Max Andrews: The Magic Magazine Volume 5

Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine Volume 5
©1955-1966 Max Andrews
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11" about 30 pages per issue

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Max Andrews The Magic Magazine Volume 4 Number 3
(this is a Volume 4 cover)
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Comments: Stopped publication with Issue #6 in Volume 5, with no notice.

Contents (from digital version):

Volume 05 Number 1 Apr 1956

1 Ad: Real Smoke; Psychoma by Archie Byford; Vampire Reversing Match
2 Ad: Vampire Bang Van; Hot Dogs; Jason School of Magic; Magial Mart; Henri De Seevah; Jenness Books
3 Meet Bob Lawrence: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
4 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Snowden family and new catalog; Sorcar and a fire; Scottish Association convention
5 Cooze Gags For the Mag (Frank S. Cooze): one liners
6 The Vampire Club: topic of entertaining children; and other Club News
7 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - Silken Smoke (Eddie Joseph): silk and cigarette manipulation
5 Dry, Wet (Graham Reed): silk in glass submerged in water comes out dry
5 Pasteboard Prangers No. 1 Out of Becker (Peter A. McDonald): a use for your Stripper deck
13 Focus on Magic - Coins of Lucifer (George Blake): Penny and Florin transpose in match boxes
16 Cyro’s Pearls - Two in the Hand, One In the Pocket (Cyro): using borrowed pennies
17 Fade-away Ink (Roger Clipsham): a routine for the commercial Fade-Away ink, by a 14 year old
18 Comedy is my Business - Phan Phare (Johnny Geddes): egg bag and a scrawny chicken effect for children
19 The Combination Deal (Ravelli): a deck setup that can be used for a Poker Deal, Bridge Deal, Think a Card
21 Testimonials: Letters from readers and Vampire magic customers
22 Ads: Vampire Miraculo Jumbo Card
23 Ads: The Educated Pencil; Soft Diamonds by Eric Wilson; Miracle Straight Jacket Escape;
24 Ads: Vampire Nu-Flashbox; Pro Fanning Cards; Multiflash by Lenz; Fade-Away Ink
25 Ads: Jumbo Moving Pip; Courteous Knave; Rope of India by Norman Harvey; Flutter-by Novelty
26 Ads: Sack Escape; Unbelievable
27 Ads: Genii; Magician's Mecca' other classifieds
28 Ads: 1956 Catalogue No. 5

Volume 05 Number 2 May 1956

29 Ads: Gags With Gimmicks by Johnny Geddes; Blank-It Deck
30 Ads: 1956 Catalogue; classifieds
31 Meet John Hayward: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
32 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Sorcar's show; British Ring Dinner; Kismet passed away; Vic Fabian, etc.
33 The Vampire Club: Lenz, Claude Manley, Sid Hallett, Ravelle, Piet Tovenaar, etc.
34 Pasteboard Prangers No. 2 - Somersault Street (Peter A. McDonald): a packet of matches acts as a diving rod to find a card selection
36 My Favourite Colour Change Ball (Porter): Billiard ball move
37 Focus on Magic - The Tramps and The Ducks (George Blake): old trick with a story using match sticks
39 Review on Mirage (George Blake): positive review of Eddie Joseph effect
40 Sleights, Moves, Subterfuges - Silken Smoke (Eddie Joseph): silk and cigarette manipulation continued from last month
43 Cyro’s Pearls Wait and See! Card Prediction (Cyro): a couple of card effects using the Ninth Card Force
44 Gags for Mag (Frank S. Cooze): one-liners
45 Comedy is my Business - Lost and Found or A Scrambled Mess (Johnny Geddes): children's effect with live rabbit production
47 Wit for Wizardry Magic (Malcolm C. Black): gags about ropes, cigarettes, wand, and oofle dust
48 The Floating Pips or 3-D Magic (Trevini): smoke in a box makes pips appear that match card selections
49 Right out of Ravelli’s Depth: answer to math challenge from McDonald's Skull Shakers No. 6
49 - The 1089 Stut
50 - The Mathematical Phenomena
51 Ads: Northern Magic Circle
52 Ads: Thought Reflection and Magnetic Harmony by Eddie Joseph; Flutter-by Novelty;
53 Ads: TV Magic and You by Jay Marshall; Radio Enigma
54 Ads: Cane to Table; Nu-Flashbox; Unbelievable
55 Ads: Auto-Stab Deck; Baby Wrist Chopper;
56 Ads: Genii; other classified ads

Volume 05 Number 3 June 1956

57 Ads: Gags With Gimmicks by Johnny Geddes; Miraculo
58 Ads: Self Locking Watch Box; Windmill Wand; Vampire 1956 Catalogue No. 5
59 Meet Our Magic Shop: the Vampire magic shop
60 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): Northern Magic Circle; Magic Circle Banquet; Channing Pollock; etc.
61 Double Divination (Trevini): telephone mentalism
62 The Vampire Club: April meeting report; colour film by Charles Ellis;
63 Parcel from India (Johnny Doel): comedy act for children
64 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - The Unseen Silkworm (Eddie Joseph): silk routine
67 Again - Figaro (Roger Clipsham): version of this math effect for stage
68 Focus on Magic - The Tramps and the Ducks? (George Blake): another version with sponges and hats
71 Gags for Mag (Frank S. Cooze): one liners
72 Young Ideas (Peter Humphries): table ideas for slate utility, a revolving servante
73 The Flying Joker (G.N. Rhodes): selection in envelope transposes with Joker hung on a rope
73 Word Puzzle (Malcolm C. Black): a puzzle
74 Comedy is my Business - Knots to You! (Johnny Geddes): rope and change bag routine for children
75 Pasteboard Prangers No. 3 101st Card in Wallet (Peter A. McDonald): three cards reversed in deck, chosen one vanishes to be found in wallet
77 Cyro’s Pearls - The Zodiac Card Effect (Cyro): effect with Zodiac cards
79 Northern Magic Circle: Report
80 Ads: Passe Bottle Trick; A Magician Goes to Dinner; Jason School of Magic; classified ads
81 Ads: Vampire Milk Pitcher
82 Ads: Cane to Table; Note Penetration; Chinese Coin Box; Charles Cole Cartoon Outfit
83 Ads: Mental Memo; Comedy Beer Mug;
84 Ads: Genii; Magician's Mecca; classifieds

Volume 05 Number 4 July 1956

85 Ads: The Hindu Cups by Eddie Joseph; classifieds
86 Ads: Genii, classifieds
87 Meet Serl Taunt: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
88 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): price increase announcement
88 Letters: from readers
89 Shatter your Audience (G.N. Rhodes): gag to throw milk at your spectators
90 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - Thimble Trickery (Eddie Joseph): moves that can be combined into a routine
93 The Vampire Club: Club News; Lenz, Eddie Joseph, etc.
94 Cyro’s Pearls - The Rapid Rabbit Production (Cyro): using a production box
95 Pasteboard Prangers No. 4 All Fair Mental Speller (Peter A. McDonald): card speller
96 Comedy Is My Business - Fun With Fruit (Johnny Geddes): rope and ring routine using cut-out fruit shapes
97 Letters: Ventriloquists Society; George Woolven as Head Porter
98 Focus on Magic - Match-Ic (George Blake): more tricks with match sticks
100 Northern Magic Circle New and Notes: Easter Convention, other news
103 Ads: Lighted Candle From Pocket; Chaotic Candle; Latex Items; Single Diminishing Cards
104 Ads: Stop Trick of Tomorrow; Psychic Cards
104 Transvaal Magicians Circle: quick news

Volume 05 Number 5 August 1956

105 Ads: Phantom Flame; Palpitator Mysteries; Rope of India
106 Ads: A Magician Goes To Dinner by Eddie Joseph; Knot Impossible; Flames At Fingertips
107 Meet Dr. P. J. Chatterjee-Cardo: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
108 Editor’s Page (Max Andrews): upcoming conventions
109 Two E.Z. Sleights (Roxy - Rio De Janeiro): Colour Changing Ball; Thimble to Ball
109 Letters: Thank you from Wakefield Mystic Triangle; praise for Cabaret Rise
110 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - Shifting Sands (Eddie Joseph): mini appearing Mango tree using a pea can
112 Pasteboard Prangers No. 5 - The Coin Prediction (Peter A. McDonald): coin date prediction
114 Comedy is my Business - Abra-Card-Abra (Johnny Geddes): card silk routine
116 Focus on Magic - Match-Ic (George Blake): match tricks continued
118 Books and Manuscripts on Magic Given to Library of Congress: News Report
119 Cyro’s Pearls - Home Cooking (Cyro): Children's routine with a sweet production using a DIY cannister
120 Northern Magic Circle: news
122 Ads: Enchanted Card Box, Amazing Memory Feat by Max Andrews; Pro Fanning Cards
123 Ads: Classified Ads
124 Ads: 1956 Catalogue, Note Penetration, Chinese Coin Box

Volume 05 Number 6 September 1956

125 Ads: Enycard card rise; Rope of India by Norman Harvey
126 Ads: Classified Ads
127 Meet John Giordmaine: a short biography of artist featured on this month's cover
128 Editor’s Page: Brighton Convention
130 South American Magic - Columbi's Mystery (Carlos H. Colombi): Sport coat modification utility
131 Focus on Magic - The Spider and the Fly (George Blake): a fly wooden disk magically passes a spider disk on a rope
134 Postbag: some news from Canada
135 Sleights, Moves & Subterfuges - A Capricious Combination (Eddie Joseph): impromptu finger ring and coin routine
138 Comedy Is My Business - Takin the Mickey (Johnny Geddes): children's routine with a change bag, Mickey Mouse silk, flat change bag and some colored silks
139 The Twenty-Five Signposts (Arthur H. Eydmann): a signpost card is chosen from a deck of 25 cards, one town indicated by a paper clip, and the magician names the selection
140 Wit for Wizardry No. 2 (Malcolm C. Black): some puns
141 Rope and Tumbler Illusion (G.N. Rhodes): glass balances on a rope
141 Treble Chance (G.N. Rhodes): a Just Chance routine with just three envelopes and spectators can switch up to the last minute
142 Cooze Gags for the Mag:: more one liners
143 Northern Magic Circle: news and notes
144 Ads: Production Dove, Palpitator Mysteries; Snake Cord