Andrews, Val: Shortcut to Showmanship
©1981 Val Andrews
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5< 9 pages
Val Andrews:
              Shortcut to Showmanship
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Comments: Issued as lecture-notes for the SAM Convention, Boston, July 1981. A short, concise, but good little book on the art of performing.


i Meet Val Andrews: about Val Andrews
1 Definition: of showmanship
1 Necessity: of showmanship
2 Acquisition: how to get it
2 Timing
3 Pointing
3 Showmanship and the Paranormal
4 Applause
5 The Audience
5 Showmanship Offstage
6 A Shortcut
7 Elementary Stagecraft
8 Billing and Introductions
9 The Author Takes a Call: how this booklet came to be