Andrus, Jerry: The New Jerry Andrus (Linking Pins (instructions)
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Softcover, folded manuscript, 5.5x8.5", 8 pages
Linking Pins
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Jerry Andrus: The Linking Pins

Comments: This is the instruction manual that came with Jerry's Linking Pins. The set included one gimmick pin and three regular pins.
Jerry also has a book, Saftey-Pin Trix, that goes into more detail.

Contents (source - book): 

1 Introduction
1 Effect
1 Secret
2 Effect #1 The Sympathetic Pins
2 Effect #2 The Anti-Magnetic Pins
3 Effect #3 They Link on the Table
4 - To Show That the Pins are Solidly Linked
5 Effect #4 They Unlink One at a Time at a "Mere Breath"
6 Effect #5 From the Mystic Cross to a Chain of Three
7 Effect #7 They Link and Unlink in the Spectator's Hands
8 A Brief Review of Routine
8 End Notes