hammered, whereupon it vanishes and is found in a stocking in a paper bag
166 Torn Card in Cigarette (George H. Wills): a platform based presentation
168 An Open Letter to Robert Harbin (Richard Himber): Deck is wrapped with a cord and swung around the head; either only the selection flies out or all the cards except the selection fly out.
169 Out of the Bag: letters on the Miracle Pitcher, Visible Sawing, etc.
172 Ads: Max Andrews' Ventriloquial Figures
173 Ads: The Magic Circle Grand Annual Festival of Magic; Baby Bouquet
174 Ads: Max Andrews' Hat Levitation; Vampire Landershute Deck
175 Ads: Vampire Firebowl; Reggie Rabbit glove puppet in hat
176 Ads: Bouncing Putty with Routines by Eddie Joseph; Nailo - bending nail
177 Ads: Bewitched Beverage by Eddie Joseph
178 Ads: George Blake routines: Loopy Loop (Endless Chain), No Egg? No Bag!, Recurring Card, ABC Triple Divination; Cig to Buttonhole

Volume 2, Number 7, October 1953
179 Meet Fritz Olai: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
180 Editor’s Page: On the Edinburgh Convention
181 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): Magic found in "Every Boy's Book"
182 Divining Disc (Len Wallace): Ten Cards are around a circle; a pointer is moved past a certain number of cards, and the magician turns over a card that matches the number of cards passed.
183 Pro-Van Glass & Liquid (Alex McKeown): vanish and reproduction of a glass of liquid (combines Sucker Beaker Vanish and Square Circle)
184 Curious Currency A Further Routine on this Trick (Terry): an alternate approach to this commercial routine. Although details are not provided, it sounds like the use of coin shells...
185 Televhue (Len Belcher): color cards placed in envelopes end up matching the colors on a board
186 A Dream Come True (Eddie Joseph): Eddie's Trip to the USA article continued from Sept issue
188 Pentratube (Trevini): a pocket trick you can build. A solid block with holes through the center is placed in a cylinder, with ribbons passing through the sides. The block penetrates the ribbons.
189 The Mystic Ring (A.J. Thomas): a chosen ring (washer-like) penetrates off a string after being lowered into a special mechanism
190 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Keep Your Mind Blank, a card trick with a borrowed deck
192 Focus on Magic (George Blake): comments from the British Ring Convention at Edinburgh, and thoughts on the Classic Force
194 Wild Joker (Phoa Yan Tiong): A Joker jumps between three piles, and ends up in the magician's pocket (rough & smooth)
195 A Novel Finale for the Sponge Balls (Zicardi): three spongeballs are pushed into the left hand, a lighter is waved under the hand, and the sponge balls change into a cigarette
196 Number Sense (Eddie Joseph): magician is able to tell how many cards the spectator is holding in three seemingly impossible phases
197 A Tip for the Okito Glass (W. G. Prunty): basics of an idea to switch an Okito glass for a real one
198 British Ring Convention Edinburgh 1953: I.B.M. Convention Report
199 Ads: Melvano Shuffle Deck
200 Photo: National Dutch Convention in Rotterdam, Holland
201 Ads: A Series of Lecture by Eddie Joseph
203 Ads: Amac Educated Pencil, Nailo, New Size Okito Box (plastic)

Volume 2, Number 8, November 1953
207 Meet Elmer Eckam: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
207 Contents, Masthead
208 Editor’s Page: The British Magic Societies upcoming convention and the difficulties of being a magic dealer
209 A Dream come True (Eddie Joseph): a continuation of Eddie's trip to America and the magical events he encountered
211 The Old Bran Box Revamped (Robert Thomson): a box of bran is shown, the bran vanishes and silks appear in its place
212 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Double Card Turnover (Improved Method). An introduction only, the rest is to be provided next month
213 The Puppy in the Pet Shop (Bill West): a pupply card is placed in a holder and the card then vanishes to be replaced by a sign that says "sold"
215 A Cigarette Routine (Frank S. Cooze): a full routine for cigarette manipulation
216 Celtic Magician’s Conclave (Stanley Jackson Coleman): Memories of "Meloc" show report
217 A Card Tale (Ali): A Zany Pasteboard Caper. A card gag using an "electric" deck
218 A New Routine with an old Trick (Eddie Joseph): An Egg Bag routine
221 Convention Tailpiece (Max Andrews): British Ring Convention report
222 Focus on Magic (George Blake): a folding paper "puzzle"
224 The Indian Rope Trick (Victor Farelli): Frederic Culpitt's Testimony; more reports of this legendary effect.
224 Cartoon
225 The Runaway Knot (Edmund Rowland): dissolving knot in silk
226 The Great Levante: News about Levante
226 Ads: Nailo
227 The Magic Circle's Grand Festival of Magic: Show Report
228 An Open Letter to Richard Himber (Robert Harbin)
228 Rabbit’s Milk (Roy Cowl): a presentation for Max Andrew's effect "No Beer Here" designed for children's shows
229 Ads: Windmill Wand
230 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Ferrules and Pea; Spring Father Christmas
231 Ads: Vampire One Man Floating Skull; Cigarette to Flower; Melvano Shuffle Deck by Roy Cowl; Thought Reflection by Eddie Joseph; 4-C by Ramond Maynard; Magician's Jewellery; Bouncing Putty
232 Ads: Vampire Golden Spider, Jigsaw Trick
233 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Ferrule and Pea, Magician's Jewellery, Spring Father Christmas
234 Ads: Elmer Eckam's Radio Phonie; Educated Pencil; Two Col Silk Trick; Okito Box; Rabbit's Milk

Volume 2, Number 9, December 1953
235 Meet Edward Victor: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
236 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Christmas Greetings
237 Sophisticated Silk Sequel (Ali): a gag with plastic lips to be used after presenting Max Andrews' Sophiticated Silk routine
237 Production of Spring Goods (S. A. Knight): idea for "securing" the production of spring loads from magic boxes
238 Thought Reading Threesome (Mystico): three selections are found by the magician (needs some improvement on routining - WHY are the cards placed in the pocket?)
239 A Tip on Sixes and Sevens (Roxy R. de Janeiro): a tip for an effect appearing in a previous issue
239 Titet Trollerilexikon (Victor Farelli): book review of this mix of magic bibliography, who's who, and other notes.
240 Focus on Magic (George Blake): a clever string through (penetration), a quick 2-person mentalism routine/puzzle
243 Magicians Pool (Len Belcher): a betting pool mentalism routine using a card apparatus
244 The Errand Boy (Alex McKeown): a routine using the Annihilated Glass Effect, Evaporated Milk Jug, Say When, Torn and Restored Newspaper
244 A Smooth Living and Dead Test (Edmund Rowland): mentalism routine
245 Prince Charming (Johnny Geddes): a mechanical parlor children's routine you can build
246 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Double Card Turn-Over continiued from the last issue. Provides the details of this double-lift.
248 An Open Letter to Robert Harbin (Richard Himber): Tray & Glasses Routine
249 A Passe-Passe Coin Effect (Edward Victor): a coins across routine that can be performed with borrowed coins
251 Holiday Coincidence (Jimmy Flowers): A Novelty Effect with street signs. Specatator and Magician pick the same signs, and only the selected sign appears upside down.
252 The Human Magnet (Eddie Joseph): a demonstration of human magnetism that relies much on good presentation skills
255 The Vampire Club: Report of the Meeting held at the Swiss Hotel, Old Compton Street, Oct 30th
259 Sorcar Back in India (Kalanag): a complaint about copying the acts of other magicians
260 Ads: Vampire - Vanishing Candle, Black Hand Gag (Eric C. Wilson)
261 Ads: Vampire - One Man Floating Skull, Black Hand Gag
262 Ads: Vampire - Chinese Rope Rings, Okito Coin Box

Volume 2, Number 10, January 1954
263 Meet Len Allen: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
263 Magic Magazine Contents
264 Editor’s Page: On selling out of products
265 The Uncanny Ace (Arturo): A seven card trick with a poem
266 A Couple for the Card Table (Rupert Gilbert): Practically self-working mathematical card tricks (two)
267 Flying Cards using Katcho (Mystico): an addition to Vampire's Katcho card effect that you can make up
268 Focus on Magic (George Blake): Suggestions for improving Paul Curry's "Out of This World"
270 Cones and Paper Balls Routine (Len Belcher): a variation of the Patriotic Billiard Balls routine for more visibility and a surprise ending
271 Two Ideas using Bouncing Putty (Jimmy Flowers): two presentations for children using "Silly Putty"; the first is sort of a variation on the Bounce-No-Bounce routine.
272 Ping-Pongtato (Johnny Geddes): a potato and ping pong ball routine with a "firing gun"
272 Caught from the Air (Roxy - R. de Janeiro): the selected card is grabbed from the air as the deck is tossed (two methods)
273 An Original Self-Working Four Ace Trick (Edward Victor): In the spectator's hands
274 The Rambling Coins (Eddie Joseph): a coins across routine with borrowed coins
276 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Double Card Turnover final installment
278 Crash Thru’ Production Box (Ravelle and Andre): an empty box is covered with tissue, yet the magician produces silks from it
279 Two Coins Across (B. Wilcox): Two coins pass from one hand to a glass in the other (two coins and a gimmicked tumbler)
279 Whizzy The Dizzy Magician - Cartoon
280 Copy of a Letter From Victor Farelli To Milbourne Christopher, President of the Society of American Magicians: request for contributions for Odin
280 Ads: Free Binder for subscribers who reference a new subscriber
281 The Vampire Club: Nov 27th Club News with photos
284 Ads: Max Andrews' Professional Fanning Cards; Mystic 13
285 Ads: Max Andrews' Champagne Bucket, Eddie Joseph's Magnetic Harmony
286 Ads: Eggs-Posure, Vampire Diminishing Cards
287 Ads: Just Chance (in plastic), Productive Egg Bag (has a see-thru net corner)
288 Ads: Euclid's Rings (metal rings change shape), Jumbo Decks
289 Ads: George Blake's No Egg? No Bag!, Super Passe Coins, The Recurring Card, The ABC Triple Divination; Vampire Curious Currency, Pour-Less Milk Bottle
290 Ads: Max Andrews' Professional Fanning Cards; Mystic 13

Volume 2, Number 11, February 1954
291 Meet Crochet: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
291 Contents; Masthead
292 Editor’s Page: Magic performances on Television
293 Houdini - Story of the Film: Review of the movie starring Tony Curtis
295 A Routine With The Miniature Wand Pen (Trevini): the wand "bends", answers questions, penetrates a handkerchief, and shoots out of the fist
296 Action-Shoot A Splendid New Comedy Routine For Children (Jimmy Flowers): a comedy routine with large picture cards (of cartoon figures), a fake TV and fake Camera.
298 Focus on Magic (George Blake): Watch Your Pockets - using your pockets effectively, making sure you practice with the outfit you are going to wear
299 Illustrations for Out of This World (omitted from last issue)
301 Nonsuch Premonition (Roxy - Rio de Janeiro): a card has been removed previous to the effect, and it matches one selected by a spectator from one of three decks
302 Three Card Trick (Edward Victor): the standard Three Card Monte described in good detail. Includes the bent corner ruse.
304 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Quadruple Cut (New Version)
305 Chameleon Egg Bag (Alex McKeown): A combination "gag bag" and "egg bag"; how to make it and a brief routine
305 Ads: Free Binder for subscribers who get six new subscribers
306 My Sucker Newspaper Tear (Eddie Joseph): a torn and restored newspaper (tabloid size) with a sucker portion
307 Kalanag: paragraph describing a Christmas Card with Kalanag
308 Insurance: Information about an insurance company offering services for magicians
308 My Way With The Vanishing Cane (Billy Prothero): a method of disposing of the collapsed cane
309 Colour Calamity (Johnny Geddes): a comedy bit with a Cone (described in Abracadabra June 20th), a silk, and red panties
309 Whizzy The Dizzy Magician: comic strip
310 G. Garvan, Karachi, Pakistan: a letter describing how a Pakistani wanted him to cure him from an evil spell!
311 Henry Farrell's Manipulation of 18 Balls: Letter from champion Henry, and a letter about Clay Pipes
312 Ads: Just Chance, Productive Egg Bag
313 Ads: Chinese Rope Rings, Vampire Okito Coin Box
314 Ads: Eggs-Posure, Vampire Diminishing Cards
315 Vampire TroubleWits, The Real Secret of TroubleWit, Playing With Magic (Wilfred Tyler MIMC), Fanning Cards, How to Do Card Fanning
316 Vampire Spirit Guide (Cardini's Third Hand)
317 Vampire Castle of Cards (Credit to Lu Brent) Incorporating a Rising Card Feature, Vampire New X-Ray Deck
318 Vampire Kontinuous Kard Production, Psychic Cards

Volume 2, Number 12, March 1954
319 Meet Harold Beaumont: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
319 Contents; Masthead
320 Editor’s Page: On the Blackpool Magic Circle Convention
321 Vampire Club: Club News
322 Secret Door (Len Belcher): a clever switch box for children's shows
323 A Completely New Type of Crazy Compass (Raymond of Margate): a variation of the cardboard compass effect and a quick routine
324 Out of this World - Again (Davorke): another approach
325 Lenz' New Design Production Tubes (Lenz): a variation on the old Square Circle production tubes
326 I Visit the Magic Isle (Max Andrews): a visit to Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon
328 Flame Has No Fury (Eddie Joseph): burnt and restored banknote with an envelope/wallet
330 Focus on Magic (George Blake): Left Over Right Over Left rope and knot routine
333 The Three Card Trick Continued (Edward Victor): The Mexican Turnover described
334 Ring Escape (Phoa Yan Tiong): a bracelet size ring off a rope
335 Routine for Vampire Multiplying Soap Bubbles (Cecil K. Browning): a quick approach for the multiplying soap bubbles using real bubble solution as a start
336 Ads: Vampire Cards From Pocket
337 A Topical Effect Smog (Bill West): a word letter effect for stage
338 Out of the Bag: Correspondence. Includes Patter for the Vampire Diminishing Cards (Len Edwards)
341 Ads: Chinese Rope Rings
342 Ads: Vampire Miraculo New Jumbo Card Mystery, Jumbo Courteous Knave
343 Vampire Stop Trick of To-morrow, Vampire Mene Tekel Deck
344 Vampire Diminishing Cards (Improved Chapender Method), Vampire Jumbo Five Card Monte