Andrus, Jerry: Up Close with Andrus (Lecture)
©1957 Jerry Andrus
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 15 pages
Andrus Up Close
              with Andrus Lecture
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Comments: Style of lecture notes that helps if you saw the lecture as only the essential workings are provided, but the drawings and details are sufficient to make out most of the effects. References several moves taught in "Andrus Deals You In" without providing the specifics.


1 Vanishing Pen: in handkerchief
1 Pen Under Cards: follow-up, pen found under cards
1 Reversing Pen: vanishes
1 Pill Tube Mystery: coins vanish, reappear in tube
1 Rope and Handkerchief: cut and restored
1 Twin Pipes: apparatus explained (brass tubes and rubber balls)
1 - Tube Steal
2 - Tube Load
2 - False Load
2 - Extra Ball Move
2 - Lap Vanish
2 - Fist Vanish
2 - Slow Motion Vanish
2 - Ball Vanish
2 - Variation of Ball Vanish
2 - A Utility Move
2 A Routine for Twin Pipes: fully sequenced
3 Geiger Counter Routine: card routine
4 They Pick the Aces: more cards
4 Fan Reverse: flourish
4 Torn Card: more cards
5 How It's Done: apparently show how selection is found
5 Back Palm: card revelation
5 A Mystery With Rubber Bands: around the deck
5 A 'Marline Spike' and a Handkerchief: steel spike penetrates handkerchief
6 Threading a Handkerchief: thick needle penetrates handkerchief, but hanky is restored
6 Unexpected Reverse: cards
6 Rolling Change: card change
7 Card Flip: flourish
7 Nameless Flourish: another
7 Fountain of Cards: cards spray out of the hands
7 Spray Flourish: another
7 Double Waterfall: yet another card flourish
7 Double Cascade: and another
7 Squeeze Vanish: for coins
7 Coin Vanish and Return: for coins
8 Index Finger Vanish: another coin vanish
8 Toss-Over Load: hand to hand transfer
8 Coin Transfer: another
8 Roll Vanish: coin vanish
8 Drop Vanish: another
8 Roll Up Your Sleeve: for soft surfaces
8 Manipulative Vanish: coins
9 A Spooky Deck: deck cuts itself at selection with special gimmick
9 Other Effects: list of other effects not described here but were in the lecture (from Andrus Deals You In, Safety Pin-Trix, and Linking Pins)
10-15 Plates of illustrations