Max Andrews The Magic Magazine Volume 4
Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine
©1955-1966 Max Andrews
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11" about 30 pages per issue

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Max Andrews: The Magic Magazine Vol 4
Volume 4, Sep 1955 Issue
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Contents (from eBook):

Volume 04 No. 1 April 1955
3 Meet Bertram Milidge: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
4 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): new location; Magic Circle Jubilee news
5 Salute to Jean Hugard: Programme announcement with a short biography
6 Vampire Club Meeting: Geoffrey Dawe on Sellotape; John Lloyd, Ross Bunc, De Vere, Steve Henson
8 Focus on Magic (George Blake): difference between comedy magic and comedy in your magic
9 - Magical Situation
9 - Perverse Magic: magic that goes in unexpected directions
9 - Rare Examples
10 - The Formula
10 - Perverse Chinese Rings: making the rings comical
11 - Perverse Egg-Bag
13 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges (Eddie Joseph): Tricks for the Thumbtip, continued
13 - Production of a Silk
14 - Silk From Mouth
14 - Multiplying Silks
15 - Stretching a Silk
16 - Shower of Confetti
17 Collared (Johnny Geddes): comedy torn and restored collar using a Dove Pan
18 Skull Shakers No. 5 (Peter A. McDonald): Here and There - magician reveals selection, which vanishes from deck to be found between four Aces
20 Dealing with a Bridge Deal (Dr. J. Scott Inglis): Bridge game demonstration
21 Raffling Bow Ties (Arturo): production of four Bow Ties, and transformation into a single giant Tie
22 The Great Lyle: Obituary
23 Ads: Vampire Coin Plates, Coin Tray, It's a Baffler by Ed Massey
24 Ads: Vampire Electronic Release by Eddie Joseph; A Magician Goes to Dinner book
25 Ads: Master Handcuff Escape, Quick-Release Cuffs, Secret Device
26 Ads: Japanese Egg Trick; Nu-Atomic Smoke
27 Ads: Vampire Champagne Bucke; Tarbell Chinese Rope Chain Mystery
28 Ads: Vampire Auto-Stab Deck; Plastic Billiard Balls; Cut & Restored Necktie
29 Ads: Fairy-Light Tantalising Tapers; Plastic Thumb Tips
30 Ads: Charles Cole Redi-Made Cartoon Outfit; Iced Lolly Trick

Volume 04 Number 02 May 1955
31 Meet Cire: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
32 Editor’s Page: New Magic Studio, Magic Circle Golden Jubilee; visit with Jay and Frances Marshall; updated Magic Circle clubrooms
33 Vampire Club Meets Again: club photos and news
35 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - Tricks for the Thumbtip (Eddie Joseph): hiding the tip
35 - The Cigpap Transformation: cigarette paper and lit cigarette become a ribbon
36 - Chameleon Ribbon: color change using an envelope
38 - Cut and Restored Ribbon
39 The Puppet Frolics (Jimmy Flowers): one of several cut-up paper dolls is named and invisibly transfers to a bag where it is restored, first mixed-up, and then whole
41 Cheep Table (Johnny Geddes): making an inexpensive table from clothes horses
42 Focus on Magic - Comedy Magic (George Blake): commentary on the comedy Linking Ring & Egg Bag routines from last issue
42 - Silly Silk Symphony: adding comedy to a silk routine
43 - Comedy Magic Act: introduction
43 - Obstinate Spheres: routine using two ball vases
44 - Animated Ball: one ball slowly travels along the table
44 - Requirements
45 - The Routine
45 - Returning Ball
46 - Summary
46 Johnny Geddes Writes: on George Blake's Comedy Magic article
47 Welcome Luncheon to Frances Ireland & Jay Marshall: IBM British Ring report
48 Skull Shakers No. 6 - Right Out of My Depth (Peter A. McDonald): mathematical prediction
49 Cecil, The Magician: about Cecil's show
50 A Tip on the Thumb Tip (Roxy, Rio De Janeiro): a more natural method of poking a handkerchief in the tip
50 Postbag (E.J. Porter): on doing a 12 billiard ball routine
50 Nicky Quinn - A Tribute: Obituary
51 Ad: Children's Magic - Card in Balloon, Dr. Bloch's School of Magic
52 Ad: Jimmy Flowers' Golden Spider Trick; Reggie Rabbit
53 Ad: Old China; Champagne Bucket
54 Ad: Flower Queen; Charchez Brer Rabbit cards
55 Ad: Fairy Painting; Japanese Egg Trick
56 Ad: How to Do Punch & Judy by Sidney De Hempsey; Humpty Dumpty
57 Ad: Radio Enigma by E.R. Reed; Vampire Tambourine Rings
58 Ad: Cyraldo's Tubes, Silks and Liquids

Volume 04 Number 03 Jun 1955
59 Meet Johnny Geddes: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
60 Editor’s Page: The Magic Circle Jubilee Celebrations report
60 - The Evening Television Show
61 - Opening Address by Peter Newcombe Esq.
62 - Relation With the Press
62 - Show Performers: including Maurice Fogel, Robert Hardin, Peter Warlock, Holden, Kalanag, Jay Marshall, and many others
64 The Vampire Club: one of the best yet, featuring a cabaret of lady performers such as Alice Maclay, Frances Ireland, Selina, Clair, Irene, Violet O'Brien, and others
65 - Photos
67 Comedy Is My Business (Johnny Geddes): routine using the snake can gag
69 Skull Shakers No. 6 - Still Out of My Depth (Peter A. McDonald): card effect based on the math principles in the previous issue
70 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - Tricks For the Thumb Tip (Eddie Joseph): The Hindu Yarn Trick, torn and restored
73 Focus on Magic - Comedy Magic (George Blake): using your imagination;
74 - Recap from Last Month's routine starting with the Ball Vase
74 - Hole In One: burnt handkerchief routine
75 - Read That Again!: rehearse
75 - And How!: explanation
78 For Magicians Only (Bruce Posgate): letter from Bruce presenting a comedy gag for your magic club
79 Ad: Max Andrews' Silver Snuff Box; Repeat Egg Vanish
80 Ad: Rarebit Saucepan
81 Ad: Vampire Old China, Champagne Bucket
82 Ad: Atom Blast Dove Vanish Box; The Sleepy Clown
83 Ad: Vampire Visibly Sawing Thru' a Person; Genii Tube
84 Ad: Kid Stuff by Frances Ireland; Growing Tie
85 Ad: Blank It Deck; New Plastic Thumb Tips
86 Ad: Eddie Joseph's Ferrules and Pea; Thumb Tie Trick

Volume 04 Number 04 Jul 1955
87 Meet Tom Harris: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
88 Editor’s Page: International Convention in Amsterdam; June McComb; Alan Alan; Moroso; The Flying Sorcerers;
89 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - Tricks for the Thumbtip (Eddie Joseph): Wine into a borrowed handkerchief does not wet or stain it
92 The Vampire Club - Pro Bono Magico: Lenz, Max Andrews, Douglas Francis and other club news
94 A New Floating Balloon (G. N. Rhodes): a balloon is selected, blown up and levitates around
95 Two Fair Ladies (Bernard Shaw): The two Queens transpose with two signed card selections
97 The Queen’s Comb (Jimmy Flowers): child acts as the Queen and selects one of five colored combs, which vanishes to be found in an envelope
99 Focus on Magic - Comedy Magic (George Blake):
99 - Hole In One Setup & Presentation
99 - Long Burning Match
100 - Loose Threads
100 - Keeping a Promise
100 - Timing
101 - Comedy Climax
101 - Vanishing Birdcage
102 Magicians of Mann 4th Annual Magical Gala: Report with William Mitchell, Arthur Culpin, Goodlife, Tom Hardy, and others
103 Comedy Is My Business - Scotch Trio (Johnny Geddes): a trio of effects
103 - Paper Capers: comedy gag with two newspapers
103 - The Doggie: change bag effect using a silk with a dog picture
103 - Expanding Spoon: gag utility
105 Skull Shakers No. 8 - Coincidence Prediction (Peter A. McDonald): card effect using a mathematical principle
106 Out of the Bag: Ron MacMillan on 12 Ball routine; praise for several Vampire magic items; idea for magically extinguishing Tantalising Tapers
107 Ad: IBM 1955 Convention in Southport
108 Ad: Vampire Note Tube; Triple Colour Change Silk
109 Ad: Vampire Cups and Balls Trick; Conjuring Trix and Jardine Ellis Ring Effex by Hans Trixer; Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects; Ken De Courcy Dubbelkross and Simulkross; Will Dexter's Identity Parade
110 Ad: Sid Lorraine's More Patter; Vampire Finger Chopper; Lenz Fire Demon Act manuscript
111 Ad: Pipes-Alite; Auto-Stab Deck
112 Ad: Atom Blast; Fairy Light Tantalising Tapers
113 Ad: Transformation; Pen-Cilly
114 Ad: Auto-Stab Deck; Fanto-Silks

Volume 04 Number 05 Aug 1955
115 Meet The Great Nixon: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
116 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): general magic news
117 Tantalising Traffic Lights (Ravell and Andree): three colored balls representing traffic light signals are placed in the wrong boxes, but end up in the right ones
118 A Tribute to Victor Farelli (Max Andrews): Obituary
118 Old Indian Magic (Prof Belzibub): on real magic in India
119 Focus on Magic - Comedy Magic (George Blake): continued
119 - Vanishing Birdcage - continued
119 - Details
120 - The Setup
120 - Extra Effect
121 - A Serious Business
121 Vanishing Paints (Johnny Geddes): a tray of paints is closed, and when opened again the paints have vanished
122 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - Tricks For The Thumbtip (Eddie Joseph): using fire and smoke; chemical magic
122 - Capturing Smoke: magician captures smoke blown by spectator in a straw
124 - Pulling Lit Matches: from a paper cone
126 Skull Shakers No. 9 - Coincidence Prediction Re-Visited (Peter A. McDonald): another version of the card effect from last issue
127 The Infallible Force (James Renton): using an added packet
128 A Foursome (John Graham Reed):
128 - A Bottomless Production Box: for use on a table
128 - Another Production Box: using a glove as a gimmick
128 - The Fishing Rod of Foo Ling Yu: string double as passed through a bamboo stick
129 - A Grand Publicity Trick - A Horse Race Prediction: using a clever envelope
129 Witch Hunt (Bill West): a rough & smooth card trick based on the Joe MacCarthy hunt for communists
Bill West
130 A Challenge (Michael Noayme): a letter from Mr. Noayme challenging readers to provide explanations for spirit effects performed by a Dr. Dahesh
132 Coin-Cards Book Test (R. A. Church): a book test using some number cards and a coin
133 Out of the Bag: some math for Right Ouf of My Depth by A.K. Beor; letter about Diminuendo by James Bleakley
134 I Know Your Thoughts (Roxy - Rio de Janeiro): cards are eliminated to the selection
135 Ad: Sid Lorraine's More Patter; Silver Snuff Box
136 Ad: Lenz Fire Demon Act Manuscript; Finger Chopper; Triple Colour Change Silk
137 Ad: Lenz' Nu-Atomic Smoke; Conjuring Trix by Trixer; Annemann Mental Bargain Effects; Will Dexter's Identity Parade
138 Ad: Chinese Rope Rings; Nu-Flash Wand Trick by Guy Marsh; Genii Tube; Ron Baillie's Extra Sensory Perfection
139 Ad: Rubber Production Items; Reversing Match;
140 Ad: Atom Blast Dove Vanish Box; 101 Opening Remarks for Magicians by Tom Osborne
141 Ad: Gags With Gimmicks by Johnny Geddes;
142 Ad: Sophisticated Soft Soap; Cane to Table

Volume 04 Number 06 Sep 1955
143 Meet Rolland Fraser: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
144 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): IBM Convention
145 Cyro’s Pearls (Cyro): The Sliding Thumb by R.C. Buff, thumb penetrates handkerchief without harm, then slides through it
146 Skull Shakers No. 10 - Autosuggestion (Peter A. McDonald): a second spectator reveals the card selection of the first
147 Production (R.E. Longstaff): a production drawing easel for platform or stage
148 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - Foreign Exchange (Eddie Joseph): two coins from two different countries transpose
152 The Sixth Card (R. A. Church): magician finds odd card and announces date stamped on it
153 Comedy Is My Business - My Pants (Johnny Geddes): children's routine with football pants that change color, using change bag, etc.
155 Again the Gramophone Record (G. N. Rhodes): improvements to an effect from a previous issue
156 Focus on Magic - The Undying Flame (George Blake): an approach for "accidentally" burning an envelope with a bill in it for the burnt and restored note
159 Musical Tubes (W. F. Tunnah): produce silks from Ghost Tubes to represent songs that the children sing with you
160 Out of the Bag: idea for use of Tapers by L. Harber
160 - Spirituoso (Mystico): Routine for Blake's Phantasma
161 - Sleepy Clown (F.S. Cooze): ideas for this Vampire effect
161 - Penetrating Milk Bottle (F.S. Cooze): idea for this commercial effect
161 International Festival of Magicians 1955 Show (Rolland Fraser): review
162 Vanishing Water Jar (Homi S. Mehta): a jar buried in the ground vanishes when dug up
163 Ad: Claude Manley's Chance It!; Greased Lightning Thumb Tie
164 Ad: Private ads; Vampire Fanto-Silks
165 Ad: Transformation; Pen-Cilly;
166 Ad: Unbelievable cut and restored rope; Stevenson Cabaret Rising Cards
167 Maurice Hurling Obituary
167 Ad: Knot Impossible; Bang-Van
168 Ad: Genii; other private ads
169 Ad: Robert Harbin - Lenz The Sleepy Clown
170 Ad: Champagne Bucket; Plastic Thumbtips

Volume 04 Number 07 Oct 1955
171 Meet Albert Le Bas: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
172 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): review of World Congress of Magicians; first prize Grand Prix was to Fred Kaps
174 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - Card Tennis (Eddie Joseph): a card case is hit with a table tennis bat, and selected card and bill adhere to the bat
178 I.B.M. 19th Annual Convention Southport: Report, featured David Berglas, Bobby Voltaire, John Hayward, Wilfred Tyler, Percy Press, and others
180 Meet the Invisible Man (Jaro): magician's visit with an invisible man for stage, apparent by things moving
181 Ad: Show Business and the Law published by Stevens and Sons
182 Focus on Magic - Have a Banana (George Blake): burnt bill in Banana
186 The Floral Clock (Johnny Geddes): a clock mysteriously lights up
187 Observations on Peter A. McDonald's Right Out of My Depth (Bill West): some more math
188 Cyro’s Pearls (Cyro)
188 - Hot Dogs: gag
188 - Putting Your Foot In It!: card revelation with a sock gag ending
188 - A Free Trick: a failed card revelation gag
189 - Split Rope: gag
189 - Who Loses?: Five pound note puzzle
189 Mail Bag: responses to Dr. Dahesh challenge letter
190 Skull Shakers No. 11 - Zipp (Peter A. McDonald): selected card jumps from one packet to another
193 Ad: Eddie Joseph Jason's School of Magic; Jenness Books, Henri De' Seevah new and used, Oscar Oswald Magical Mart, Greased Lightning thumb tie
194 Ad: Unbelievable; Cabaret Rising Cards
195 Ad: Auto Stab Deck; Blank-It Deck
196 Ad: Genii; Magician's Mecca; Millar's Exchange Mart; The Magnet Magic Newspaper; Johnny Geddes Gags With Gimmicks; CIGAM Magic Monthly
197 Vampire Troublewit
198 Ad: same as page 106

Volume 04 Number 08 Nov 1955
199 Meet Fan-Tai-Che: a short biography of Paul Bessemas featured on this month's cover
200 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Bobby Voltaire no longer pro; Harry Corbett's piano playing; Werner C. Dornfield - Dorny; other news
201 Skull Shakers No. 12 - All Square (Peter A. McDonald): super coincidence card effect
203 Cyro’s Pearls - The Crescent Silk Production (Cyro): apparatus for producing silks from a tambourine
204 The Invisible Princess (Jimmy Flowers): children select the dress and say the revealed magic word to recover the missing princes and her dress
206 Focus on Magic - Take a Note (George Blake): burnt and restored bill
206 - The Burning Question: should you actually burn money?
207 - The Editor Says: consider ethics and laws!
208 - Number Recorded: methods for recording of a different serial number
208 - The Treasurer: including the spectator
209 - The Envelope Eternal: methods of disposing the note
209 - First: note doesn't go in the envelope
209 - Second: gimmicked envelope
210 Magic Circle Week of Magic: Report of event at the Scala Theatre, London, with John Young, Dorny, Elizabeth Warlock, Terry Hall, Tonny Van Daommelin, etc.
212 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuge - Milking Money (Eddie Joseph): production of coins from borrowed handkerchiefs
216 Comedy Is My Business - Ring Ring (Johnny Geddes): borrowed finger ring is shot from a gun but not found in the potato, but rather a nest of boxes
217 Gags for Mag (F. S. Cooze): over two dozen one-liners
218 Sorcar Writes (P.C. Sorcar): announcement of his show in Paris
219 Ad: Unbelievable; Greased Lightning; Sophisticated Soft Soap
220 Ad: Champagne Bucket; Carpet Rising Cards by Stevenson;
221 Ad: Harbin/Lenz The Sleepy Clown; Jason's School of Magic; Henri De' Seevah; Jenness Books; Oscar Oswald Magical Digest
222 Ad: Vampire Strato-Smoke; Plastic Thumbtips
223 Ad: Hen Fetsch's Kardkut; Vampire Rice Bowls
223 Ad: Book list; Card in Balloon; Knot Impossible
224 Ad: 15 items from Vampire Magic
226 Ad: A Magician Goes to Dinner; Cig-Kutta; Nail-O, Biting a Plat; Utilitube

Volume 04 Number 09 Dec 1955
227 Meet June: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
228 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Vampire business news; Sorcar in the shop
229 Cyro’s Pearls - Crazy Comedy Card Effect (Cyro): two spectator shown the same card, but first card is on spectator's back, and second is in magician's pocket
230 Tut, Tut! (F.S. Cooze): comedy poem
231 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - The Elusive Blades (Eddie Joseph): color changing knives using a 3 knife set of two regular, one gimmicked knife
235 Vinchento's Link Silks (Vinchento): silks tied into circles become tied in a chain matching the sequence on a chosen card
236 Focus on Magic - Take a Note Continued (George Blake):
236 - Third: The Thumb Tip
236 - Fourth: Match Box Steal
237 - Fifth: Clip Protection
237 - Sixth: Faked Clip
237 - Switching
238 - Making the Dummy
238 - Stage Money
239 - In Creases: gag
239 - Mental Switches
239 - Pocket Switch
239 - Special - The Tweezers Switch
240 Skull Shakers No. 13 - Ghostly Prediction (Peter A. McDonald): card prediction where writing appears by a magical means
242 Vampire Club Meeting October 28th (Cyril Capon): News, including Dr. Rolland Fraser, Claud Manley, Terrence Healy, Tony Weston, Terry, Michael McCarthy, etc.
243 Bang-Van Routines (Ravelle and Andree): routines using this utility prop which is a vanishing, or producing cone that opens with a bang
243 - Magic Welding
243 - Necklace Threading
243 - Instant Newspaper Printing
243 - Rabbit In Top Hat Paper
243 - Cow Silk
243 - Mickey Mouse Effect
243 - Chosen Card Revealed
243 - Pound Note to Coins
244 - 20th Century Silk Idea
244 - Card Revelation Two
244 The Princess and the Peasant (Effect Mystico): Children's effect using a Phantom Glass, Changing Bag, Drawer Box, and Flowers from Cone
245 S.A.M.S. in Manx (Cyril Ritson): report of Isle of Man meeting to install Dr. Cannon as Honorary Life President; with Tom Harris, Max Raskin, Bill Mitchell, Johnny Geddes, George Piggott, etc.
247 The Sir Alexander Cannon Trophy: as presented to Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon
248 Ad: Jason's School of Magic; Henri De' Seevah; Oscar Oswald Magical Mart; Jenness Books; Vampire Vase & Cord; Sophisticated Soft Soap
249 Ad: Vampire Bang Van; Unbelievable; Tibetan Prayer Stick
250 Ad: Vanishing Cane; Johnn Geddes Gags with Gimmicks;
251 Ad: All White Fur Rabbit; Vampire Appearing Cane; Applesauce Paper Tear;
252 Ad: Genii; Magician's Mecca; Kenegie Holidy Hotel Magic; The Magnet Magazine; Magical Exchange Service; CIGAM India Magic Monthly
253 Ad: Vampire Improved Rarebit Saucepan; Talking Skull
254 Ad: Same as page 252

Volume 04 Number 10 Jan 1956
255 Meet Victor Earle: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
256 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): foreign business; Dr. Daheesh competition result winner Mr. E. Willett; Great Sorcar visit; Television Magic
257 The Vampire Club: News, Max Andrews, Claud Manley, Arthur Pardoe, Tom Egan, Ali Bongo, Len Wallace, etc.
258 Cyro’s Pearls - Figaro (Cyro): mentalist determines which number chosen from several on a card
259 The Kangaroo Trick (Trevini): a mechanical kangaroo pops up the selected card after some mis-tries
260 Comedy is my Business - Bloomin' Botania (Johnny Geddes): 10 minute children's routine featuring a Botania
261 An Eggstraordinary Production Including a Multiplying Egg (G. N. Rhodes): Egg production using Vampire's Eggsposure, but other methods could be substituted
262 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - Hand to Hand (Eddie Joseph): two coins transpose in the hands
266 Focus on Magic - Take a Note Continued (George Blake):
266 - Card Box: for switch
266 - Switch-Vanish: under handkerchief
267 - Destruction or Vanish: alternatives
267 - Glass Tube: vanish
268 - Blow Pipe: another vanish
269 Skull Shakers No. 14 - Simplicity Book Test (Peter A. McDonald): using number cubes to arrive at the page and word
270 Three Cups (Ravelle and Andree): a Milk Pitcher effect with a wedding theme
272 Cardboards (Len Belcher): chosen card appears between two cardboards
272 In One Place (Maurice Hookey): silk vanishes to appear in a balloon
273 Weighty Wonder (Mystico): magician determines number of cards in packet by weight
274 Examined ‘Brainwave’ Deck (R.A. Church): any card is named and removed from deck, and is only card with a red back - deck can be examined
275 Ad: Professional Fanning Cards; How to Do Card Fanning; Charles Cole Redi-Made Cartoon Outfit
276 Ad: Impossible Dove or Rabbit Vanish Box; Pour-Less Milk Bottle; Vampire Bang Van
277 Ad: Kinson's Flying Gramaphone; Unbelievable
278 Ad: Ventriloquial Glove Puppets; Archie Byford's Psychoma Divination Extraordinary
279 Ad: Suspendo; Vest Pocket Razor Blades;
280 Ad: Jason's School of Magic; Henri De' Seevah; Oscar Oswald Magical Mart; Jenness Books; Geddes Gags With Gimmicks
281 Ad: Nu-Atomic Smoke; Lenz Hand Flasher; Indian Yogi Fire-Eating Act
282 Ad: Jason's School of Magic; Henri De' Seevah; Oscar Oswald Magical Mart; Jenness Books; Strato-Smoke

Volume 04 Number 11 Feb 1956
283 Meet Eddie Joseph: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
284 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): a thank you for Christmas greetings;
285 Book Review - Gags with Gimmicks by J.R. Geddes (Norman Cliffe): positive review
286 Card in Balloon (G.N. Rhodes): gun is fired at a box holding card selection, and card is found in the balloon
287 Milk Magic (Ravelle and Andree): milk poured into a tube evaporates
288 Focus on Magic - Take a Note (George Blake): Recovery of the note
288 - Borrowed Cigarette: from a borrowed cigarette
289 - Brass Plates: bound by rubber band
289 - Nest of Boxes
289 - Brema Tube
289 - Candle Power: light bulb
289 - A Problem: what to do if you're offered a dirty note
291 Sleight, Moves & Subterfuges - The Mystic Square (Eddie Joseph): a Chink-a-Chink routine with square foam blocks
295 Cyro’s Pearls - The Watch and Loaf Effect (Cyro): borrowed watch vanishes to be found in loaf of bread
296 Isle of Man Times: Photos of Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon Investure and Scottish Association of Magical Societies
297 Skull Shakers No. 16 - Giant Card Monte (Peter A. McDonald): a Monte style trick with no gimmicked cards
298 The Spirit Window Box (Edmund Rowland): wooden card box adapted to mentalism
299 White Transposition Magic (J. McGregor): objects transpose using Evaporated Milk Jug, tubes, tumblers, silks, etc.
300 That Third Heap Force (Bill West): methods to force the number three
301 A Routine for the Miracle Pitcher (R. Carter): a children's routine using a jug than can be emptied and then filled
301 An Effective Card Trick (Bertram Millidge): Cards are eliminated until only the selection remains
302 Ad: Miracle Straight Jacket Escape; Flutter-by Novelty; Fade-Away Ink
303 Ad: George Blake's Wun-Dek cards; Vampire Suspendo
304 Ad: Impossible Dove or Rabbit Vanish; Pour-Less Milk Bottle; Bang Van
305 Ad: Kinson's Flying Gramaphone Record; Unbelievable
306 Ad: Lenz Flames at Fingetrips; Multiflash; Talking Skull
307 Ad: Lenz Fire Demon Act;
308 Ad: Genii; Magician's Mecca; Kenegie Holidy Hotel Magic; The Magnet Magazine; Magical Exchange Service; CIGAM India Magic Monthly
309 Ad: Genii; Magician's Mecca; Kenegie Holidy Hotel Magic; The Magnet Magazine; Magical Exchange Service; CIGAM India Magic Monthly
310 Ad: Vampire 1956 Catalogue No. 5

Volume 04 Number 12 Mar 1956
311 Mar-56 Meet Peter A. McDonald: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
312 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Claude Chandler as Abanaza; Sorcar; Swedish Magic Circle; Victor Earle; Leeds Convention
314 The Vampire Club: Club News; Bobby Bernard; Fred Willis; Mystico; Victor Earle, Cyril Capon; etc.
316 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - The Ring Trap (Eddie Joseph): coins penetrate handkerchief while trapped by a ring
319 Leeds One Day Magic Convention: Report
321 Climax Last Card (Ravelle & Andree): with three glasses, silks, and cards
323 Cyro’s Pearls - Gags and More Gags (Cyro): tie through neck gag; lost button gag; drinking milk gag; stretching rope gag; floating wand gag
324 Skull Shakers No. 16 - Dead or Alive (Peter A. McDonald): living and dead test
326 Focus on Magic - Quite the Reverse (George Blake): bill turns upside down
329 Comedy Is My Business - Balmy Bananas (Johnny Geddes): comedy routine with wooden banana boards
331 Ad: Miracle Straight-Jacket Escape; Fltter-by Novelty; Fade-Away Ink
332 Ad: Giant 4 Ace Trick; Jumbo Moving Pip Card; Jumbo Courteous Knave
333 Ad: Jumbo Fooled; Lenz Multiflash; Pro Fanning Cards
334 Ad: Miraculo Jumbo Card Mystery; Eric Wilson Soft Diamonds
335 Ad: Lanz Hand Flasher; Jason School of Magic; Oscar Wild Magical Mart; Jenness Books; Henri De' Seevah
336 Ad: Eddie Joseph's Mirage; Vest Pocket Razor Blade
337 Ad: Nu-Atomic Smoke; Archie Byford Psychoma; Reversing Match
338 Ad: Bang Van; Hot Dogs; Jason School of Magic; Oscar Wild Magical Mart; Jenness Books; Henri De' Seevah