Andrus, Jerry: Andrus Notes
©2004 Jerry Andrus, Pub. Chazpro Magic Co.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 100 pages
Andrus Notes
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Comments: A collection of Jerry's past lecture notes


4 Forever Avant-garde (Stephen Minch): about Jerry Andrus

6 Andrus Deals Again: © 1957 Jerry Andrus, Pub. Star Magic Co.
8 Hide-Away-Card: selection ends up between two index cards in the deck
10 Foldaway Card: playing card folded into an index card vanishes, then reappears from the folds without any creases

14 Up Close With Andrus: © 1957 Jerry Andrus
15 Vanishing Pen: in handkerchief
15 Pen Under Cards: pen appears under folded cards
15 Reversing Pen: pen vanishes
16 Pill Tube Mystery: coins and pill tube routine
16 Rope and Handkerchief: cut and restored
17 Twinpipes: ball and pill tube mystery
19 A Routine for Twin Pipes
20 Geiger Counter Routine: loud click reveals card
20 They Pick the Aces: cards
20 Fan Reverse: cards
21 Torn Card
22 How It's Done: cards
22 Back Palm: for cards
23 A Mystery With Rubber Bands: bound around deck
23 A Marline Spike and a Handkerchief: penetration
24 Threading a Handkerchief
25 Unexpected Reverse: card reverses in deck
25 Rolling Change: card change
25 Card Flip: flourish
26 Nameless Flourish: cards
26 Fountain of Cards
26 Spray Flourish: cards
26 Double Waterfall: cards
27 Double Cascade: cards
27 Squeeze Vanish: coin vanish
27 Coin Vanish and Return
28 Index Finger Vanish: coin
28 Toss-Over Load: coin
28 Coin Transfer: coin
29 Roll Vanish: coin
29 Drop Vanish: coin
29 Roll, Up Your Sleeve: coin vanish
30 Manipulative Vanish: coin
31 A Spooky Deck: slits on its own

35 Nameless Notes © 1964 Jerry Andrus
36 Novel Card Test
37 Handkerchief Card Change
38 Coins Under Card
40 Needle Through Handkerchief
42 File Card Revelation
43 Dollar Bill Delusion: silver dollar from bill
45 Card to Pocket
47 Coins and Handkerchief

50 Nameless Notes II
51 Bill and Pen: pen vanishes and reappears
55 Permanent Press Card: playing card folded in bill is reproduced undamaged
57 Ring, Pen and Handkerchief: penetration

60 More Sleightly Slanted: © 1974 and 1977 Jerry Andrus; Pub. J.A. Enterprises, Oregon
61 Mylar Mystery: sheet of Mylar and ball routine
67 Matchbook Magic: coin and matchbook
71 A Novel Force: top card peek and force
72 Slot Machine: index card and coin
75 Minor Miracle: card reverses in deck
78 Effects With a Ball: ball and cardboard sheet
80 The Perfect Package: cracker box and ball routine
82 Paper Bag Moves: ball and paper lunch bag

84 Special Magic © 1974 Jerry Andrus
85 Coins Thru Handkerchief
87 Reverse Shuffle Mystery
88 Sudden Surprise: cards
89 Coin Up Sleeve: vanish
89 Waterfalls: card flourish
90 Vanishing Pen: in handkerchief

92 Zone Zero & Temporary Oblivion © 1994 Jerry Andrus
93 Zone Zero: ball and board illusion
97 Temporary Oblivion: ball and cloth illusion