Val Andrews: Cabaret Comedy
Andrews, Val: Cabaret - Comedy
©1961 Val Andrews, Corinda's Magic Studios, London
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11"
Andrews: Cabaret Comedy
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Comments: Typewritten manuscript. Material suitable for cabaret performance - where your audience is eating and drinking and may be distracted from the show. Also useful for M.C.'s.

Contents (partial contents only - incomplete):

1 Introduction
2 Clubliners: some one-liners for addressing the crowd
3 Floor Show Funjuring: outline for a "drunk act" using standard props
6 Cabaret Capers: more comedy bits
8 Table to Table Routine for Floor Show Funjurers: routine using standards effects to perform from table to table, such as the Gravity Glasses, dissolving knot, along with gags

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