Andrews Val: Card-Rises for...Club, TV, Close-Up and Cabaret
©1980 Magico Magazine (New York, NY)
Softcover, 5.25x8.25", 32 pages
Card Rises
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3 The Most Popular Trick in Magic

4 Part One
4 Propelled by Finger, Thumb or Wand
4 With Faked Card Case or Glass
5 Special Glass
5 From the Centre of the Pack
7 The Val Andrews Rising-Cards
8 Wand Propulsion
9 One Good Turn

10 Part Two
10 Elastic Propulsion
10 Jumping Jack
11 The Jumping Card
13 Slow Motion Card Rise

14 Part Three
14 Threads and Strings
14 A Word or Two on Threads
15 Classic Thread Methods
17 Some Variations Embellishments and Simplifications
17 Use of the Mirror Glass
18 Anchorages and Slack
19 Herrmann's Bouquet and Rising Cards
21 Threaded Pack
23 The Holden Rising Cards
25 Turston's Flying Cards
26 Cabaret-Version of Flying Cards
27 Presentation, Devices and Dressings
29 With the Devano Pack
30 Patter-Lines
30 Concluding Observations