Andrews, Val: From Here to Obscurity
©1960 Abbott's Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8x9.25", 21 pages

Published in the U.K. by The Supreme Magic Co. (Devon, England)
From Here to
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From Here to
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Comments: The Comedy Magic of Val Andrews. The contents of this book have been included in the Abbott compilation Comedy Tonight.

Contents (Updated & corrected Jan 2016, contents from Abbott's "Comedy Tonight")

1 Introduction
1 Multiplying Candles - A Presentation
2 Gag With a Production Dice: gag
2 Limp Chicken Gag: gag
2 Follow Up to Fish Catching Trick: gag
2 Rice Bowls - A Patter Routine: using rice bowls
3 Patter for Chinese Sticks
3 Mine Uncle Ethelred: routine for Passe Passe Bottles
4 Close-Up Bar Act: introduction
7 - Patter for the Close-Up Bar Act
8 The Nineteenth Century Silks: in the performer's pocket
10 Night Club Linking Rings: uses four of the 8 ring set
11 - Requirements
12 - Set Up
13 - The Routines, Moves
17 - The Routine Patter & Presentation
20 - Additional Presentation Tips
21 - Presentation Points