Andrus, Jerry: Safety Pin Trix
©1955 Star Magic Co., Portland, OR
©1972 J.A Enterprises, OR
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 79 pages
Safety Pin Trix
1956 Edition
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Andrus: Safety Pin Trix
1972 Edition
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Comments: 135 Illustrations By Author. FROM THE AUTHOR: "Among the ideas and moves incorporated in this book, you will probably find many that will fit in with your type or style of magic, some you may wonder why they are included. The old saying, "what's one man's meat is another man's poison," fits magic as well as life itself. An effect that to one would be worthless, might be just what another needs to fit his patter, personality or what have you. This book is written with the sincere thought of giving you a wealth of material from which to choose. The selection of those you will use remains a matter of personal preference." The 1972 edition has an addition.


4 Foreword: J.B. Bobo

8 Magic With the Aid of the Key Pin
8 Triple Link from Spectator's Fingers
9 'Tap Linking'
10 From One to Another
12 Triple Link from Table
14 Strike Linking from Table or Spectator's Palm
15 Vanish of a Linked Pin
16 A Lu Brent Method of Switching (Lu Brent)
16 Impossible Repeat Link
18 A Snappy Penetration
19 Acrobatic Unlinking
19 Strike Steal from Spectator's Fingers
20 Secret Linking
22 The "Impossible" Snap Substitution
23 Rob-A-Link
24 Double Linking (Monte Harris)
25 Effect No. 6 From Linking Pins Routine
26 Ronald Plumb Switch and Finish (Ronald Plumb)

30 Effects With Unprepared Safety Pins
30 The Escaping Pins
32 "Push" Linking of Regular Pins
33 Handkerchief Penetration
36 Secret Additon of Third Pin to Chain of Two
38 Linking at Curl End with Regular Pins
42 Linking the Hard Way
43 Hit Linking
45 The Disconnecting Chain
47 Magic Unlinking
48 Metal Through Metal

51 A Few Random Effects
51 The Penetrating Pin
52 The Diminishing Pin
55 Tube Vanish
57 The Vanishing Pin
60 String Escape (Ringnalda)
60 A Snappy Opening
61 Multiplying Pins
61 Safety Pin Off Ribbon (Lu Brent - Meyer)
62 Silver to Gold

64 Routining

72 1972 Addition