Val Andrews: How to Write a Magical Best Seller
Andrews, Val: How to Write a Magical Best Seller
©1978 (circa) Magic, Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 17 pages
Val Andrews: How to Write a Magical Best Seller
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts Research Center

Comments: Advice on writing and publishing a magic book. Available as a single book, and is also included in volume 3 of Magic Inc.'s Success Book series.

Contents (from edition in The Success Book, Volume 3):

1 Introduction
2 What is a Magical Best-Seller?
3 The Book the Magicians Will Buy
3 What Are the Commercial Subjects?
3 Subjects Which Are Not Commercial
3 What Length Should Your Book Be
4 Who Will Publish Your Book?
5 Publishing Your Own Book
6 How Many Copies Will Be Sold?
7 Sales Promotions - Or How You Can Help to Make Your Book a Best-Seller
8 Titles That Sell and Those That Don't - What's In a Name
9 The One Trick Winner
9 What Volume of Work Should You Produce?
10 Are You In It For Fun or Profit...
11 Subjects and Categories
12 Writing That Best-Seller, Making a Start
13 Histories and Biographies
14 Submitting Your Manuscript
15 How to Books
15 A Few Final Observations
15 On the Credit Side
17 Editorial Comment (Frances Ireland Marshall)