Andrews, Max: Magic Magazine Volume 1
©1952-1953 Max Andrews, London
Softcover, stapled periodical, 8.5x11", various
 ©2001 Martin Breese, London
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Max Andrews
              Magic Magazine
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Comments (from publisher): The first issue appeared in April 1952 and the final issue on September 1956. This was one of Britain's leading magazines and, although it was a house magazine for Max Andrews' Vampire Magic business, it was packed with outstanding magical contributions from the leading magical creators of that exciting period.

Note that the CD ROM Version includes ALL five volumes. However, it is taking some time for me to go through them all, so I will post the contents listings one volume at a time. The entire set is also available as a download from

Contents (Volume 1):

The Magic Magazine Volume 1, No 1, Apr 1952
1 Ads: for "Vampire Instant Freeze by Jean Feller; Nudist Deck; Okito Glass, and Wand Pens
3 Meet John Bourne: a short biography of the Literary Editor featured on this month's cover
4 Editors Page (Max Andrews): Intro to the 1st issue
4 Magic of 1951 (Max Andrews): short article on the state of magic in 1951
5 Balloonolgy (Charles Cole): an introduction to making balloon animals
6 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): 2 effects with the aid of the pianist - music sheet transfers to handkerchief, and an ending to a rising card effect
7 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden): A Series of Modern Cigarette Manipulations.
8 Stoogie Says: puns and one liners
9 Funzabuzzin (Jonny Geddes): Cheeky Charlie Childrenís Effect; a monkey appears and vanishes
10 Putting Drama into Magic (John Bourne): "punch home the fact that you have done the incredible"
11 Out of the Bag: Correspondence - a letter about magic catalogs
11 Strolling Along With Gee and Wiz: short commentary on latest happenings
12 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Magic Stars - a cardboard star removed from a hat matches the 4 number prediction
13 Card Racket (Max Andres): rigging a tennis racket to "catch" a selection when the deck is tossed in the air.
13 Philosophy and Phun (Billy McComb): interview with Richard Afton on the subject of Magic on Television
14 Magicians in the News: Lester Sharpe, Eddie Joseph, Percy Abbott, Edward Graves, Jac Olten, Kalanag, Mr. Browning, The Devon Magic Circle, and Goodlife
15 Sophisticated Silk (Max Andrews): a quick idea for wiping the lipstick smears off a handkerchief
16 Book Reviews (Maurice Burdin): a review of Bruce Elliot's Magic as a Hobby
16 A Good Deck Switch: an idea for switching decks in the coat pocket
17 Romance of India (Lenz): article on the mysteries of the East
18 Vampire Club Report (Buck): a report on the recent Vampire Club (magic club) meeting in London
19 Silk Thru Glass: a silk is apparently pulled through the bottom of a glass
20 Advertisement for Max Andrews Kardkut and Appearing Cane

Volume 1, Number 2, May 1952
21 Advertisement for the Original Phantom Cocktail Glass and Appearing Wand
22 Advertisement for EggsPosure and Magic Wands
23 Meet Brian Godfrey: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
24 Editor's Page: Max Andrews commentary on the current issue and news of the 1952 IBM British Ring Assembly
25 Balloonology Balloon (Charles Cole): Making a Giraffe with 7 baloons
26 Alternative Deck Switch: the deck is switched while the selected card is revealed
27 Just a Word (J.R. Buscall): A Book Test using five books
28 White Magic (J.H. Vermeyden): more Cigarette Manipulations
29 Stoogie Says: more one liners and corny jokes
30 Pro Bono Magico (Buck): Report on the recent Vampire Club meeting
31 Obituary - Ralph Read
32 Speech for the Magician (John Bourne): how to speak well
33 Magigags Gags (Eric P. Wilson): What's My Line; filling a ladie's nylon
34 Advertisement: Visibly Sawing a Person Illusion By Max Andrews, designed by Lenz
35 Advertisement: Electrolite - relighting candle
36 Book Reviews (Maurice Burdin): George Anderson's "It Must be Mindreading"
37 A Fakirís Death Bird (Lenz): story of a suicide sparrow act in India
38 Your Worst Figure: a mathematical stunt
39 Funzabuzzin, "Some Spoon" (Johnny Geddes): instructions on making a gag spoon for a Baking the Cake routine
40 Four Aces and a Joker (Arthur Leroy): A Do As I Do effect, though with one chance of error!
40 Comic by unknown. Entitled Magician's Dream. Pictures a rabbit pointing to the hat and saying "Now you get in there for a change" to the magician.
41 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Money Goes to Your Head (a coin vanishes and re-appears)
42 The Curse of Scotland (C.Howetts Dunn): a selected card is lost in the deck, and the audience is told the curse of Scotland will rise to the top, whereupon a small (flat) bottle of whiskey pops up.
43 Out of the Bag: letter from readers
43 Wheezy Anna (Jimmy Flowers): an idea for the three mouse Monte (only one squeeks)
44 Magicians in the News: Herbert J Collings; Douglas Craggs; Jack Murphy; Howard De Courcy; Harry Murcoch; Tommy Cooper; Stuthard; The Order of the Magi; Freddie Harris; W.D.C. Smith; Society of American Magicians
45 An Idea for a Vent Act (Alex Gordon): the dummy is bandaged and needs some teeth work; provides introductory patter and ideas for moving on
46 Just a Note (about supplies for a trick); What They Say (praise for magazine); and Contributions Invited
47 Advertisement: Vampire Vanishing Cane; where the Magic Magazine can be obtained
48 Advertisement: Vampire Troublewit; Polychromatic (silk to ball, and ball vanishes in goblet of water)

Volume 1, Number 3, June 1952
49 Advertisement: Genii Magazine; Dai Vernon's Brainwave Deck
50 Advertisement: Psychic Cards; Vampire Eggs From Mouth; Sophisticated Silk
51 Meet "Steve" Cyril A. Stevens: Short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
52 Editor's Page (Max Andrews): about the last issue's sell out, and the current issue
53 Manxlandís Magical Mecca (Manx "Fer-Obbee"): The World's Most Wonderful Temple of Mystery; an article about a magic theather in the Isle of Mann and a performance by Alexander Cannon
54 Philosophy and Phun (Billy McComb): Editorial covers developing patter, use of trick decks
55 Four Aces and a Joker (Arthur Leroy): Part 2. A card prediction based on a radio broadcast
55 Comic by Dick Jordan: one-panel comic strip, "Willie, Stop Fidgeting"; willie levitates his mom while reading "Levitation for Beginners"
56 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden): More Cigarette Manipulations, Acquitments (showing hands empty)
58 Fantasy, The John Calvert Show: Review of John Calvert's road show
59 Alarm Clock from Nowhere (Cliff Osman): Clever production of an alarm clock (or other load) from four panels of wood clearly shown blank (for stage)
59 Ballet Card (Cliff Osman): a card is balanced on the knuckles and spins
60 Out of the Bag: Letters from readers. One asks about credulity of magic; magic in Singapore
61 What They Say (praise); An Excerpt from a Letter From Rhodesia
61 Advertisement: Vampire Watch the Milk (milk and borrowed watch transpose)
62 Advertisement: Max Andrews' Ventriloquial Dolls and Glove Puppets
63 Advertisement: Dimin-Uendo - The Shrinking Liquid Trick with Credit to Tan Hock Chuan
64 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Coin Feat with Feet - a penny transposes from under left foot to right foot, and effect is repeated
65 Pro Bono Magico (Buck): Review of the recent Vampire Club meeting
66 I.B.M. Dinner: a photo gallery of a recent Dinner
67 Sensational Telephone Trick (Richard Himber): a card is revealed over the telephone
67 Ten Comedy Tips (Tom Harris): ten quick tips, some useful for any type of act
68 Patriotic Ribbons to Rope (Max Andrews): Three separate ribbons (red, white, and blue) are shown, and instantly become a single ribbon
68 Glued to the Spot (J.E. Backer): a clever method for "magetizing" a cigarette so it sticks to a deck of cards. Cards can be pulled out right from under the cigarette, and no magnets are used. Cigarette can be examined at the end.
69 Romance of India (Lenz): The mystery of the suicide starling revealed, and a new mystery set up
70 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): Quickie - a "mug shot" of the performer turns into a (real looking?) mug
71 Knowing Your Audience (John Bourne): children vs. adults, selecting appropriate material, adjusting during a performance, etc.
72 Funzabuzzin - Silk Burst (Johnny Geddes): a trick for your change bag. A silk vanishes and a balloon is found in the bag rather than the silk; the balloon is blown up, burst, and inside is the silk.
72 The I.B.M. (British Ring) Dinner: Text portion to accompany photos on page 66
73 Advertisement: Max Andrews' Hat Levitation; Nail-O (bending); Cig-Kutta
74 Advertisement: Lighted Bulbs from Mouth (a string of bulbs on a wire are apparently pulled from mouth)
75 Advertisement: Vampire Self Locking Watch Box (vanished object found inside locked and ribbon-tied wooden box); Vampire Nest of Boxes (elaboration of above)
76 Advertisement: The Charles Cole Redi-Made Cartoon Outfit (patterns, chalk, paper, etc.); and Master Sketch Cartoons for above (including H.M. Queen Elizabeth II; Winston Churchill)

Volume 1, Number 4, July 1952
77 Advertisement: The Magnichord Tape Recorder (reel-to-reel recorder $220US back in 1952!)
78 Advertisement: Embarrassing Rope (Abbott); More Patter (book) by Sid Lorraine
79 Meet Frank Baumforth: short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
80 Editor's Page (Max Andrews): invitation to send in questions
81 I Remember (Harry Leat): rememberance of his father, and building his first illusion
81 Ode to a Would-Be Comic (The Jay): Poem inspired by Tom Harris
82 The Landershute Deck (Hayward): patter for the Vampire Landershute deck (cut to any named card)
82 Squaring the Circle (Roland Fraser): patter and approach for Squaring the Circle as a comedy prediction gone wrong
83 Fried Fish (Roy Baker): a bar trick; performer produces a bowl with a goldfish in it, then fries the goldfish and eats it (requires an assistant in the know)
84 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): Publicity ideas
85 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): making your own magic finger ring, gimicked card, and some ideas for using them
86 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden): More Cigarette Manipulations - two sleights for producing cigarettes from empty hands
87 Stoogie Says: proverbs for magicians
88 Hands and Feet (John Bourne): walking, posture, and proper use of the hands
89 The Magicianís World News: new about the Association of Ceylon Magicians, and more
89 Abracadabra Jamboree Convention Report
90 Advertisement: Vampire Dynamic, the Card Between Glass Illusion (stage effect)
91 Advertisement: Enchanted Piggies by Jimmy Flowers, a Vampire Exclusive (stage effect)
92 Ringing the Bull (Jimmy Flowers): a chosen ring ends up on the nose of a bull figure (stage)
93 Wishing the Colour (Harold H. Poole): an idea for "forcing" a color in a children's show
94 Out of the Bag: letters with suggestions for improvements of the magazine
95 The Devon Magic Circle's Second Bideford Convention, May 16th to 18th:  Convention Report
96 The Ghostly Signature (F. G. Cleaver): spectator signs a blank card and the card is burned. The signature reappears on a 2nd selected card. (Mexican turnover)
97 Mysteries from East and West - The Romance of India (Lenz): Reveals the secret of The Pigeon Mystery set up in the last episode
98 The Flying Sorcerers, 1952: Preview of the Percy Abbott Get-Together to be held in the USA, with intros (and photos, except for Goodliffe) of Goodliffe, Tom Harris, Donald Crombie, Graham Adams, and Francis Haxton
100 Funzabuzzin - Table Trickery (Johnny Geddes): 2 after dinner stunts - a roll sticks to your hand; and a jumping napkin
100 Correction: to the Richard Himber Telephone Trick
101 Pro Bono Magico - The Motto of The Vampire Club: Club News of April 1952
102 Transparent Clockhand (Harold Poole): A new mode of Presentation for the "Cee-Thru" Clock Hand
103 Advertisement: Vampire Diablo Glass - makes liquid disappear while poured
104 Advertisement: New Style Wands, including Rising Wands, The Handkerchief Wand (vanishes and reappears a silk), and The Wobbly Wand
105 Advertisement: Miracle Pitcher (manufacturing rights from Percy Abbott) - an improved Milk Pitcher
106 Advertisement: Ken Allen's Multiplying Silks; Hen Fetsch's KardKut

Volume 1, Number 5, August 1952
107 Meet Martini: Short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
108 Editor's Page (Max Andrews): on why the Vampire Club is closed in the Summers, and some remarks about the low American attendance at the London convention
109 Extenu-Endo (Jack Nightingale): an alternate presentation for the commercial Dimin-Uendo jug and glasses
110 Silky Tip (Tom Egan): how to rig a silk for a hand production using a cork and elastic
110 Two "Cane" Openers (Ken Brooke): two comedy approaches for using the appearing cane
111 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): comedy bit - performer brings out a lighted lamp, turns it off, takes the shade off, and pours himself a drink
112 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): More publicity ideas - words for the newspaper
113 Lighted Candles (Garvan): Two Routines for Stage and Cabaret. 2 lit candles are dropped in a paper cone, which is crushed (candles vanished); variation with the vanishing/reappearance of silks
114 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden): More modern cigarette manipulations. Another showing of the hands empty, and how to vanish a cigarette (false transfer)
115 Four Aces and a Joker (Arthur Leroy): Part 3 - Someday I'll Find You. A Card Location
116 Those Awkward Moments (John Bourne): Advice column. Make fun of your troubles, be politically correct, prepare for emergencies
117 Congres Magique International: Preview of the conference to be held in Geneva, Sep 1952
118 The Vampire Club Pro Bono Magico: The Vampires - Pre-Hibernation. Review of the last meeting of the season, with some photos
120 Wine Penetration (P. Ramsdale): A New Liquid Effect. Empty glass placed on table, covered by cardboard cover. A playing card is pushed through a slot in the cover, making two compartments in the cover. A second glass (full) is placed in the top compartment, and the top can be seen sticking out. Performer eats the cherry on a toothpick from the top glass, and then takes out the glass, which is now empty. All the liquid is now in the bottom glass
121 The Audience Does It (Mysterro): Three different colored silks are placed in the bottom of tumblers, and 9 cards are placed into the three tumblers (three in eacy, backs to audience). Audience eliminates cards by picking colors. Final card matches the selection.
122 Out of the Bag: letters from readers. Mostly praise for the magazine, and an additional gag suggestion for the Smoking Sailor
123 Mysteries from East and West - The Romance of India (Lenz): Tells of the oriental trick in which the magician cuts the tongue off the spectator! Secret to be revealed later!
124 The Magicianís World: News for and about magicians. Jack Ledair, Ken Brooke, Foo Ming, Eric Williams, Peter Dulay, Tommy Cooper, David Goldstein
125 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Smoking Sailor, how to use a Zylonite cigarette in a more magical presentation (I'm not entirely clear what these are; perhaps those tiny "self-smoking" cigs used as novelties some years ago)
126 Funzabuzzin - Luminous Moon (Johnny Geddes): an ending for "Indian Moon", which sounds somewhat like a Zombie floating ball effect
127 Comic: No author listed. Two wizards trying to catch the "Inner Circle" train...
128 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Coin Transit - a half crown joins a penny in the folds of a handkerchief. No gimmicked coins
130 Advertisement: The Golden Spider by Jimmy Flowers (children's stage trick); notice for a Vampire Club Outing
131 Advertisement: Giant No. 3 Catalogue, Psychic Cards (Percy Abbott)
132 Advertisement: Club Silks, The Magic Magazine
133 Advertisement: Vampire Mental Memo; Max Andrews' Comedy Beer Mug (looks like it holds a lot, but really only a little)
134 Advertisment: Max Andrews' Rabbit in Hat Transfers (for car windows); Easi-bind magazine holders

Volume 1, Number 6, September 1952
135 Meet Claude Manley: short bio of artist featured on this month's cover
136 Editor's Page (Max Andrews): new tricks vs. making old tricks new; getting out of a rut
137 The Three Ball Trick (no credit provided): a routine using three "woolly balls" and three tin bowls; uses a "Benson Bowl" type move to transpose balls from under one bowl to another
138 Four Aces and a Joker (Arthur Leroy): Part 4: Stops Ďem Dead - another two deck effect
139 An Incredible Separation (John Lee): an idea for using the commercial effect "Phantom Cocktail Glass"
139 Advertisement: for th British Ring Convention to be held Sep 25-28th
140 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): a few acts compared - an uninspiring fairgrounds act; Harry Jerome (fairly conventional); and ERIK, who uses cards and a few unique approaches
141 Phrantic Flight (Jimmy Flowers): a children's stage effect. A bird is placed on a gun, the gun is shot, and the bird vanishses. Upon opening the cage, the bird is not there as expected, but ends up on the boy's back
142 Comic (Tre-Vini): "Introducing Whizzy - The Dizzy Magician (On His Way to Hastings)"
143 No Top - No Bottom (Johnny Geddes): a comedy bit with a topless and bottomless box
144 The Knowing Ones (John Bourne): how do deal with audience members who know it all
145 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Single Rope Strangulation Tie (rope penetrates neck)
148 Out of the Bag: letters from readers, a couple applauding Dimin-Uendo.
149 Not an Illusion: news about Roy Baker's show
150 The Magicianís World: Australian News (with a nice Thanskgiving Prayer for Children); The Magic Circle; New Zealand News
151 Mysteries From East and West: The Romance of India (Lenz): The Tongue Cutting Mystery from last issue explained, and a new mystery set up (a Fire Cleansing ritual)
152 Dutch National Congres of Magicians - Breda 1952 (Max Andrews):  Describes the layout of Holland, and provides a report of the meeting, including mentions of magicians such as Mr. J. De Nijs, Henk Vermeyden, Stewert Revers, Bill Strickland, Geoffrey Buckingham, Rene Jadot, Ad de Lunes; Anne Hardu; and others
154 White Magic - A Series of Modern Cigarette Manipulations (J.H. Vermeyden): First Sleight - a false take; Second Sleight - cigarette is pushed into the fist and vanishes
155 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): the "Good Night" banner used instead as a comedy opener
156 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Converting a pocket trick into a stage effect; with new patter for the Coin Transit effect from the August issue to adapt it for stage
157 Book Reviews (J.B.): Nate Leipzig's Card Stab, by Victor Farelli. "It is a work we definitely recommend"
158 Advertisement: Max Andrews' Vampire Magic Catalogue No. 3; Genii The Conjuror's Monthly; Sophisticated Silk
159 Advertisement: KardKut by Hen Fetsch; Polychromatic
160 Advertisement: Nate Leipzig's Card Stab by Victor Farelli (book); Vampire Coin Cover (coins penetrate through plastic box)
161 Advertisement: Diminishing Matchbox - gets smaller four times, with a smaller and smaller match removed with each change; Nate Leipzig's Card Stab (again!)
162 Advertisement: Run Rabbit Run children's stage effect

Volume 1, Number 7, October 1952
163 Meet Foo-Ming (Dennis Fenwick): short bio of artist featured on this month's cover
164 Editor's Page (Max Andrews): the importance of working on your "pocket tricks"
165 The Greeks had a Word for It (Magini of Ipswitch): a word puzzle; words on the left appear correctly when viewed through a glass bar, words on the right are upside down
166 Real Ice Cream with "Instant Freeze" (Roy Baker): an addition for the commercial "Instant Freeze" effect
167 Where Monocles Come From: unscrew the base of a wineglass
168 Four Aces and a Joker - The Talisman (Arthur Leroy): a small disk jumps and lands on the selected card as they are dealt hand to hand
168 Magician's World: News including Colonel Ponsonby, Jasper Maskelyne
169 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): on Roy Baker and his ability to do impromptu magic with most any object
170 Make Up for Magicians (Martyn): basics of applying makeup for stage, including "straight" and "Chinese" characters
171 Comic: Image of a conjurer making a rope rise, and hanging his laundry from it!
172 Ways of Mentalists (John Bourne): Debates the right and wrong ways; is against presentations as "real"
173 A New Series (Tan Hock Chuan): 1) The Dissolving Ball (red ball placed in cup, which is covered with a cylinder. Water is poured in. When lifted, cup is gone, and water has turned red.)
173 A New Series (Tan Hock Chuan): 2) A Simple Rising Card Effect (from a glass tumbler, no wires, threAds:, or fingers - well, other than to hold the glass!)
174 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Ottokar Fischer Pass - First Explanation Ever Published. Herr Fischer's method explained, with photos and line drawings.
176 White Magic - A Series of Modern Cigarette Manipulations (J.H. Vermeyden): Balance Zirka vanish. Cigarette is held at the tips of the fingers, which are held vertically. Only the forefinger of the other hand pushes the cigarette down into the opposite hand's fingers, but instantly the cigarette is shown to have vanished.
177 Magigags (Eric P. Wilson): ideas for making topical magic for performances at the Tennis Club, Cricket Club, Rotary, Wireless Trades, Cage Birds Society, Grocers, etc.
178 Mysteries from East and West - The Romance of India (Lenz). The Fire Cleansing Ritual Explained (using Metalic Potassium); The Day of Punishment ritual set up for next issue.
179 Money Travels (Claude Manley): A marked bill is placed in a small vial, covered with a handkerchief, and held by a spectator. A small Bill Tube is then taken from the pocket and placed on the table. The vial disappears, and is found, with the marked bill therein, inside the bill tube.
180 Goldilocks Escapes from the Three Bears (Johnny Geddes): A stage effect for children you can build
181 Letter of praise from a subscriber
181 The Vampire Club: announcement
182 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Cigarette Divination. Various brands of cigarettes are placed in a hat. One brand is named, and it jumps out of the hat!
183 The International Convention of Magicians (Max Andrews): News of the convention in Geneva.
185 Eddie Joseph A Myth? (Joseph Max Andrews): an article about the elusive Eddie Joseph
186 Little Mentalisms (J.B.) Six short tips and hints for mentalist routines
186 Advertisement: A Vent Doll With a Difference (talks); Nate Leipzig's Card Stab
187 Advertisement: Lots of little Ads: - Pop Out Tie, $1 Note Machine; Flash Wool; Shocking Finger; Rubber Nose; Tipsy Joe; Flash Paper; Rubber Hammer; Binders for Magic Magazine
188 Advertisement: Vampire Rabbit in Hat Transfers; Utilitube; Vampire Ghost Tube Botania
189 Advertisement: Baffling Bunnies; Vampire TroubleWit
190 Advertisement: Dimin-Uendo

Volume 1, Number 8, November 1952
191 Meet Mystic Craig: short bio of artist featured on this month's cover
192 Editorís Page (Max Andrews): general news
193 Chasing the Ladies (Mystico): A Gather Round Mystery for the Club Night. A card effect using the four Queens
194 Notice: comedy notice about magician's dying on the job
194 It's Here, It's There, It's Gone! (Trevini): A Pocket Baffler. A ball bearing is dropped into a small tube and instantly vanishes. Easy to make.
195 Make-Up for Magicians (Martyn): Tips for Eastern, Clown makeup
196 Magic for All (Tan Hock Chuan): I Have Your Number - a clever mathematical trick with matches; The Long Match - burn a match so it is longer than original
197 The International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring Convention Hastings Sept 25th 1952 (Max Andrews): Extensive coverage of the event, including Jon Gresham's "roasted alive", Cleaver's Flying Saucer Illusion, photos of the convention, and much more.
202 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Sudden Vanish of Five Cups during a "cups and balls" presentation
204 A Week with Dante (John Bourne): Report of a visit with Dante, a thumbtip trick, abiity to impromptu, etc.
205 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden) A Series of Modern Cigarette Manipulations. 2 sleights in which the cigarette rises from the hand and vanishes
206 The Magic Soldier (Jimmy Flowers): A Lovely New Children's Effect. A soldier transposes from one sentry guard shack to another (stage). With building instructions.
208 Advertisements: John Ramsay's Four Little Beans (by Victor Farelli); Magic Magazine
209 Mysteries of East and West - The Romance of India (Lenz): The Day of Punishment explained, and a levitation described for which the solution has not been discovered
210 Book Reviews (John Bourne): Four Little Beans book by John Ramsay (edited by Victor Farelli)
211 Friend of the Devil (George Reynolds): a Short Story (murder mystery with a magician)
213 Out of the Bag: praise, Your Worst Figure (math puzzle; also appeared in an earlier issue)
214 Advertisement: Printed Picture Silks; Edward M. Massey's Toto the Clown
215 Advertisement: Max Andrews' Electrolite; Embarassing Rope (Percy Abbott)
216 Advertisement: Fine Quality Spring Goods, Exactly as Supplied Before the War (Banana, Carrot, Snake, etc.); Vampire Production Coils
217 Advertisement: "It's Easier Than You Think" by Geoffrey Buckingham; Plastic Clockdial and Stand
218 Advertisement: Diminishing Matchbox; Vampire Mental Memo

Volume 1, Number 9, December 1952
219 Meet Roy Baker: short bio of artist featured on this month's cover
220 Editor's Page: Capitalize your magic
221 Removing an Appendix (L. H. Slipper): an effect using the commercial product "Soft Diamonds" (a card with a movable hole), Okito Glass, mouth coil
222 The Magic Circle Grand Festival of Magic October 6th to 11th, 1952: Meeting Report, including mentions of Jack and Mary Kinson, Ming Chow, Lionel King, Horace and Betty King, Bobby Kimber, Fred Kaps, and includes photos
224 Wizardís Wonderland of The Weird - Arnold Crowther: the "Mirthful Mystifier" (Meloc): Mr. Crowther was a dabbler in the bizarre and pagan gods, and even had his own religion "Crowlianity"
225 New Coin Move (A. J. Thomas): using a palm clip
226 Almost In Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Veneri Rattle Box - an Okito Box routine
228 Magic for All (Tan Hock Chuan): Red, Yellow, and Blue handkerchiefs are tied together and placed in a tumbler. The tumbler is covered with a cylinder, and the yellow handkerchief slowly falls from the tube, the tumbler now contains only the red and blue handkerchiefs.
228 Playing Hands (Frank S. Cooze): a poem
229 Where to Find the Patter (John Bourne): advice on selecting patter to use
230 The Vampire Club Report: report on opening meeting Oct 31st, with photos
231 Advertisement: Cinderella Stage effect
232 Advertisement: Silray silk box, Pull Thru close up penetration (Louis S. Histed); Vampire Juggling Clubs
233 Advertisement: Mystic 13 cards; Vampire Good-Night Fan; Vampire New Okito Box (plastic)
234 Advertisement: Vampire Vase and Cord (aluminium)
235 Comic (Tarvini): Snake charmer produces two snakes, one says to the other "Charmed to meet you"
236 The Penny Travellers (Lenz): a coin matrix style routine with a single card and uses a shell
238 Advertisement: Four Little Beans by John Ramsay
239 Modifying The Patter (Jack Nightingale): an example of modifying patter for your audience
240 Raising Cane (Johnny Geddes): a comedy bit for a vanishing and re-appearing cane
241 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): The Foreman Goes to Work, or Electric Matches. Two approaches to a "jumping" matchstick
242 Sympathetic Silks - Without a Doubt! (Sidney Twinn): discusses an improved silk tie
243 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden): A Series of Modern Cigarette Manipulations. Another vanish as the cigarette is pushed into the fist
244 Rings that Link Patriotically (L. Barber): Red, White, and Blue rings (material not specified) link in the air when tossed from the magician's wand
245 Book Reviews (M.B.): Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo. "A 'must' to all who care for coins."
245 What's My Line? (Len Belcher): a humorous mentalist routine
246 Advertisement: Dynamic (card in glass panes); Dyeing Silks; Vampire Coin Plates
247 Advertisement: Miraculo (jumbo cards); Brainwave Deck
248 Advertisement: Plastic Billiard Balls; Roses are Red (20th Century Silk); No. 3 Catalog
249 Advertisement: Vampire Flowering Bouquet
250 Advertisement: Plastic Billard Balls; Vampire Revolutionary Table Legs; No. 3 Catalog

Volume 1, No 10, Jan 1953
251 Meet Buck Hurst: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
252 Editorís Page: general magazine news
253 Star of Magic Award Plaque Awarded to Slydini: article on the presentation of the IBM
254 Dowel Dollies (Just Johnny): making puppets from dowels and other products for children's entertainment
256 Roundabout (Alan Kennaugh): discussion of the new Houdini movie starring Tony Curtis
257 Gipsy Jack (Mystico): a platform card effect
268 Comedy Beer Mug (Roy F. Price): five gags to use with this commercial effect
259 Tip on Card Fans (Frank Cooze): One hand colour change; The Windmill
260 New Ideas for the Chinese Sticks (Mysterro): patter and idea about a Chinaman "praying to the sun and moon"
261 The Chameleon Ball (Tan Hock Chaun): a billiard ball color change with the clever use of balloons!
261 Jim Roberts: a salutation to Mr. Roberts and his art
262 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): Novel Production of a Ball (for stage only) - billiard ball size
263 Single Rope Strangulation Tie: Explanation of the Grandmother's Necklace rope arrangement referred to in a previous issue
264 The Vampire Club Report: report on Nov 28th meeting
265 Making Soft Soap Extra Clean: a tip for making the Soft Soap trick more realistic
265 2nd Spanish National Congress of Magic: announcement of upcoming conference
266 Post Prediction (Len Belcher): Card prediction for the stage
267 Spellbound (Edmund Rowland): a color prediction using different objects
268 Little Mentalisms (J. B.): eight tips for mentalists
269 Out of the Bag: Letters from readers; compliments, the Rarebit Saucepan, and an inquiry from West Africa
270 Another Card Rises (A.J. Thomas): Chosen card jumps out of the pack (uses a gimmick)
270 Comic Strip (Trevini): Magician is sawing a woman in two, and his wife complains he's getting sawdust all over the carpet.
271 Drat that Fly (Dennis Patten): a comedy bit - a giant fly appears on a fly swatter
272 Magicians in the Headlines (John Bourne): how to get in the newspapers
273 Imperial Court of Mystery: advertisement for upcoming show
274 Advertisement: Silray; Pull-Thru (Louis S. Histed); Vampire Juggling Clubs
275 Advertisement: Geoffrey Buckingham's "It's Easier Than You Think"; "Four Little Beans" by John Ramsay; Genii magazine
276 Advertisement: Focus (Louis S. Histed)
277 Advertisement: The Stop Trick of Tomorrow (cards); Red and Blue (Eddie Joseph) color changing discs
278 Advertisement: Vampire Revolutionary Table Legs

Volume 1, Number 11, Feb 1953
279 Meet Zicardi: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
280 Editorís Page: some lessons learned in setting up a Theatre show
281 Christmas Magic at the Fortune Theatre, London (Walter de Frece): description of the show and the many performers
282 Dowel Dollies (Just Johnny): The Dancing Tea Kettle
284 Make You Talked About (John Bourne): ideas for effects that will get you publicity
285 Photos of Vampire Club Cabaret: text in previous issue
286 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): "Surprise" Ropes and Rings using Elastic Bands. For the stage.
288 Not Two Sweets (Len Belcher): Children's effect; a lollipop changes color, with a bag of sweets production
289 Double Discernment (Eddie Joseph): magician determines two cards selected by two spectators
290 Windy Blow (The Balloonatic): Details of making a one-balloon dog
292 Memories of Houdini (S. Jackson Coleman): lengthy and interesting story about Houdini
294 White Magic (Henk Vermeyden): A Series of Modern Cigarette Manipulations. A quick vanish.
295 They Refuse to Mix (Tan Hock Chuan): Brandy apparently sits on top of water in a glass
295 Inexhaustible Magic Wand (Walter Behm): a silk, cigarette, and lit match appear from a magic wand
296 Out of the Bag: Letters from readers. Idea for Midget production box, general praises
298 The Magicianís World: News from and about magicians. Ken Brooke closing his shop.
298 Comic Strip: Magician talking to young boy, "You've had a perfectly free choice, haven't you?" Boy responds, "Yes, father."
299 Pocket Tricks (Frederick Barlow): Penny Thro' Handkerchief. A coin penetrates a handkerchief.
303 Advertisement: Chameleon Penknive (color changing knife) with routine by Eddie Joseph; Mini Vent Doll
304 Advertisement: Vampire Watch Winder; Vampire Productive Egg-Bag with 6 plastic eggs
305 Advertisement: Euclid's Rings (11" chrome rings multiply and change shape)
306 Advertisement: Mini Vent Dolls; How Gambler's Win by Eddie Joseph (book)

Volume 1, Number 12, Mar 1953
307 Meet Jerry Bergman: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
308 Editorís Page: notes about the first year of Magic Magazine
309 After visiting London (Herbert S. H. Piolley): story based card trick with reds and blacks
310 Dowel Dollies (Just Johnny): Stringing the dolls
311 Dancing Kettle Routine (Just Johnny): patter and presenting your doll
311 Comic: two Indian rope climbers, one without a rope. Caption states, "Dizzy. Look no hands."
312 Sympathetic Transposition (Tan Hock Chuan): Sympathetic Playing Cards
313 Tale of a Shirt (Johnny Geddes): Children's comedy stage effect with change bag and clothing
314 Some Magical Questions (John Bourne): Silence vs. Patter and matter of presentation
315 Magic Skipping Ropes (Jimmy Flowers): Child ends up holding the chosen colored rope (stage)
318 Borrowed Ring on Stick (Eddie Joseph): Three rings are borrowed (only one used); no handkerchief needed
320 The Vampire Club Pro Bono Magico: Report of Jan 30th 1953 meeting, with B&W photos
322 Book Reviews (John Bourne): It's Easier Than You Think by Geoffrey Buckingham. "Every magician...will strengthen his technique"
323 Past, Present and Tense (Len Belcher): Living and Dead mentalism test
324 Almost in Confidence (Victor Farelli): The Maskelyne Box Trick - Was the Trunk Unprepared? Article includes a bibliography of the trick as well.
326 Out of the Bag: letters from readers. A discussion of "regurgitating";
327 A Pocket Trick Act (Frederick Barlow): Ideas for combining pocket tricks into an overall act
328 Advertisement: Devon Magic Circle Third Magical Week-End, May 15th 1953
329 An Opening Sequence Using Standard Props (Billy McComb): Scarves from a tube, glasses from scarves, and ending in a flower bouquet
331 Advertisement: Louis S. Histed's Focus Mind Reading Effect; Coronation Ball Garlands (production)
332 Advertisement: Mystic 13 cards; Buckingham's It's Easier Than You Think
333 Advertisement: Vampire Blendo silks; Vampire Tubes, Silks and Liquids Patriotic Version; Flower Surprise
334 Advertisement: Vampire production items, coils, 20th Century Silks