Val Andrews: Club Comedy
Andrews, Val: Club Comedy
©1965 Val Andrews, The Supreme Magic Co., Bideford, Devon, England
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 14 pages
              Andrews: Club Comedy
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Comments: Available as an eBook from Brief review in Genii April 1965.

Contents (courtesy, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction
2 The Telly Or Goggle-Box Gags
3 Club-Single For Comedian
4 So Tired! Monologue For Languid Comedian
5 Those Headshrinkers!
6 Patter For Cigarette-Routine
7 Grandson Of Davy Crockett!
8 Patter For Flower Productions And Botania Etc.
9 Odds And Boffs
10 Zany-Bits
11 Patter For Cut And Restored Rope
12 The Invisible Cigarette And Vanishing Cigarette
13 The Little Monsters
14 Philosophy
15 Wives
16 Marriage
17 Did You Hear About The...
18 Courting Capers
19 Patter For Vanishing Cane In Newspaper
20 Impersonation
21 Quip-Quip-Hooray!
22 Closing Bit