Val Andrews: Balloon Modeler's Companion Vol 2
Andrews, Val: Balloon Modeler's Companion Vol 2
©1982 Val Andrews, Magico Magazine, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 33 pages
Andrews: Balloon Modeler's Companion - Vol 2
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Comments ( In this second installment of the Manual of Balloon Modelling series Val Andrews leads you through other ways to use balloon modelling during an act including magic with balloon, which goes far beyond the simple needle thou balloon type trick and brings in other props. Val also covers items such as set, how to hustle, balloon cartoons, and a possibly somewhat dated peoples of the world routine.

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Introduction
6 Refresher Notes
8 Hustlers and Their Methods
10 Spin Offs for the Children's Entertainer
10 - To Sell the Package
13 Balloon Modeling as a Magical Adjunct
14 - Needle Penetration
14 - Color Change
14 - Sawing a Balloon in Half
15 JoAnn the Close Up Dog (Bob McAllister)
16 Broken and Restored Balloon (Bob McAlllister)
17 Settings Accessories
18 - Christmas Tree
19 - Giant Rabbit in Hat
21 Balloon Cartoons
22 Biblical Balloons
23 A Useful Offstage Device
24 Comedy Vanishing Fish Bowl
25 Peoples of the World Lecture
26 - African
27 - East Indian or Pakistani
28 - North American Indian
29 - Eskimo
30 - Chinese
31 - Mexican
32 - A Few Other Ideas and Presentation Points
33 Balloons and Good Taste
34 Ideas for the Future
35 Balloon Sculpture as Serious Art Form