Andrews, Val: Murray The Encore
©1988 Val Andrews
Softcover, saddle-stiched, 5.5x8.5", 72 pages
Murray The Encore
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Val Andrews: Murray the Encore

Comments: "A nostalgic tribute written in fond rembemberance". Photo-illustrated.


3 My Friend Murray, a Tribute to the Author
4 First Impressions
7 Marian
10 Murray the Conventioneer
15 The Shop in King Street
19 Murray and His Contemporaries
38 'The Great Invisible Ray' & 'The Temple of Mysterious Women'
42 Blackpool in the Summer of '65
57 The Biography and the Shop in Talbot Road
61 The Ways of a Showman
64 Murray the Globe-Trotter
65 Regrets Too Few to Mention
67 The Winter of '85
70 Finale