Max Andrews: Magic Magazine
Andrews, Max: Magic Magazine
©1952-1953 Max Andrews, London (original)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", about 30 pages per issue

©2001 Martin Breese, London CD-ROM Version
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Max Andrews Magic Magazine Vol 3 No. 5
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Comments (from publisher): The first issue appeared in April 1952 and the final issue on September 1956. This was one of Britain's leading magazines and, although it was a house magazine for Max Andrews' Vampire Magic business, it was packed with outstanding magical contributions from the leading magical creators of that exciting period.

Contents (Volume 3, from CD-ROM edition):

Magic Magazine Volume 3, April 1954 Number 1
1 Ads: Max Andrews' Cigarette Card Box, Pen-Cilly
2 Ads: Vampire Nifty Nickel, Two-Col Silk Trick, A Magician Goes to Dinner (Eddie Joseph)
3 Meet Anthony Spicer: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
3 Contents, Masthead
4 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): IBM British Ring Dinner, June McComb publicity
5 Vampire Club: Club News with photos
6 Focus on Magic (George Blake): Keeping a notebook. Includes card routines The Mysterious Mis-Deal and Full Pack Spell
9 High Spirits (Johnny Geddes): a City and Country are predicted, with a comedy ending (for parlor/stage)
10 Polychromatic Crystal (Harold G. Huddersfield Beaumont): name of selected card appears in a small crystal
10 Two of Clubs Card (Johnny Geddes): a gag when a Two of Clubs is forced
3 Two Useful Sleights (Edward Victor): a ball colour change and a cigarette production
3 Golden Spider Spins Again (Richard Merry): modification to a commercial children's effect known as the Golden Spider
14 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges (Eddie Joseph): in depth lesson on using the ThumbTip, using the lit cigarette and handkerchief effect
17 Cameo (Ravelle and Andre): a chosen ribbon and fob vanish and appear on a previously viewed bust
18 The Rice and Dagger Trick (George Blake): thoughts on the dagger that sticks in a vase of rice
19 Barnsley Circle of Magicians One Day Convention Convention: brief show report
19 Letters to Editor: On the Vampire Club, and a suggestion for Original Self Working Four Ace Trick by E. Willett
20 Number Plate Switch (Bill West): A license plate switch using the same principle as "The Puppy in the Pet Shop" from an earlier edition
21 Egg and Chick (Alex McKeown): silks, eggs, and chicks (latex)
21 Magic Glass of Milk (no author): a glass of milk is placed in a box and the box rotated without spilling any milk
23 Tribute to John Gambling (George Blake): Obituary, died 24 March
24 Ads: Vampire Stabbed Deck, American Silks, Cokey-Cokey
25 Ads: Vampire Picture Silks
26 Ads: Vampire Quik-Release Cuff, Secret Device, Blendo
27 Ads: The Famous Sack Escape
28 Ads: Max Andrews Vampire Magic New No. 3 Catalogue
29 Ads: 8 in. Chinese Rings, Kube Sphere (Lenz')
30 Ads: Vampire Sack Escape, American Silks, Cokey-Cokey

Magic Magazine Volume 3, May 1954 Number 2
31 Meet Stanley Watson: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
31 Contents
32 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): about the new Vampire catalog, etc.
33 Horrors of the H-Bomb (Eddie Joseph): a full seven effect act around the concept of atomic energy and using the (then) recent H-Bomb as a theme
36 The Magic Circle: show review
37 Vampire Club Club: Club meeting report
38 Beware of Ghosts (Len Belcher): a picture frame/slate effect
39 Tibetan Prayer Stick (Roy Cowl): patter and a routine for this commercial effect
39 Just a Thought? Buddha Phantasy (James A Roberts): thoughts for another commercial effect
40 A New ‘Do As I do’ Effect (Edward Victor): a card trick
41 Ads: Vampire Blendo silk
42 Focus on Magic (George Blake): dealing two piles will generate a pair and some applications of the principle
45 Knot-Ation (Max Andrews): several knots appear at once in a handkerchief
46 Indian Bowl of Rice (Eddie Joseph): More on the knife in the bowl of rice
47 Funny Funnel Routine (Stanley Watson & Diane): a children's routine using Evaporated Milk Jug, Funny Funnel, Vampire DeMuth Milk Bottle, a tumbler, paper cone, Milkit fluit, and comedy pistols.
48 Out of the Bag: Letters. On magic exposure, an extention to Left-Over-Right-Over-Left by T.A. Griffith, some praise for Vampire puppets, and an addition to The Uncertain Card by Herbert Rolley, etc.
50 Ads: Vampire Quick Release Cuff
51 Ads: Vampire Psychic Cards, Mail Bag Mystery
52 Ads: Pen-Cilly (vanishing coin), Vampire Mystic 13, Beats-All Poker Deal
53 Ads: Vampire Jumbo Cards, Fooled comedy jumbo cards
54 Ads: Vampire New Cardagger
55 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Latest Book A Magician Goes to Dinner; Max Andrews' Cut & Restored Necktie
56 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Thought Reflection, Ferrules & Pea (three shell game with bakelite cups), Magnetic Harmony

Magic Magazine Volume 3, June 1954 Number 3
57 Ads: Methods for Miracles Series - No. 10 Edward Victor Billiard Ball Manipulation, No. 11 Edward Victor Basic Cigarette Manipulation; Vampire Hot Dogs
58 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Latest Book A Magician Goes to Dinner; Max Andrews' Cut & Restored Necktie
59 Meet Fred Harris: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
59 Contents
60 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Al Koran and obtaining publicity
61 Photos: Reception to Les Levante & Family
62 Focus on Magic (George Blake): Rice and Dagger Trick, an improved method
63 - Sand and Dagger: another version
64 - Water and Dagger: an idea that has not yet been tried out
65 - Letter (E.W.J. Michell): ideas for improving the working of the Rice and Dagger
66 Vampire Club: report on meeting on April 305h
67 A Card Switch (C. Haigh): Jumbo Card transposition for platform or stage
68 Pencil Thro' Handerchief (Frederick Barlow): a pencil passes through a borrowed handkerchief and newspaper, with no harm to the handkerchief
70 Sleights, Moves and Subterfuges - Transmigration (Eddie Joseph): a coin vanishes and is found in an egg or other item
72 Houdini on Magic Book Review (Victor Farelli): Positive review of this book authored by Walter B. Gibson & Morris N. Young M.D.
73 A Finish to a Sponge Ball Routine (Phoa Yan Tiong): spectator chooses a sponge ball, which changes to three separate ribbons, which then join
74 The Genii’s Cave (Len Belcher): a routine using a production box for children's shows
75 Car Stolen (Johnny Geddes): children's show effect for platform where three cars end up in the same garage on a stand
76 Open Letter to Robert Harbin (Richard Himber): liquid effect using Milko cans
77 C.L.E.F. Night of Magic: Review; also a note on the Dutch Convention, and the I.B.V. Convention for ventriloquists.
77 The Duke of Somerset: an obituary
78 Mail Bag (Peter McDonald): a letter and idea about the "Singleton" routine
79 Ads: Transformation case, other miscellaneous products
80 Ads: Pen-Cilly coin vanish; Melvano Shuffle Deck by Roy Cowl, etc.
81 Ads: Vampire catelogue comments
82 Ads: Colour-Change Tie, Multiplying Soap Bubbles
83 Ads: Japanese Egg Trick, Scalbert's Mystery of the 5th Card, the Magnet Magic Newspaper
84 Ads: Vampire Picture Silks
85 Ads: Max Andrew's Vampire Magic Catalogue No. 4
86 Ads: Vampire Rice Bowls

Magic Magazine Volume 3, July 1954 Number 4
87 Meet Milton Woodward: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
88 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): on learning from other performances; the effect of TV
89 The Vampire Club Club: report of May 28th meeting
90 Do You? (Ivor Cole): tips on Blades From the Mouth, Hat Levitation Feke Rising Cards, and a gag for introducing a rope trick
91 An Original Silk Penetration (Hannini): Finger ring penetrates a handkerchief
92 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - In Search of the Lost Half (Eddie Joseph): switching a borrowed cigarette for one of your own; with a torn bill to cigarette routine
95 Magic with a Balloon Balloon (Roger Reg Webb): science stunt of balloon sticking to a wall
95 Ochini’s Bottle & Silk Trick: Beer Bottle to Silk using a latex bottle
96 Fairy Glitterings (Mystico): Children's effect using the Vampire Multiplying Lighted Candle
98 Focus on Magic (George Blake): re-inventions and a card tong; re-inventing;
99 Sure Guess (George Blake): spectator marks off one number, which matches a prediction
101 Unbelievable - A Card Test (Roxy): card marked with an X was predicted
102 The Temple of Flames Presented by Lenz, the White Yogi: Show Review
104 Hat Hoax (Mystico): cards transpose between two hats
105 The Great Levante: Show Review
105 Silk Slip-Up (Johnny Geddes): silk effect with a Micky Mouse silk and a change bag
106 Madame Elisabeth Van Dyk (Suzy Wandas): article about the "Dean of Belgian Magicians"
106 “Wot, No Pocket?” (Alex McKeown): odea for a different kind of Egg Bag
107 Ads: Methods for Miracles #12 Coin Manipulation and #13 Thimble Manipulation by Edward Victor; and Japanese Egg Trick
108 Ads: Colour Change Tie; Magnet Newspaper; Scalbert's Mystery of the 5th card
109 Ads: It's a Corker by Ed Massey; Key and Ring; Wizard's Chain
110 Ads: Growing Tie; Breakaway Fan
111 Ads: Flower Surprise; Zipper Banana; Snakes Alive
112 Ads: Toto the Clown; Fakir's Nail Feat
113 Ads: Magician Goes to Dinner by Eddie Joseph; Comedy Beer Mug
114 Ads: Vampire Magic Catalogue No. 4

Magic Magazine Volume 3, Aug 1954 Number 5
115 Meet Cyro: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
116 Editor’s Page (Max Adrews): you can't get away from magic; news from Kalanag; Letter about Virgil and Levante
118 B.M.S. Golden Jubilee Congress: Report from November 1954; Miss Finesilver being sawn in half
119 A Penetrating Rope Effect (Edward Victor): a rope penetration effect
120 Focus on Magic (George Blake): Bingo, Bank-Nite and the Down Under Deal
121 Further Down Under (George Blake): a Down Under routine where spectator chooses the cards
123 Improved 20th Century Silks (Max Andrews): a double climax version
124 Just An Idea On Bouncing Putty (Ivor Cole): a series of puns with putty
125 Dotty Dyeing (Trevini): spots on a glass transfer to a handkerchief
125 Suggestions For The Mystic 13 Card Trick (Gerald Lewis): ideas for enhancement
125 Breakaway for a Laugh (Ivor Cole): idea for breakaway wand and Rabbit Saucepan
126 Sleights, Moves, Subleties (Eddie Joseph): some thoughts on cigarette manipulation
126 Nicotine Necromancy (Eddie Joseph): lighted cigarette vanish and recovery
130 Press Publicity & Public Relations (R. E. Longstaff): first in a series of four on publicity
131 Kalanag Show: favorable Souvenir Programme Book Review
132 Y-Ray Vision (Peter A. McDonald): blindfolded card revelation
133 Postbag : letter from Mr. Smith about the value of past issues
134 Returned with Thanks (Alex McKeown): a burnt and restored ring and bank-note
134 Review Sleightly Sensational (Eddie Joseph): authored by Bill Simon, published by Tannen. Positive review
135 Ads: Vampire Growing Tie
136 Ads: Vampire Key and Ring, Wizard's Chain, Fakir's Nail Feat
137 Ads: Vampire Rubber Hand, Eggs From Mouth
138 Ads: Vampire Windmill Wand, Zipper Banana, Snakes Alive
139 Ads: Vampire Hot Dogs, More Vampire Testimonials
140 Ads: Edward Victors More Methods for Miracles - Billiard Ball Manipulation, Basic Cigarette Manipulation Coin Manipulation, and Thimble Manipulation
141 Ads: Radio Enigma by E.R. Reed, Vampire Old China
142 Ads: Nursery Rhyme Silks

Magic Magazine Volume 3, September 1954 Number 6
143 Meet The Great Levant: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
144 Editor’s Page: Dr. Zina Bennett; Max's daughters; a puppet theatre; monuments to life
145 Mystery Spelling Disc (Harry W. Thomas): performer spells to any number on a disc
146 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - The Cone of Cagliostro (Eddie Joseph): routine for Ball & Cone using a cardboard cone
149 Announcement: Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon, K.G.C.B., M.D. joined board of directors for Max Andrews (Vampire) Ltd.
150 Dinner Table Magic (Edward Victor)
150 - The Magnetized Knife
150 - Swallowing a Knife
150 - Vanishing and Reappearing Papers on KnifeStage or Cabaret Effect
151 The Great Virgil's Baffling Tricks at New Empire Theatre, Calcutta: Review
152 Tips on Pocket Tricks (Fred Barlow): the importance of presentation
153 - Surprising Change: borrowed half-crown changes to peny under a handkerchief
154 Focus on Magic (George Blake): on card tricks for stage
154 - Target for To-Night: a card trick for the stage
157 Postbag: letter from Mr. Simpson on the Fan Deck
158 Prediction Superb (Peter A. McDonald): clever combo of coin in nest of boxes and a card prediction
159 Normal Service (Len Belcher): visual gag for when a trick goes wrong
160 Loops with Loopholes (Bill West): knots on a rope appear or disappear at the behest of the performer
161 Where’s Reggie (Reg. Webb): idea for an invisible rabbit to real rabbit routine
162 My Polishing Case for Fanning Cards (Clement de Lion): a case for powdering cards
162 Letters to the Editor Correspondence
163 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Electronic Release
164 Ads: Vampire Black Hand Gag; Firebowl
165 Ads: Chinese Rope Rings, Tambourine Rings
166 Ads: No. 4 Catalogue 1954
167 Ads: Transformation; Hot Dogs
168 Ads: Eddie Joseph A Magician Goes to Dinner; Colour Change Tie
169 Ads: The Sleepy Clown
170 Ads: Old China; Slow Motion Rope Trick

Magic Magazine Volume 3, October 1954 Number 7
171 Meet Ken Littlewood: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
172 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): post-convention notes; George Blake's Fairy-Light tantalising tapers;
173 Convention Highlights: Photos of I.B.M. Convention, Brighton
174 Focus on Magic (George Blake): more on Bingo, Bank Nite, or the Just Chance routine
174 - More Than Hard Lines: two envelopes are chosen leaving the third with a banknote left
177 Living and Dead Test (Frederick Barlow): using business cards
178 Joculorum (Peter A. McDonald): Card next to Joker is predicted using an Annemann idea
180 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - The Haunted Hanky (Eddie Joseph): on variation of presentation, producing pennies from a handkerchief, and related ideas
184 Dinner Table Magic (Edward Victor):
184 - Effect With a Fork: science experiment
184 - The Magnetic Glass: glass sticks to the hand as hand is raised
184 - Vanishing Glass of Wine: uses a confederate
185 - Stretching a Serviette: napkin appears to stretch between the hands
185 - Vanishing & Re-appearing Salt: a paddle trick
185 - Biting a Plate: gag illusion
186 Pearls of Perplexity (Ravelle and Andree): pearls are removed from a stand, vanish, and reappear on the stand
186 Cigam: News of Mr. H.M. Vakil, editor of India's Cigam magazine
187 The Press And You (R. E. Longstaff): advice on working with newspapers, and creating your press article
188 Universal Switching Easel (Max Andrews): a flap switching stand for cards or envelopes
189 The Card Gun (Trevini): idea for making a launcher for a card deck
189 Red, White & Blue (Ivor Cole): a quick silk to beer bottle transformation
190 Ode to Magic (Max Andrews): a poem for magicians
191 Ads: No. 4 Catalogue 1954
192 Ads: Vampire Fanto Silks; Fairy-Light Tantalising Tapers
193 Ads: Atom Blast Rabbit Vanish; Baby Wrist Chopper
194 Ads: Pipes-Alte; Tambourine Rings
195 Ads: Expert Card Technique by Hugard & Braue; How to Do Punch and Judy by Sidney de Hempsey
196 Ads: Radio Enigma by E.R. Reed; Treasure Chest by Ravelle and Andree
197 Ads: Fairy-Light; Hot Dogs; A Magician Goes to Dinner by Eddie Joseph
198 Ads: Lenz' Nu-Atomic Smoke; Tranformation Silk to Cane; Copper Rice Bowls

Magic Magazine Volume 3, November 1954 Number 8
199 Meet Gentleman Jack: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
200 Editor’s Page: Convention competition lacking quality
201 Note in Card - The Easy Way (L. De Bevere, Belgium): burnt bill is found in a selected card
202 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - Tutankhamen's Tumblers (Eddie Joseph): penny, thimble and marble placed in each of 3 tumblers, but each article is found with its mates
205 Dr. Zina Bennett in Manxland: show report
207 Postbag: praise for Botania and Coin Pail
208 Bottle Buffoonery (Peter A. McDonald): comedy production of a drink reward for your adult spectator
209 Eddie Joseph in Leeds: lecture report)
210 Focus on Magic (George Blake): magician's discard good effects
210 - Cut and Come Again: magician cuts cards held face toward audience and repeatedly names out-facing card
213 The Detector Wand (Trevini): wand lights when passed over selection
213 Ventriloquial Rally: short meeting summary
214 Dinner Table Magic - The Travelling Sugar Cubes (Edward Victor): two methods
215 The Magic Circle Grand Festival of Magic: show report
216 Fairy Light The Tantalising Tapers (George Blake): routine idea for this commercial effect, along with poem
217 Tish Godfrey Writes (Brian Tish Godfrey): idea for rubbing the spots off a tie; cigarattes vanish from a box
218 Percepto - Minds Deception (Roxy; Rio de Janeiro): simple two-person selected card divination
219 Ads: Rubber production items
220 Ads: How To Do Punch and Judy by Sidney De Hemsey; Old China; Self Locking Watch Box
221 Ads: Fanto-Silks; Foreign Currency; Baby Wrist Chopper
222 Ads: No. 4 Catalogue; Reggie Glove Rabbit; Production Rabbits; Dove Pan
223 Ads: Chinese Rope Rings; Colour Changing Tie; Windmill Wand
224 Ads: Sleepy Clown; Slow Motion Rope Trick; Japanese Egg Trick
225 Ads: Magicians' Accessories
226 Ads: Lenz' Nu-Atomic Smoke; Books; Giant Spring Sausages

Magic Magazine Volume 3, December 1954 Number 9
227 Meet Tan Hock Chuan: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
228 Editor’s Page: British Magical Society Golden Jubilee Congress
230 Vampire Club Opening Night: meeting review with some photos
232 Focus on Magic (George Blake): making magic logical, especially the coffee vase
233 - The Coffee Vase: routine to make it logical
237 The Donkey Wouldn’t Go - But Did! (Jimmy Flowers): a platform jumbo card trick for children's shows
238 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges (Eddie Joseph): on Dyeing the Silks
238 - THe Chameleonic Silk: color changing silk routine
242 Harber Writes on Roxy (L. Harber): ideas to enhance Percepto from last issue
243 Two’s Company (Len Belcher): yellow silk tied between two greens and yellow becomes separated with two greens tied together
244 Skull Shakers - The Mirror of Fate (Peter A. McDonald): card prediction using a mirror
246 Dinner Table Magic (Edward Victor): conculsion
246 - The Magnetic Cigar: adheres to fingers
246 - The Vanishing Cigar: using a pull
247 Ads: How to Do Punch and Judy book; No. 4 Catalogue
248 Ads: The Sleepy Clown; Accessories; Self Locking Watch Box
249 Ads: Ventriloquial Dialogs by Maurice Hurling; Glove Rabbit
250 Ads: Misc. items
251 Ads: Atom Blast Rabbit Vanish; Joseph's A Magician Goes to Dinner
252 Ads: Chinese Rope Rings; Fairy-Light
253 Ads: Multiplying Soap Bubbles; Melvano Shuffle Deck by Roy Cowl
254 Ads: Octave of Flowers, etc.

Magic Magazine Volume 3, January 195 Number 10
255 Meet Granville Taylor: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
256 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Magic Circle Annual Supper
257 Vampire Club Meeting: Friday, November 26th meeting review
258 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges (Eddie Joseph): the imaginary cigarette becomes real
259 - Hand Made: Eddie's routine
261 Youth Takes a Magical Bow(R.E. Longstaffe): Society Report
262 Skull Shakers - Slate Routine (Peter A. McDonald): card selection is predicted on a slate; one version with unfaked slate, the other using a flap slate
264 It’s in the Bag (Ravelle and Andree): chosen card becomes threaded on a ribbon
264 News: Keith Clark, Max Andrews, The Great Levante
265 Extending String (Jack Nightingale): a string is cut but keeps growing longer
266 Focus on Magic (George Blake): request for idea on flash paper and magicians' wax
266 - Wrangles With Wax: wax to use; attaching to string; storing for the ready;
267 - The Penetrating Coin - Old Method: use for wax
269 - The Improved Penetrating Coin: a coin burnt in a paper penetrates through tray into a glass
270 Readers Write: Rolland Fraser on an Indian Magic trick; Clement De Lion note on the passing of Cortini on stage; Stuart Robertson on using Eddie Josephs's cigarette switch for a color changing knife
271 Appreciation: more reader’s letters
271 News: Senator Clarke Crandall; Ken Littlewood
272 Three Rights (Len Belcher): triple prediction effect for platform using silks and cards
273 Perception (Roxy): spectator transfers cards from bottom to top, and magician names the selection
274 Beau K (Alex McKeown): match to flower, cigarette to flow, cig pack to bouquet, and more
275 Ads: Leeds Magic Circle Convention; Growing Tie
276 Ads: Binders, Vampire Club Meeting
277 Ads: Fairy-Light; Reversing Match; Fanning Cards
278 Ads: List of Card Tricks
279 Ads: Mammoth Memory Trick; Raymond Maynard's 4c Foresee; George Blake ABC Triple Divination
280 Ads: Vampire Passe Passe Bottles; Eddie Josephs Ferrules and Pea; Vampire Thumb Tie Trick
281 Ads: Multiplying Soap Bubbles; Menta Percepto
282 Ads: Passe Pase Bottle and Glass Trick

Magic Magazine Volume 3, February 1955 Number 11
283 Meet H.E. Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
284 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Upcoming conventions; Schoolboy's Exhibition; Johnny Geddes
286 Focus on Magic (George Blake): more on Wax
286 - Phantasma: a frame is "painted" a reveals the chosen card
288 - Variations: on the above
289 Incredible (Ravelle and Andree): series of card effects
289 - Sense of Touch: selection is found by dealing cards face down and removing one
289 - Three Piles: piles are eliminated until one card remains, the selection
289 - Your Choice: another elimination
289 - In the Dark: deck is place in pocket and selection immediately removed
290 Two from Len Belcher
290 - Portable: magician's table plans
290 - Coin Vanish: false transfer
292 Gramophone Record Flies Again (Richard Merry): general thougts on the Vampire Magic commercial effect
292 - For Children: routine for a children's show
293 - Adults: routine for adult show
294 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges (Eddie Joseph): cups and balls around the world
295 - The Hindu Cups: photo-illustrated routine
295 -- Move One
295 -- Move Two
296 -- The Routine: in five phases
298 Skull Shakers - Levante's Trunk Mystery (Peter A. McDonald): a card in a hat tranposes with one in the pocket
300 The Mathematician’s Poker Game (George Black and Dr. J. Scott Inglis): a poker demonstration
300 - Prelide: Dr. Inglis' letter
301 - The Set-Up
301 - The Demonstration Game
301 - Note on the Bottom Deal
302 Multiplying Sponge Balls (Mystico): in Billiard Ball style, balls are handled so it's not apparent they are sponges
303 The Test - A Gag (Geoffrey G. Clark): comedy message wands
303 Bouquet Da Evaporate (Alex McKeown): idea for producing a sleeve bouquet from a cone
304 Ads: Vampire Plastic Thumb Tips; Fairy Light
305 Ads: Eddie Joseph's Thought Reflection, 2nd Edition
306 Ads: Visibly Sawing Thru a Person by Lenz; Vampire Growing Tie
307 Ads: Kinson's Flying Gramaphone Record; Traffic Lights
308 Ads: Impossible Dove Vanish; Pour-Less Milk Bottle
309 Ads: Revolutionary Table Stand
310 Ads: Max Andrews' Silver Snuff Box; Real Silk Flags

Magic Magazine Volume 3, March 1955 Number 12
311 Meet Mr. Kalanag: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
312 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): the magic business at Christmas time, other news
314 Capers and Tapers (Ivor Cole): Ideas for using Vampire Magic's Fairy Light Tantalizsing Tapers commercial prop
315 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges (Eddie Joseph): The Thumb Tip
315 - Two Handed Lightning Production of a Silk
316 - Single Handed Production of Silk
316 - Hold My Wrists: silk production
317 - The Borrowed Note: silk from a borrowed bill
318 - The Three Pellets: two in the hand one in the pocket climax
319 The Magic of Mmagnetic Ropes - an Omnibus: introduction
319 - Rope Eternal (H.E. Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon): a rope is mysteriously cut but ends up in a continuous circle
320 - Marriage Ties (Jaro): a marriage story around the linking ropes
321 - Sympathetic Ropes (Steve Knight): sympathetic silks using ropes
321 - Magicla Dyeing (Steve Knight): rope changes color idea
322 Skull Shaker No. 4 - Fooling About (Peter A. McDonald): Routine with Vampire Chinese Rope Rings or other linking rope, and an idea for jumping silk
324 Focus on Magic (George Blake): initial thoughts on wax
324 - The Vanishing Coin: from under a handkerchief
325 - A New Vanishing Coin: surprise variation on above
327 Special Announcement: Max Andrews business closing
328 Leeds One Day Magic Convention: report
329 British Ring I.B.M. Annual Dinner: report
330 The Vampire Club: club report
333 Ads: Vampire Polychromatic; Rose are Red; Cigarette to Silk
334 Ads: Modern Miser's Dream; Yogi Breath Trick; Okito Coin Box
335 Ads: Note Tube; Coin Dropper; Coin Catcher
336 Ads: Chaotic Candle;
337 Ads: The Magic Circle Golden Jubilee Celebrations
338 Ads: Plastic Thumb Tips; Fairy-Light